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Pizza party invitations

Customizable pizza party invitations your guests will eat right up. Collect info on preferred toppings, then send via email, text, or link, and track RSVPs instantly.

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Online pizza party invitations

From deep-dish Chicago pies to thin-crust NY styles, pizza is a universal favorite—and Paperless Post’s online pizza party invitations add an appetizing aesthetic to start your kid’s birthday party or end-of-year school celebration. Our invitation templates showcase smiling slices dotted with colorful toppings and triangle pizza banners that get your theme across in a delectably delicious way. Added bonus—all of our invitations come with event management tools to help you stay on top of headcounts and easily converse with invitees right up until the big bash.

How to make online pizza party invitations

Cruise through our collection of pizza party invitation templates to find a design that jumps out at you, then start the customization process. Try out new fonts and different colors, and alter the text formatting to get the look you want.

Since you can personalize every template we offer, browse additional collections like BBQ invitations and pool party invitations, update the wording, and upload a pizza sticker so guests know what tasty treats are on the horizon. You can also reach out to our Personal Design Services team and get them to create a custom pizza party invitation from scratch exactly the way you want it.

Party planning perks from Paperless Post

Creating the invitations, decorating the venue, and whipping up sweet treats are all fun and games when it comes to party planning—but what about those other tasks that are just as important, like managing your guest list? When you send online invitations from Paperless Post, you get real-time RSVP tracking and guest management tools. Check open status, send reminders, and add a Comment Wall—even after you send your pizza party invites, we’re humming in the background to ensure your planning process is simplified and convenient.

When should you send pizza party invitations?

The best time to send your invitations depends on the specific type of event you're planning—if your pizza party is a kid’s birthday celebration, aim to send invitations at least four weeks in advance to get a good turnout. If your pizza party is a school or work function held during regular business hours, two to three weeks in advance is more than enough time.

Online pizza party invitations from Paperless Post can be sent by text, email, or shareable link. All you need to do is upload your guests’ contact information, and they’re ready to send. Your invitations will get delivered instantly—and you’ll be able to see the replies roll in as soon as guests respond.