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Indian wedding invitations

Indian wedding invitations

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Wedding invitations
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    41 results

    Vinayanka (Invitation) - Bright Pink

    Under the Toran (Photo Save the Date) - Bright Pink

    Niwas (Invitation)

    Hand Painted Peacock - Double Peacock

    Bernard Maisner

    Under the Toran (Invitation) - Bright Pink

    Dvaar (Invitation) - Red

    Aripan (Invitation)

    Floral Trellis II - Blue/Gold

    Oscar de la Renta

    Sacher (Invitation)

    Sanganeri (Invitation) - Samphire

    Dvaar (Save the Date) - Red

    Garden Floral Ikat (Invitation)

    Oscar de la Renta

    Falling Poppies I (Invitation)

    Oscar de la Renta

    Dvaar (Photo Save the Date) - Teal

    Heron Heralds (Invitation)

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Royal Elephant (Invitation)

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Lord Paisley Tana (Invitation)


    Felix and Isabelle (Invitation) - Red


    Ghera I (Invitation)

    Stitched Floral II

    Oscar de la Renta

    Silk Road - Geranium/Gold

    Crane & Co.

    Jemma Street (Invitation) - Coral

    kate spade new york

    Silk Brocade II - Bright Pink

    Oscar de la Renta

    Miss Anupama (Invitation)

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Kolam (Invitation) - Red

    Bernard Maisner

    Baarat Elephant (Invitation)

    Felix Doolittle

    Ghera II (Invitation) - White/Dark Blue

    Elizabeth Moonlight (Invitation)


    Engraved Elephant

    Bernard Maisner

    Benares (Invitation) - Caribbean

    Vinayanka Photo

    Festive Flora (Invitation) - Red

    Oscar de la Renta

    Pop Carnation (Invitation)

    Oscar de la Renta

    Choli (Invitation) - Red

    Ghera II (Save the Date) - Oyster

    Mr. Waris (Invitation)

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Floral Trellis I - Geranium

    Oscar de la Renta

    Gilt Toran - Cream


    Hotel Udaipur - Amazon


    Kerala I - Gold


    We’ll never say “no” to a party—let alone three days of them. Start the groundwork for your beautifully traditional marriage ceremony with Indian wedding invitations as beautiful as the days of festivities... Read more.

    We’ll never say “no” to a party—let alone three days of them. Start the groundwork for your beautifully traditional marriage ceremony with Indian wedding invitations as beautiful as the days of festivities you’re planning and tools that make the actual work of organizing simple.

    While you may be celebrating in a time-honored fashion, there’s plenty of room for design accents that mix the present and previous eras. Our updated classic Indian wedding design motifs mean that everyone in the wedding party and at the ceremonies can find something to love. Sari prints, gold embossing, and flower torans come alive in new colors and mod-inflected prints. You can invite design contemporaries into your wedding party, too. Liberty’s trademark paisleys are available in suitably bright saffrons and purples, and Rifle Paper Co.’s “Royal Elephant” suite features a hand-painted wedding palanquin of pachyderms. A design from Anthropologie even makes the cut—the perfect modern Indian wedding invitations for the clotheshorse in the family. (We won’t guess who.) For those with a quirkier eye, Mr. Boddington’s Studio offers its hand-illustrated interpretation of henna tattoos and cloth embroidery in its “Miss Anupama” suite.

    When you’ve finally picked out the perfect invitation, the online design tool lets you finalize all the important event particulars and pick out any colors that might be missing from your type, envelope liner, or backdrop—we’ve designed some new ones made to match our favorite invitations. However you choose to style your unique Indian wedding invitations is up to you, including massaging the wording. Our tool gives you a start, but we’ve left you plenty of room for expression and extenuating event details. Speaking of event planning: our Indian wedding invitation designs are sure to wow your guests, but you’ll be thoroughly impressed at the way they handle some of the attendance checking and planning. Your guests can RSVP online—which is ideal for a destination wedding with a variety of events or a particularly far-flung collection of attendees—and guest messaging tools let you communicate any changes of plan or similarly pertinent updates. Track everything on the go, too, with a fully mobile web and app experience.

    Give yourself until well after the honeymoon to start planning your thank you notes, but do take the time to get acquainted with personal stationery and cards (including some to match your invitations)—we imagine you’ll have plenty of benefactors in need of a note.