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Couples' shower invitations

It takes two! Celebrate the soon-to-be newlyweds with beautiful, customizable couples' shower invitations. Add registry links, event info and directions, and seamlessly track RSVPs.

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There are many different ways to celebrate a couples' big day, but few are as fun and unique as a couples' shower. Whether you call it a Jack and Jill Shower, coed shower, or something else entirely, this event is the perfect way to bring together family and friends and help the happy couple prepare for their new life together.

Celebrate with a couples' shower

Nothing adds to the celebratory atmosphere more than tables weighed down with tasty treats and drinks and all of the happy couple’s loved ones gathered round for a toast. Maybe there’s a towering pile of presents just waiting to be opened, containing everything from kitchen appliances to bedding sets, anything that will help the happy couple as they step into their new life together, too!

There's no doubt that countless people will want to celebrate the couples' upcoming nuptials, and with so many loved ones wanting in on the action, you might be looking for the simplest way to extend the invite to everybody. Fortunately for you, we have streamlined the planning process here at Paperless Post! With tons of stunning couple’s bridal shower invitations on offer, together with a range of follow-up tools that make light work of tracking your headcount and keeping in touch with your guests, your party planning process will be a slice of cake!

Choosing the perfect couples' shower invitation template

Settling on the perfect template for a couples' shower invitation has never been easier. We have thousands of beautiful templates just waiting to be discovered. Whether you believe less is more or the sky is the limit, we have the ideal template just waiting to be turned into your perfect invitation. And we don't just offer templates designed by our team! We have a range of designs crafted by top industry creatives, including kate spade new york and Sugar Paper, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!

Customizing couples' shower invitations with Paperless Post

With Paperless Post, it is easy to create stunning and personalized wedding shower invitations that will set the tone for your special event. Simply choose from our range of gorgeous invitation templates, add your text, update the color and font style, select an envelope liner, and you are good to go! Whether you are looking for sophisticated script fonts or playfully colored text, our endless customization options make it easy to create beautiful and unique invitations explicitly tailored to your needs and preferences.

When to host a couples' shower

One of the most crucial considerations when organizing a couples' shower is how soon before the wedding you should hold it. Planning a wedding is big business, and the couple in question will have busy schedules in the run-up to the big day, so there is little room for last-minute plans. In general, we recommend holding a couples' shower between two to six months before the wedding. Additionally, we recommend sending couples' shower invitations at least three weeks in advance to give guests ample time to block off their schedules and clear their calendars for the special celebration.