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Bachelor party invitations

Make clever, memorable bachelor party invitations in minutes and say goodbye to messy group chats. Customize, send via email, text, or shareable link, and track RSVPs.

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When one of the guys is becoming a husband, it calls for an evening or weekend of pre-wedding shenanigans. No matter what hijinks you and your gentlemen are planning, you’ll find best-in-class bachelor party invitations from Paperless Post fit for every occasion. If you’re the man of the hour, you’ll be able to craft your own invitation to flawlessly fit your personality and your bachelor party theme. For all the best men stepping in to fulfill your duties, you'll have plenty of designs right at your fingertips for you to bestow on the boys.

Bachelor party invitation ideas

Men of refinement can choose online bachelor party invitation templates in a suitably formal style for an evening of jazz and single-malts at the lounge. Those of a more rugged sensibility who’d prefer to take the party outdoors can shoot the breeze with designs featuring woodgrain prints and other trappings of country life—ideal for celebrating in your finest flannels. There are also tons of spirit-forward bachelor party invitations with graphics of pint glasses, flasks, and vintage neon signs perfect for an event at the bar, the casino, or a memorable evening of partying.

With Paperless Post, all of our online invitations are customizable, so if you’re planning on a backyard bash, you can repurpose one of our barbecue invitations that serve up bold text, checkered blankets, and bright colors. Or, browse our selection of sporting event invitations or Kentucky Derby invitations for bachelor parties spent on the golf green or at the race track.

Funny bachelor party invitations

Give the groom-to-be and all the invitees one last well-intentioned noogie with our witty bachelor party invitations featuring punny messaging and comical graphics. Funny designs showcasing diagrams of how to perform a proper keg stand and suave monkeys dressed up in suits add a lighthearted and welcoming feel to the event. However you and your friends choose to celebrate the last night of singledom, you’ll be able to customize your design to reflect the festivities ahead.

Who do you invite to a bachelor party?

If you’re the best man taking the lead, it’s a good idea to discuss the invitation plans with the groom beforehand. There’s no steadfast rule over who can attend a bachelor party, so the guest list can stretch far and wide. Generally, everyone in the groom’s wedding party will get an automatic bachelor party invite. Depending on their relationship, inviting the bride’s brothers or male cousins is a nice gesture.

How do you send an online bachelor party invitation?

With Paperless Post, you can easily paste your guestlist or connect your address book to add guests. If you’ve already used Paperless Post, our online guest management tools save any past party invitees and current wedding guests in your address book, so all you have to do is select who gets an invite. When you’re ready to send your online bachelor party invitations, take your pick of instant delivery or schedule a future time of your choosing. If more than one person is planning the party, use our co-hosting tool to track the RSVPs and keep guests up-to-speed.