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Written in the Stars



Save your sweetest nothings for when you and your squeeze are face-to-face. Let our romantic cards make their heart grow fonder in your absence. For every love letter you’re drafting in your head, you’ll find a design that helps elevate your fondest sentiments. Send your sweetheart the food of love with a card featuring a tasteful treat as sugary, spicy, or delectable as they are. More traditional lovers can send designs rich with bouquets and other botanicals. Sunny, funny Valentines will be overjoyed at the witty cards on offer (well outside of February, we might add). For those whose wishes are best expressed with just three little words, find I love you cards that put that noble phrase in the setting it deserves—elegant typography surrounded with timeless works of art. Since a picture is worth a thousand of those little words, use a photo card to place a portrait of you and your partner on a well-designed pedestal. Usually, it’s the menfolk who come rushing in to find inspiration in addressing their belles, but don’t worry, we don’t discriminate: you’ll find perfectly charming romantic cards for him. (P.S. to the guys: we have some free love cards, in case you need room to purchase extra roses. And we think you should.)

This is one of the few occasions where you can hurry love. Our online design tool makes putting your romantic notions to the page impressively simple. We provide some witty starts and wise love and romantic card messages to match your planned romantic gesture, but the fine points are yours to make. Customize your finely-wrought message with new fonts and type colors and pick out a fitting online backdrop and envelope liner for your very special delivery. (They’re a great way to add a pop of design flair to your already sui generis message.) When you’re finished, sending your card online is as simple as typing in your intended’s email address. Certainly beats a last minute run to the gas station.

Love knows no agenda—but it likes to have its own special days, now and then. If you and your partner are celebrating a milestone anniversary or just enjoying another Valentine’s Day together, browse our cards for these and other romantic holidays.