8 unique wedding invitation ideas

Wedding invitations are a beautiful and exciting way to set the tone of your wedding while providing important details regarding the day of. Traditionally, wedding invitations were created without a great deal of customization. However, in recent years, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing and customizing your wedding invitations. Some people have even begun to create a DIY wedding invitation to add their own personal style. To give you inspiration, we have put together a list of eight unique wedding invitation card ideas. Read on to discover a variety of wedding invitation ideas you can use.

1. Include an engagement photo

wedding invitation ideas
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Engagement photos aren’t only reserved for save the dates. If you’re looking to personalize your wedding invitation, what better way than to add a picture of you and your partner? Including a photo of the bride and groom is a great way to showcase your relationship, especially if you’re inviting guests who haven’t had the chance to meet your significant other quite yet.

If you took an engagement photoshoot, consider using a picture from your engagement collection for your wedding invitation card. Otherwise, an older treasured picture from the early days of your relationship is a great option as well. Including a picture of you and your significant other on your wedding invitation is an innovative and personal take on a classic wedding invitation that is sure to be cherished and adored by each of your guests. 

2. Use your venue as inspiration

wedding invitation ideas
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Using your venue as inspiration for your wedding invitation is a fun and exciting way to carry out the wedding theme. There are plenty of ways to get creative with using the venue as a wedding invitation inspiration. That said, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Cactus themed invitations for desert weddings (Palm Springs, Sedona, Las Vegas, etc.)

Skylines for city weddings (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, etc.)

— Light and woodsy themed invitations for farmhouse style weddings

If you’re planning a destination wedding, using your venue as inspiration is a fun way to highlight the travel aspect of the event. It’s memorable and unique, allowing your guests to look back on the destination wedding invitation afterwards and reminisce on all of the memories that were created on your special day. 

3. Make it minimal

wedding invitation ideas
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Not every wedding invitation needs to be filled top to bottom with design. If you’re wondering, “How much do wedding invitations cost?”, you’ll be pleased to know that a minimalistic invitation can help you save costs significantly. In fact, some of the most beautiful wedding invitations are simple and straight to the point, yet still elegant in composition.

Creating a minimal wedding invitation truly highlights the idea that less is more. With that in mind, a minimalistic wedding invitation also helps to ensure that the invitation itself doesn’t get cluttered or take away from any important information or wedding details.


For a unique and stylish look, consider playing with negative space, or the space around and in between the subject of the invitation. You’ll want to call attention to important information such as your names, venue location, time, and date of the event. The negative space surrounding the information will make the content stand out eloquently on the invitation. Be sure to play around with the font sizes to find the perfect balance of negative space and wording for your invitation.

4. Send sustainable invitations

wedding invitation ideas
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Looking to send out your wedding invitations but want to make sure you’re doing so in an environmentally friendly way? Sustainable wedding invitations are the way to go and are easier to create now more than ever, especially with a little help from technology and digital creators.


Online invitations are not only a sustainable and eco-friendly option, but they are also more affordable than traditional printed wedding invitations. When it comes to online invitations, Paperless Post provides a variety of elegantly crafted online invitations with customizable designs for any themed wedding at a cost-effective price. We ensure that your wedding invitation ideas come to life through beautiful invitation design and an easily accessible online platform. 


If you’re wondering how to save money on wedding invitations, online invitations are a great option. Typically, customization and designing wedding invitations can be a bit pricey. However, when you opt for online invitations, you bypass any shipping and printing costs that are typically tacked on to the wedding invitation process. Skipping paper entirely not only saves you money but also saves trees at the same time: a win-win! 

5. Embrace warm tones

wedding invitation ideas
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With any invitation, you want it to be warm and inviting. That said, embracing warm tones and hues in the color palette of your wedding invitation is a great way to communicate feelings of warmth and love. 


Wedding invitation design speaks volumes. That said, warm colors tend to evoke happiness, love, and bliss—all emotions that should reflect that of a wedding day. The best part is, you can use any combination of warm colors you’d like alongside a beautiful design of your choice, from flowers to gradients.


No matter which way you choose to incorporate warm tones into your wedding invitation, you can guarantee that the color combination will stand out amongst other wedding invitations. That said, don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touch to the design of the invitation.

6. Incorporate watercolor

wedding invitation ideas
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A fairly recent yet unique trend in the world of wedding invitations is the use of watercolor. This artistic touch included on wedding invitations adds a creative flair to any simple invitation. The best part about using watercolors is that there are so many ways you can incorporate it. Watercolors can be used as a simple stroke, a gradient, a word, or as a minimal illustration in the invitation.


You have the ability to work with any color, allowing you to match your wedding invitation with the overall theme perfectly. You can also decide to go neutral with your wedding invitation as well, which can complement every wedding theme beautifully.

When it comes to using watercolor designed wedding invitations, request that style when working with our Personal Design Services team, or take the DIY wedding invitation route and make them yourself.

7. Add an element of shine

wedding invitation ideas
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Another unique and fun option when it comes to wedding invitations is adding an element of shine. This can include adding any type of metallic notes to make your wedding invitation pop and stand out a bit more. Similar to watercolors, elements of shine can come in a variety of options to best suit your wedding invitation needs. Whether it’s a silver border or a rose gold confetti, metallic touches are a beautiful way to turn a classic wedding invitation into a luxe themed invite with a stand-out finish.

8. Go modern

wedding invitation ideas
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If you are looking for a clean and sleek wedding invitation, consider going with a contemporary and modern design. Modern wedding invitations typically adhere to geometric designs, bold colors, and sans serif-esque fonts. With a modern wedding invitation, the overall design will be similar to a minimalistic invitation, with a dash of bold. 


Modern wedding invitation designs are a great option for couples who want a more contemporary feel as opposed to a classic or traditional wedding invitation. Including a link to your wedding website is a fun way to carry out the modern style of this type of wedding invitation. By directing your guests to your wedding website, you can keep a clean, sleek look while directing your guests to a webpage for more information.

Which wedding invitation to choose?

With a variety of fun and unique wedding invitation template options, it can be difficult to narrow in and decide on a specific wedding invitation idea. But who says you have to choose just one? If more than one of the above wedding invitation ideas speak to you, get creative and pull ideas from different themes to create your own personalized wedding invitation. Or let us help you do just that!


Feature a photo of you and your significant other while embracing warm tones through the color of the invitation wording. Or, choose a modern style wedding invitation with a simple watercolor stroke to add a pop of color. You can mix and match with any of the wedding invitation ideas listed above and include any other visions you have for your wedding as well. Get creative with our easy-to-use customizable wedding invitation designs and craft your perfect invite today.


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