35 wedding and bridal shower invitation wording ideas and examples

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No two brides are alike—so why should every bridal shower be the same? The best bridal showers reflect the guest of honor, her interests, her styles, and her relationships. To show the bride how happy you are for her, start planning her shower with this curated list of bridal and wedding shower invitations for every type of event—and matching wedding shower invitation wording examples—to find a theme that’s just right.

What do you write in a bridal shower invitation?

Engagement party Flyer invitation with an animated floral background.
Yes” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Though the tone and style will differ, certain details in your bridal shower wording for invitations should remain the same. Be sure to include:

  • The bride’s name: The bride should be front and center on the invitation—there’s no sharing the spotlight today!
  • The host’s name: Include your name so people know who to RSVP to, and who to direct questions to later. But don’t make it more prominent than the bride’s name. If you’re co-hosting, use the Add a Co-Host feature on Paperless Post invitations, and you’ll both receive the same notifications.
  • The date: People want to mark their calendars to make sure they’re free for this bridal shower.
  • The time: Tell guests if this is a morning event, an afternoon brunch, or an evening soirée. 
  • Venue: Whether it’s happening at a swanky restaurant downtown or your cozy home, include the venue’s name and street address.
  • Dress code: Make sure the preferred attire is clear on your invitation. Options can range from casual to cocktail or even formal, depending on your bride’s style and the theme of the shower.
  • Food: Wedding showers don’t traditionally serve meals, so guests will know to expect light refreshments instead. Still, it’s nice to specify what will be served. Add a Guest Survey for dietary restrictions so you know you’ll have something everyone can eat.
  • Registry: Attach the couple’s wedding website or gift registry link to help guests find the perfect gift. (This is also a great time to specify if the shower is a “no gifts” event.)

A screenshot image of registry links on a pink Paperless Post Event Page.


Bridal shower invitation ideas and wording suggestions

Are the upcoming nuptials going to be classic and traditional, or are you celebrating a more modern, trendy bride? When it’s time to send invitations, find the right bridal shower invitation idea and wording for your event below.

Formal bridal shower invitation wording

Two formal bridal shower invitations: one with gold forsythia illustration, and one with a photo.
Forsythia” by Paperless Post and Cursive and Confetti by Sugar Paper for Paperless Post.


For a traditional bridal shower with a formal tone, try one of the invitation examples below.

1. Use the gorgeous white-and-gold “Forsythia” invitation to let guests know they’re invited to an elegant affair. Then add formal wording like:

Please join us

for Elizabeth Powell’s bridal shower

at the Four Oaks Lodge

on Saturday, February 9th

4–6 p.m.

Semi-formal dress code requested

2. For another traditional option, use the “Off the Rack” invitation and wording like: 

You’re invited

to a celebration for Elizabeth Powell

and her upcoming marriage.

Join us for a bridal shower on

Saturday, February 9th

Four Oaks Lodge

4–6 p.m.

Kindly RSVP by April 25th

Fun bridal shower invitation wording

A purple bridal shower invitation with 4 colorful drink glasses and a lavender envelope; a pink wedding shower invitation says ‘it’s going down before the gown’ in floral gold script.
 Dazzling Drinksand “It’s Going Down” by Paperless Post


For the bride who wants to cut loose with her girls before the big day, a fun bridal shower invitation design is the way to go.

3. Choose from fun bridal shower invitation examples with a card like “It’s Going Down.” Include fun wording like:

It’s the last fling before the ring!

You’re invited to a wedding shower for Rachel

on Saturday, August 12th

2–4 p.m.

Hosted by her sister Marie

at 1235 Juniper Road

RSVP by August 5th

4. Another fun option is the “Dazzling Drinks” invitation with wording such as: 

First comes love, then comes marriage—

but before that, an epic bridal shower!

Celebrate Rachel finding her person

at a shower at her parents’ house.

Saturday, August 12th, 2–4 p.m.

1235 Juniper Road

RSVP by August 5th

Registry info attached

Crafty bridal shower invitation wording

A square card with an embroidery hoop reads ‘let’s get crafty,’ several large white gift bags on a table with flowers and watercolor paints.
Needlework Hoop” by Paperless Post; image via Style Me Pretty.


If your bride is always gifting handmade sweaters and doing needlepoint in front of Netflix, try out one of these invitation ideas.

5. Surprise her with a “Needlework Hoop” invitation. It’s cute as a button—just like the bride!

Add crafty invitation language like:

Crochet Before the Big Day!

