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Kids’ birthday cards

Delight children of all ages with our fun and customizable kids' birthday cards. Send now via email or text or schedule in advance, and link to online gift cards.

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Every kid deserves at least one day out of the year when they get to be the center of attention, and their birthday is the perfect occasion. From the moment they wake up until their head hits the pillow in the evening, they'll be doted on with appreciative thoughts and joyous wishes reminding them just how awesome they are. The best way to send yours? With one of our memorable and thoughtfully designed online birthday cards, of course!

Birthday card ideas for kids

If you’re picking out a card for your own little one, you’ll know exactly what they’ll like. Or, if you’re helping them send birthday wishes to one of their close friends or classmates, get them to assist you in choosing a kids’ birthday card template. We offer tons of kid-approved online birthday cards filled with delectable goodies like popsicles and cupcakes, or whimsical options with brightly-hued balloon animals and fire-breathing dragons.

For celebrating a girlie girl that loves all things pink and sparkly, our birthday cards for her are a great place to find floral-filled greetings packed with pastel colors and gold foil accents. For a more masculine sense of style, our birthday cards for him present well-wishes with bold text and designs dominated by blues and greens. For a fully customized look, our photo birthday cards let you showcase a special candid of your little one in a way that’s truly tailored to them.

How do you make a kids’ birthday card?

Choosing a design template is the first step and a super fun one at that. This is a perfect opportunity to get your little one involved in the process. One of the best parts of using our platform is that you can personalize any card template you find. That means if you land on a birthday invitation design you can easily transform it into a card instead. This is especially helpful if you have a milestone birthday or other momentous dates like a sweet 16 birthday or a quinceañera birthday.

Once you’ve settled on a template you can begin customizing all the details. We walk you through our streamlined card creation process every step of the way. You’ll be in control of choosing colors, fonts, backdrops, and even the digital envelope and its liner. You can add text or edit what’s already there.

What do you write in a kids’ birthday card?

Do you have a space lover that’s obsessed with all things planetary? Try a card saying “I hope your birthday is out of this world” with a rocket ship theme. Or go for a solar system graphic with a message that reads “On your birthday, everything revolves around you—just like the sun” for a perfect way to lean into their personality and give them something that speaks to their true self.

If they go head-over-heels for unicorns and florals, a sweet phrase like “Enjoy this magical day full of mystical fun” is a great opener. If they’re a comedic class clown, a message with “It’s your birthday. Go nuts!” accented by a design of dancing peanuts will have them beaming with joy.

For something traditional and timeless, a simple “Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best on your special day” will make them smile. At the end of it all, kids’ birthday cards are all about fun. No matter what their style is, it should showcase cheerful vibes that let them know you’re celebrating every last ounce of who they are.