20 fun and fabulous bachelorette party ideas

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Everyone knows that the most important part of the bride-to-be’s marriage isn’t the actual wedding. Okay, fine—technically it is, but for the future wife’s bridesmaids and closest gal pals, the most exciting of all the matrimonial activities is a fabulous bachelorette party.

From primping and pregaming at your rental home to tipsily belting out your best rendition of “Say My Name,” there are so many quintessential moments to organize for your bestie’s big night.

However, if you’re a maid of honor, bridesmaid, or best friend who’s interested in going above and beyond phallic-shaped lollipops and personalized shot glass mementos, we’ve compiled a list of 20 creative and unique bachelorette party ideas that’ll have you in party-planning mode before you can say “vino and vows.”


left: A ’90s-themed bachelorette party invitation with illustrations of shoe styles from the 1990s and the phrase “bach to the 90s.” Right: Geometric and striped paper plates and party cups in neon and metallic.“Get Your Kicks” by Paperless Post; Image via Confetti Fair.


1. Take a trip “bach” to the ’90s

From Backstreet Boys to Spice Girls, dig out your ’90s pop group t-shirt from the closet and pay homage to the hotties and heartthrobs that covered your walls way back when.

In addition to blasting “Now That’s What I Call Music” through the speakers, don’t forget to coordinate some fun ’90s party invitations and 90s’ themed activities to help you set the mood, such as:

— Conducting a rousing bachelorette party game of ’90s trivia

— Creating a photo booth full of ’90s-centric items to pose with

— Playing the bride’s favorite movies and TV shows from—you guessed it—the ’90s


2. Make the bride-to-be the disco queen

Disco fever is a vibe—one that you can embrace and embody for the ultimate groovy bachelorette party. Bust out the shag rugs and disco balls, dress up as your classic ’70s idol, and get down like it’s 1975. Whatever you do, don’t forget the fondue—a delicious (and necessary) ’70s staple.

Set the mood for your ’70s-themed party by sending out a fun, animated Flyer


3. Embark on a wine tasting

Does the future Mrs. enjoy a glass of white in the afternoon followed by a carefully paired red with her dinner entree?

If so, consider booking a wine tour. This idea is elegant, fairly simple to plan, and gives you (and the entire bachelorette crew) an excuse to day drink, indulge in charcuterie boards, and wear big sun hats, if that’s your thing. Don’t forget to book a party bus or taxi so you always have a designated driver.


4. Relax at a spa day getaway

Every bride deserves to be pampered before her big day. What better way to enjoy a little R&R than with the bride tribe at a restorative spa retreat?

Whether you want to keep it local or book a spa at a more central location, there are plenty of ways to treat the almost-missus to the relaxation she deserves, including:

— Lounging by the poolside

— Partaking in a luxurious spa package

— Enjoying some nourishing handcrafted snacks and beverages


An online bachelorette party invite with a gif of cowgirl boots and the phrase “Gettin’ Hitched.”“Gettin’ Hitched” Flyer by Paperless Post.


5. Bring on the BBQ, beer, and Wild, Wild West

Let loose and embrace your inner cowgirl with a Wild West-themed bachelorette party. Fire up the grill, stoke the bonfire, and grab your cowboy boots for a rootin’ tootin’ good time. If you prefer a night in the city, you can head south to Austin, Scottsdale, or Nashville for a rowdy night out full of cold beer, finger-lickin’ barbecue, and belly laughs with your besties.

Don’t forget to send everyone a cowgirl-themed Flyer informing them of the important details and allowing them to easily RSVP online.


6. Live it up in a penthouse suite

Consider taking the bachelorette party to new heights with a night in a penthouse suite. Enjoy the finer things in life, like endless glasses of Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries via room service. While the bubbly is flowing, you can gab with the girls, play games, and make unforgettable memories in plush white robes and hotel slippers.


7. Make memories at a music festival

From Coachella to Bonnaroo, there are plenty of colorful, heart-pounding music festivals just waiting to host the ultimate bachelorette party for music lovers. Think of all of the memories you could make:

— Dancing to your favorite bands by day

— Partying like rockstars by night

— Stepping out in some of your cutest music festival attire


8. Cozy cabin getaway

Nature-loving brides will rejoice at the chance to pause from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and simply enjoy the beauty of nature (and their best friends) around them. Book a gorgeous log cabin in the woods and enjoy days out on the trail and nights cozied up around the fire.


9. Take a dance class

It’s hard to say no to an opportunity that offers the bride the chance to get down with all of her ladies. After all, she brings a good time wherever you go. And with a wedding around the corner, it’s the perfect reason to sign everyone up for dance classes.

The possibilities are endless, from pole dancing (because what better excuse to learn?) to finding a choreographer to help you coordinate a fun group dance for the wedding reception.