Join us for a sewing circle bridal shower as we celebrate

the beautiful and talented Cynthia Ramos

before she gets married this summer.

Crafts, cocktails, and cream puffs abound.

September 17th, 3–5 p.m.

Bring your best marriage advice 

and any craft you’re currently working on.

RSVP by 9/2

Be there or be (a quilted) square.

6. For crafting showers that don’t involve sewing, try the “Specimen” invitation and wording like:

Let’s get crafty at Cynthia’s new home!

Join us for a bridal shower on Saturday, 9/17.

We’ll decorate aprons and wall hangings for 

Cynthia and Rob’s new life together.

1–3 p.m.

Lunch and drinks will be provided

Wear something you don’t mind getting messy!

Bridal brunch invitation wording

An animated online invite says ‘she said yes’ and ‘brunch for the bride’ with pink wildflowers.
Bridal Brunch” Flyer by Paperless Post.


There’s nothing like a boozy bridal shower brunch with best friends or a bridal party to celebrate an upcoming wedding. 

7. The “Let’s Brunch” invitation pairs perfectly with eggs benedict, Belgian waffles, and, of course, bottomless mimosas. Use casual yet straightforward wording like:

Brunch with the bride!

Join us for a bridal shower brunch as we send Bethany into married life.

Hosted by Yvonne Taylor at Sunrise Cafe

May 16th, 11 a.m

Registry information available below

8. You can also go for the “Brunch” invitation with wording like:

Bethany’s getting married!

You’re invited to a bridal brunch for mimosas, croissants, and girl talk.

Sunrise Cafe: 5830 Johnson Road

May 16th

11 a.m.

RSVP to Yvonne Taylor before May 9th

Lingerie bridal shower wording

If you’ve ever been to a bridal shower, you know that lingerie is a popular gift for the new bride—even from older female relatives! 

9. Send cute lingerie shower invitations to guests so you can wish the bride a happy (and spicy) honeymoon and marriage.

Consider flirty wording like:

Let’s get the bride ready for the honeymoon!

Join us for Hannah’s bridal shower on May 12th

with lingerie gifts for the soon-to-be-newlywed.

Hosted by Hannah’s sister Chelsea

At 901 Blue Jay Boulevard

1–3 p.m.

RSVP by May 1st

10. You can also use the “Underthings” invitation and this wording option:

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… lingerie!

Celebrate Hannah’s upcoming marriage with a lingerie bridal shower

May 16th, 1–3 p.m.

 901 Blue Jay Boulevard

Bring a piece of lingerie for the bride (and groom) 

to enjoy on their honeymoon!

Afternoon tea wording

Here’s a toast to grown-up tea parties, where the laughs are loud, the cake is sweet, and the memories made are fond.
Lady Potts’ Cosy” by Paperless Post.


11. Send the “Lady Potts’ Cosy” invitation to let guests know about an elegant sip and shower.

No bride’s more beautiful than she—

Let’s toast to Kaitlyn over tea.

Join us for Kaitlin’s bridal shower

at Queen Victoria’s Tea Room

390 Stella Road

September 5th, 2–4 p.m.

RSVP by August 29th

Please wear a fascinator or another tea party hat

12. For more of a fairy tale tea party feel, try the “Carriage” invitation and wording like:

Every bride is a princess.

Celebrate Kate at a royal bridal tea party,

hosted by Andrea DuPont.

Queen Victoria’s Tea Room, 390 Stella Road

September 5th

2–4 p.m.

Tea and light refreshments will be served.

Garden party bridal shower wording

An invitation with a delicate blue and green floral border; an invitation with an Art Nouveau-inspired pink flower and orange envelope.
Hawthorne” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post; “Bloom Nouveau” by Paperless Post.


If you’re planning an elegant afternoon eating delicate desserts in a rose-filled garden, one of these invitations is for you.

13. Choose the floral “Hawthorne” invitation to invite guests to your shower. Adopt equally elegant invitation wording, such as:

We request your presence 

at the bridal shower of

Kimberly White

for an afternoon of desserts and gifts among the roses.

New York Botanical Gardens

May 15th at 1:30 in the afternoon

Sundresses encouraged.

14. The “Jardin de Reves” invitation by Nathalie Lété adds a flowery touch to your garden shower, with wording like:

Join us for a bridal shower in the garden

to celebrate the blushing bride, Kimberly White.

New York Botanical Gardens

May 15th, 1:30 p.m.

Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

RSVP by May 7th

Seasonal bridal shower wording

Not every bride wants a June wedding. Some prefer a winter wonderland or fall harvest theme

15. Use “Falling Blossoms” by Monique Lhuillier for a wintry shower and be sure to tell them the dress code—we don’t want anyone getting chilly!

Use playful winter-inspired language on your invitation, such as: 

Warm up by the fire

at our winter wonderland bridal shower for

Tiffany Jimenez

We’ll go ice skating at Wollman Rink 

before hot cocoa and dessert by the fireplace.

December 12th

3 p.m., Central Park

Please dress appropriately to spend the afternoon outside on the ice!

16. For fall-themed invitations, try “Autumn Party” by Paperless Post and write:

Fall is in the air, and so is love.

Join us at Tiffany’s bridal shower

for apple cider, pumpkin scones, and lots of hugs

September 29th, 3 p.m.

Central Park

Tiffany and Paolo’s registry information is attached.

Stock-the-bar bridal shower invitation wording

A card with three stacked Champagne buckets and flowers with a pink border, and the reverse with party details.
Buckets of Bubbles” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post.


Is the bride always introducing a new favorite mixed drink to the party? Return the favor to the soon-to-be-wed who regularly hosts fantastic boozy parties with one of the stock-the-bar shower invitations below.

17. The “Buckets of Bubbles” invitation tells guests to bring their favorite spirits to give to the new couple, who will have a fully stocked bar in no time. 

One for my baby, and one for the road!

Let’s send Cassie off in style with a Stock-the-Bar bridal shower.

Bring a bottle (or case) of your favorite drink

to help Cassie fill up her home with spirits

April 22nd, 1–3 p.m.

7463 Monte Verde Road

18. You can also choose the “Behind the Bar” invitation with wording like:

Stock the bar for the bride!

Join us for Cassie Wong’s bridal shower,

and bring a bottle of booze for her home

Rachel’s place: 7463 Monte Verde Road

April 22nd

1 p.m.

No need to dress fancy (unless you want to)

Couple’s wedding shower invitation wording

Bridal showers don’t always have to be about the girls. Celebrate both halves of the couple with a couple’s shower invitation that includes the bride’s partner as well. 

19. You can use a wedding shower invitation idea like “Let’s Shower” and wording such as:

Mary and Dean are tying the knot!

Celebrate the happy couple with a wedding shower

for men, women, kids—bring the dog, too!

October 12th, 2–4 p.m.

Mackenzie Park, Table 15

Bring a side dish and get ready for outdoor games!

RSVP to Mary’s sister, Margot, by October 5th

Bridal shower invitations

Find beautiful, customizable shower invitations the bride-to-be will love.

Around-the-clock bridal shower invitation wording

A trendy bridal shower theme is the around-the-clock shower, where guests give the bride a present for every hour throughout the day. 

20. Send out the “Gifting Hour” invitation to keep the party ticking, with wording like:

Happy wife, happy life!

Shower Reyna with support (and gifts) as she leaves the single life.

She’ll open one gift each hour during the day 

to remind her how we love her around the clock

2375 Oak Street

Sunday, May 15th

2–4 p.m.

RSVP by May 7th

21. You can also use the “Wedding Time” invitation by Paperless Post, with wording like:

Join us for an around-the-clock bridal shower

honoring Reyna de la Rosa

as she prepares to marry Martin Ramos.

We’ll give her one gift for every hour of the day—

but Martin’s getting the greatest gift of all!

2375 Oak Street

May 15th, 2–4 p.m.

Registry information linked below

Stock-the-kitchen bridal shower invitation wording

Organize a fun bridal shower party that’s all about the kitchen. 

22. Send the “Save the Plate” invitation to inform guests to bring all the kitchen items the new couple will ever need—and even a few they don’t know they need yet.

Let’s Get to Breading Before the Wedding!

Help Paige stock her kitchen at her bridal shower.

June 9th, 1–4 p.m.

1007 Burlington Way

Bring your favorite appliance and your appetite!

23. For a more subtle approach, choose the understated “Kitchen Shower” invitation by Paperless Post with wording like:

Before Paige goes down the aisle, let’s get her to the kitchen!

Bring a kitchen appliance or supply 

to Paige’s stock-the-kitchen bridal shower.

1007 Burlington Way

June 9th, 1–4 p.m.

