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Tropical bridal shower invitations

Celebrate the bride-to-be with tropical bridal shower invitations in lush island-inspired designs. Add a gift registry, send via email, text, or link, and track RSVPs.

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Tropical bridal shower invitation templates

Paperless Post’s online collection of tropical bridal shower invitations showcases idyllic island vibes in a stylish and sophisticated way. Whether you’re planning a beach-front destination wedding or simply want a warm and welcoming wedding theme for your winter ceremony, plan a tropical bridal shower to coordinate every wedding-related event.

Many of our tropical bridal shower invitation templates feature motifs of breezy palm trees, fabulous flamingos, and fresh florals, and the overall styles range from charming illustrations to real-life images. If you’re looking for additional options, find more stylishly sunny designs in summer parties, luau parties, and beach party invitations. You can re-word any template you find and customize design details so it perfectly fits the event you're planning.

How to customize tropical bridal shower invitations

There are many ways to give your tropical bridal shower invitations personalized appeal—add a custom sticker, GIF, or photograph of the bride or couple, and alter design elements within the template. You can choose new fonts and colors and move text boxes as you like.

Once your main invitation is personalized from top to bottom, you can choose an envelope color, liner, and a custom backdrop to match your tropical theme.

If you want something you don’t see in our collections, our Personal Design Services team is here to help you create fully custom tropical bridal shower templates for you, combine elements from multiple designs, create custom color schemes, and more.

What do you say in a tropical wedding shower invitation?

Your cheerful invitation design will get your theme across, but a few details are vital for your tropical wedding shower invitation, including the date, time, location, and dress code. If the soon-to-be-married couple is having a coed wedding shower, note that information somewhere on the invitation to ensure guests are aware. Historically, bridal showers were ladies-only, but nowadays, it’s common for couples to celebrate together.

The registry information is also ideal to include with your wedding shower invitations. To leave your design uncluttered and straightforward, use a Registry Block, which will appear immediately after the invitation, to include registry links or wishlists.

Paperless Post’s bridal shower planning tools

We’re more than just a pretty design—while our wedding shower invitations look fabulous on the outside, they also come with helpful features like RSVP tracking, guest messaging, and the ability to track opens.

Looking for ways to weave your theme throughout the bridal shower venue? Check out our bridal shower decor suggestions to see what creative ideas inspire your event.

Sending online wedding shower invitations

With Paperless Post, you can send online wedding shower invitations via text, email, or shareable link. Input contact information one by one, or upload your address book to create your guest list.

Your online bridal shower invitations are delivered as soon as you hit send—no waiting in line at the post office, delays due to holiday rushes, or money spent on stamps (or time licking them).