Here are a few other ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

— Belly dancing

— Swing dancing

— Bollywood dancing

— Salsa dancing


left: A Y2K-themed bachelorette party invite with notebook-style scribbles. Right: A pink collage with pop culture references from the early 2000s, including Bratz logo, the cast of “Mean Girls,” lip gloss, Anna Nicole Smith, and more.“Dear Diary” by Paperless Post; Collage by South by Sea.


10. Time travel back to Y2K

Picture this—it’s 2004, and Myspace and “Mean Girls” are the coolest things to happen since “American Idol.” What a time to be alive.

Let the good times roll for your bestie’s bachelorette with a 2000s-inspired party. From bedazzling your cell phones and dressing up like Gretchen Weiners to handing out the ultimate 2000s playlists on CDs as party favors—we’re sure it’ll be so fetch.


11. Live it up in Miami

Send out the right Miami vibes with a Flyer to prepare the bride squad for an unforgettable weekend—it’s about to get wild.

Spend your day poolside with cocktails or bask in the sun on South Beach. After a cat nap, it’s time to dial the sexy up a notch for a memorable night out. Book a VIP booth in one of Miami’s trendiest clubs or hop from bar to club and back to get a taste of that famed nightlife.


12. Beautify with a glam squad

Lights, camera, action! Hire a glam squad to gussy up the gals from head to toe for a glamorous photoshoot from a professional photographer. Be sure to stock up on ingredients for mimosas and ritzy hors d’oeuvres while you’re in the middle of your glam session, like:

— Baked brie bites

— Mac and cheese cups

— Deviled quail eggs


13. Take the crew on a glamping trip

While there is much to be said about a camping trip with friends, a bachelorette weekend typically reaches higher than the stars to make sure the to-be-wed has the most incredible time. Why not treat her to camping with an extra dash of glam and sparkle?

Enter glamping, where you can enjoy nature’s beauty while surrounded by luxurious amenities like freshly prepared meals and a real mattress with comfortable linens.

Picture yourself in one of these fabulous glamping settings:

— Enjoying the rainforest from the comforts of a treehouse

— Waking up on the vineyard in your very own Airstream

— Soaking in the mountain views from your warm and cozy yurt


14. Host a wine and paint party

If your bride’s interests are on the artsy side, mix two of her greatest loves together, give everyone a blank canvas and a glass, and watch the creativity unfold with this bachelorette theme.

Whether you let them paint their own masterpieces or hire a professional to teach them how to paint a picture step-by-step, you can’t go wrong with a boozy paint party.


15. Bet on Las Vegas for a good time

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Send out your Vegas bachelorette party Flyers and watch the RSVPs fly in as everyone prepares for the fun that awaits in Sin City. Take a chance at the blackjack table, eat to your heart’s content at the impressive buffets, and keep it on-theme by enjoying the beauty that is Chippendales.


16. Host a private cooking class

Hire a personal chef (or call in a favor to a foodie-friend) to teach the group how to make a new and exciting meal. Bring a few wines that pair well with your final creation—and maybe another few to sip while you’re cooking.


17. Have a slumber party

Who said slumber parties were only for kids? It’s time to bust out the nail polish, the custom silky robes, and stream some girls’ night movies—bonus points if you find drinking games to go with them.

And it’s not a slumber party without treats, so here are a few bachelorette-approved ideas:

— Chocolate fountain with an array of fruits for dipping

— Desserts bar

— Pizza buffet

— DIY taco bar


18. Spend the day on a boat 

Whether you’re hiring a chartered catamaran or steering your own pontoon, spend a sunny day testing out your group’s sea (or lake) legs. You can make the experience as glammed up or lowkey as the bride wants—just make sure to bring a big cooler, some break-proof drinking vessels, plenty of sunblock, and a bunch of fun pool floats, one of which is shaped like a giant diamond engagement ring. We don’t make the rules. Matching swimwear, optional.


An online bachelorette party invitation with a ladder leading into a pool and the phrase “Calling all chlorine queens.”“Chlorine Queens, Assemble” Flyer by Paperless Post.


19. Post up by the pool

Host it from the comfort of your backyard pool or go all out and book a hotel room so you can spend a luxurious day lounging poolside. To keep it perfectly on theme, consider these handy tips for the perfect bachelorette pool party:

— Order everyone customized bridal party pool towels

— Bring the ingredients for a handcrafted bachelorette cocktail

— Fill the pool area with engagement ring floaties


20. Indulge in a dessert tasting

Sweets lovers unite—this one was made with you in mind. Book a table at a local restaurant known for its decadent desserts and order every item on the menu.

You could also do a dessert crawl through town, hitting up all of the esteemed dessert shops in your area, from the corner bakery to everyone’s favorite doughnut shop.



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