RSVP requested by June 1st

Surprise bridal shower invitation wording

Surprise bridal showers may require more planning—but they result in the happiest smiles ever. 

24. Customize an invitation like “Cursive and Confetti” with photos of the bride. Your invite can look and sound something like this:

Celebrate Samira’s upcoming marriage

with a SUPER-SECRET bridal shower!

Hosted by her sisters, Veda and Maya,

at Maya’s home, 907 Orange Grove Lane

July 19th, 12–3 p.m.

RSVP to Veda by July 12th, and remember: DON’T TELL SAMIRA!

25. For a more secretive feel, send the “You’re Invited Ringinvitation by Rifle Paper Co. with this message:

Shhh! It’s a surprise!

We’re throwing Samira a bridal shower!

July 19th, 12–3 p.m.

907 Orange Grove Lane

Park down the street and walk over at 12—Samira’s arriving at 12:30.

Bring a tray of your favorite desserts to share 

as we surprise Samira with a shower of love!

Color-themed bridal shower invitation wording

A light blue invitation with an ornate gold double border and matching envelope.
Grand Palais” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


From “something blue” showers to pretty-in-pink events, color themes are a delightful touch to a bridal shower. 

26. For blue showers, send the “Grand Palaisinvitation and wording like:

Something blue before “I Do!”

You’re invited to Alice’s bridal shower

on January 10th, from 1–4 p.m.

28356 Southgate Point, Unit #6

Enjoy lunch and drinks as we toast the bride.

Wear something blue to be entered into a bridal raffle!

27. Put the finishing details on a pink-themed party with “That Petals It” and wording like:

Soon she’ll wear white, but today she’s pretty in pink!

Join us in honoring Alice Sheridan 

as she prepares to marry her soulmate.

28356 Southgate Point, Unit #6

January 10th, 1–4 p.m.

RSVP by January 3rd

Pool party bridal shower invitation wording

If your bride prefers pools to showers, set up a picture-perfect pool party bridal shower. 

28. Send the “Ready to Flamingle” invitation to set the tropical mood, and add wording like:

Kennedy is swimming away from the single life!

Celebrate Kennedy at a bridal shower with drinks by the pool

on Saturday, August 20th

12–4 p.m.

800 Davenham Court

Swimwear highly encouraged

Fiesta bridal shower invitation wording

Taco-bout a beautiful bride! Celebrate the upcoming nuptials with a fiesta-themed shower, complete with a taco bar, margaritas, and flan for everyone. 

29. Send the festive “Fiesta Banner” invitation by Paperless Post and use wording like:

Why shower when you can fiesta?

Celebrate Zoe’s bridal shower

with good wishes, games, margaritas,

and the best taco truck in town.

July 6th, 5–8 p.m.

1110 Fairclough Avenue

RSVP to Zoe’s mom, Nancy

Registry information at zoeandzeke4eva.wedding.love

Honeymoon fund bridal shower invitation wording

Some couples already have everything they need in the home—and that’s where the Honeyfund comes in! Rather than giving gifts, guests can contribute to the couple’s upcoming honeymoon trip. 

30. Use the “Flower Shower” invitation for this type of event, and include wording like:

Wendy and Ray are getting married in September—

so let’s give them a honeymoon they’ll always remember!

You’re invited to Wendy’s bridal shower

On July 31st, 1–4 p.m.

4040 Oakwood Drive

In lieu of gifts, please consider contributing to Wendy and Ray’s 

Honeyfund: wendylovesray.honeyfund.love

Destination bridal shower invitation wording

Palm Paradise by Paperless Post.

Every bridal shower is special, but some bridal showers are epic. If you’re taking guests outside of town (and their comfort zone) for the event, send an invitation like the one below.

31. The “Palm Paradise” invitation promises a tropical destination, especially with wording like:

One last trip before the trip down the aisle!

Join Allie and the bride tribe for a trip to Malibu

to celebrate her upcoming wedding to Johnny

Friday, June 13th to Sunday, June 15th

Airbnb address: 857 Grandview Blvd, Malibu, CA

RSVP by May 15th if you want to stay in the Airbnb with us!

Pack-and-sip bridal shower invitation wording

For brides who are moving houses along with planning their wedding, it may be hard to find space in their calendar for a shower. Combine house packing with bridal partying when you host a pack-and-sip shower! 

32. Send the sweet “Luminous Heart” by Sugar Paper and use wording that specifies the goal of the shower:

We asked Tina what she wanted most:

Lingerie? Muffin tins? Champagne glasses to toast?

