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30th birthday invitations

Celebrate the big 3-0 with customizable 30th birthday party invitations. Add fun photos and event details, send via text, email, or shareable link, and track RSVPs.

“I wanna be thirty, and flirty, and thriving”—we all know the iconic phrase. While it may not have sped around quite as quickly as it did in the movie, the big 3-0 is here and ready to be celebrated. Think BIG, from busting a move in your favorite club to having a well-deserved pamper session on a spa day. When it comes to 30th birthday ideas, the sky’s the limit!

30th birthday invitation templates

Invite all of your loved ones to help you kiss goodbye to your 20s by creating the perfect 30th birthday invitation with some help from us. With a wealth of 30th birthday invitation templates at your fingertips, you can find the ideal design, customize it appropriately and have it sent in a matter of minutes!

And that’s not all! Use our follow-up tools after sending your 30th birthday invites to keep everything in check. Keep track of your headcount with our RSVP tracking tool, and send out any important notifications to all guests with just a few clicks using our guest messaging system!

When should you send your 30th birthday party invitations?

Your 30th birthday celebration is a huge deal, and you want to be able to celebrate with all of your loved ones. To ensure everyone has ample time to make necessary arrangements to attend, send your invitations out no later than 3 weeks before your celebration date. Sending your invitations any later than this might not leave enough time for people to change conflicting plans or organize necessary arrangements needed to attend.

How can you thank guests for attending your 30th birthday party?

Your party has been a smash hit! Your guests have had fun, everyone has indulged in copious amounts of party food, and most importantly of all, you’ve enjoyed every second of it! Now it’s time to thank everyone who helped make your day one for the memory books. When it comes to thanking your attendees, there are three main ways to show your appreciation.

  • Use your words: the quickest way to convey your gratitude to attendees is to give a speech during the event itself. You may find it easier to draft your speech ahead of time so you can hit all the points you want. Remember to extend your thanks to guests, letting them know how much their presence means to you. Also, don’t forget to give a heartfelt thank you to anyone who brought gifts.
  • Small gifts of appreciation: Want to give your guests a token of how much you appreciate them, which also acts as a memento for the fantastic evening? Consider handing out party favors as your event draws to a close. You can gift anything from colorful candles to quirky ornaments. To view an exciting range of party favors fit for any party theme, head to Paperless Post Party Shop and browse our extensive collection.
  • Finish the way you started: You might find it easier to thank your guests once the party is over and the excitement from the day has died down. If this is the case, browse our thank you card page, where you will find countless designs that will speak your gratitude in volumes. You’re sure to find a thank you card that is just as stunning as your initial invitation.