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Western party invitations

From kids' pony rides to grownup BBQs, our ad-free Wild West and cowboy party invitations will round up (and track) those "yes" RSVPs—and take any Western theme party to new territories.

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Western party invites

Any party can get a little wild. But only the best parties can be Wild West. No matter what kind of party you're hosting—a kid's birthday, a bachelorette, a BBQ, a farm-to-fork dinner, or a baby shower—a western theme is a surefire way to round up cowboys and cowgirls for an event so fun, it feels like it should be outlawed. But before you fire up the grill, check out our beautifully designed Western party invites. Inspired by the American frontier, they're fully customizable and let you track RSVPs, too.

Western theme party

If you're throwing a Western or cowboy theme party, it's important to commit to prepping and decorating. Start by picking invitations that fits your specific theme, whether it involves prickly desert cacti, Wild West sheriffs, farm animals, or a hoedown. Then transform your space into a place where Butch Cassidy might've hung out. Hang "wanted" posters on the walls, along with 10-gallon hats and faux bull skulls. If you can get your hands on some bails of hay for extra seating, that's even better. For food, go with classic BBQ—wings, steak, grilled corn, and potatoes—as well as some Mexican/Southwestern fare like tacos, tortilla chips, and salsa. And for music, you can't go wrong with Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline.

Western bday party

Aside from choosing the perfect online invitation, the most fun part of Western birthday parties is getting dressed up. Whether your guests are kids or adults, ask them to wear classic Western outfits with vests, plaid button-up shirts, big belts, bandanas, 10-gallon hats, and of course, cowboy boots. And no cowboy birthday would be complete without a Wild West cake—and get creative! With so many cool motifs to choose from, the only limit to an amazing, memorable, and delicious cowboy birthday cake is your own imagination.