She said, “All I want is time with friends

and to know when all this packing ends!”

You’re invited to a Pack & Sip bridal shower

where we’ll help Tina pack up her apartment 

and move to her new house.

September 7th, 11 a.m.

604 Meadowview Lane, Apartment 8F

Come for the packing, stay for the pizza and booze!

33. If you’re coming over to paint instead of pack, use the “Aglow Stripe” invitation and wording like:

Celebrate Tina’s upcoming wedding at a bridal shower/painting party

full of love, refreshments, and paint rollers

at her beautiful new home.

September 7th

11 a.m.–??

604 Meadowview Lane

RSVP to Darcy and come with any painting supplies you have!

Spa day bridal shower invitation wording

Give the bride a much-needed break before the big day with a spa day! Guests meet at a day spa for Champagne and massages, or you can host at home with face masks and foot scrubs. 

34. Use the “Blooming Bride” invitation and include relaxing language, such as:

Time for a day at the spa!

You’re invited to Naomi’s bridal shower

at Parker-Malone Day Spa

997 Robin Way

Saturday, August 15th at noon

We’ll have lunch and Champagne before massages and facials.

RSVP to Naomi’s sister, Isla, by August 1st

Choose an option in the Guest Survey below 

so we can schedule your treatments ahead of time!

35. For a spa day at home, pair the “Papier D’armenie” invitation with wording like:

Let’s help Naomi relax the wedding stress away

with a spa bridal shower at her home.

Enjoy face masks and hand cream treatments

with Champagne and finger sandwiches.

997 Robin Way

August 15th

12–3 p.m.

How to ask for wedding shower RSVPs

The type of RSVP request you send depends on the tone of the rest of the invitation. For formal and semi-formal bridal showers, include RSVP wording such as:

  • Kindly RSVP to the shower host by (date)
  • RSVPs appreciated by (date)
  • Please send Confirmation or Regrets to the host by (date)

Casual and informal RSVP wording examples include:

  • Text or call (host’s name) to let us know you’re coming
  • Let (host’s name) know if you can come ASAP!
  • RSVP ASAP to the bride’s MIL. TYSM!

If you haven’t heard from guests by the requested RSVP date, Paperless Post invitations offer easy guest messaging tools to follow up without added stress. 

Bridal shower dress code wording examples

It may feel awkward to specify a shower’s dress code, but you’re helping guests out when you do. There’s nothing worse than showing up in shorts to a black-tie event or in a gown when everyone’s in their sweats—unless that’s your style.

Formal dress-code wording examples look like this:

  • Semi-formal or cocktail attire is kindly requested
  • Dress in sundresses or Sunday best 
  • Dress to impress!

For informal dress-code wording, try:

  • Dress code: Casual
  • Dress in something comfortable!
  • Nothing too fancy (but a little fancy is okay)

Wording examples for gifts and no-gift wedding showers

Since bridal showers are typically a gift-giving event, you don’t need to include specific wording asking for gifts. Instead, add a Registry Block to your Paperless Post invitation, which easily signals to guests where the couple is registered. It’s also a great place to add Honeyfund information. Be prepared though, as you’ll likely still receive some off-registry gifts.

For the bride who doesn’t want to fuss over gifts at the shower and would rather party hard, add wording that instructs guests not to bring gifts.

  • No gifts necessarily. Just bring yourself!
  • We’re looking forward to your presence—no presents required.
  • (Names) have been blessed with everything we need. All they want is a day with their loved ones to celebrate.

Invite guests to the shower with Paperless Post 

As you’re planning a bridal shower, choose an invitation that matches the bride’s style. Animated Flyers offer eye-catching designs that your guests won’t soon forget. You can even personalize a Flyer with a sweet photo of the bride-to-be or an animated GIF or short video. 

Bridal shower Cards from Paperless Post are a bit more formal and give you access to exclusive collections with Stephanie Fishwick, Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., and more designers.

Bridal shower décor and more

Whatever her shower theme, celebrate with unique supplies and decorations.

If you want something that’s 100% unique, you can upload your own finished design, or work with our Personal Design Services team to bring your own custom bridal shower invitation to life. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from graphics to RSVPs to the perfectly worded message—and even bridal shower game ideas

Whichever invitation you choose, you’ll be prepared when it’s time to host the shower. Paperless Post invitations instantly track your guest list and RSVPs, and you can even message guests quickly, too. We make being thoughtful—and organized—look easy.