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Pregnancy announcements

Little one on the way? Congrats! Let your loved ones in on the excitement with easy-to-customize pregnancy announcement cards. Send via text, email, or shareable link.

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Getting excited about your upcoming arrival? Want to let the cat out of the bag before the stork reaches your doorstep? We know you are over the moon to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world, and what better way to announce your growing family than with a beautiful pregnancy announcement card?

Choosing the perfect pregnancy announcement card

When it comes to introducing the new kid on the block, you’ll want to do it in style. We've made announcing your big news child's play by designing a massive selection of stylish pregnancy announcement templates that can be customized to say whatever you need them to! With so many designs on offer, you'll be like a kid in a candy store when it comes to deciding which one to use! Our selection of customizable designs includes cute characters and bold illustrations, allowing you to create a memorable and truly unique pregnancy announcement that will leave everyone talking.

Pregnancy announcement photos

Have everyone oohing and aahing over your big announcement by using a pregnancy announcement photo card to give loved ones a glimpse into what this new chapter will hold for your family. The possibilities are endless, from showcasing your latest sonogram image to sharing a photo of you, your partner, and your ever-growing bump! And don't forget to get furry friends in on the action. After all, they are part of the family, too!

When should you announce your pregnancy?

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make when planning for a baby is when to announce your pregnancy. There is no one correct answer, as every couple has unique preferences and concerns. However, some general guidelines might help to inform your decision.

For instance, some experts recommend waiting until the end of the first trimester, as this allows you to be sure everything is running smoothly before breaking the big news. Additionally, announcing your pregnancy at the end of the first trimester gives you and your partner time to come to terms with the news yourselves and share the excitement together. On the other hand, many couples opt to announce their pregnancy in the earliest stages possible simply because they want to share the good news with others immediately.

Ultimately, there is no correct answer; every couple will decide for themselves when and how they want to share their exciting news with loved ones. Consider all the factors involved when determining how best to proceed with this potentially life-changing announcement. In doing so, you can ensure that your choice feels suitable for you and your growing family.

Puns to use on a pregnancy announcement card

Choosing just the right words for a pregnancy announcement can be challenging. But you needn't worry - with a bit of wit and humor, you can create a card that's guaranteed to catch people's attention and put a smile on their faces. Some great puns to consider using on your card include:

  • We have a bun in the oven!
  • Coming soon!
  • Eating for two!
  • Oh boy!
  • And then there were three.

These playful phrases are sure to entertain and delight your family and friends as they eagerly await the arrival of your precious new baby.