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Thinking of you cards

Thinking of you cards

Let someone special know they're in your thoughts with our customizable online thinking of you cards. Send via email, text, or shareable link and track opens instantly.

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When do you send out thinking of you cards?

Life has many ups and downs and a mark of any good friendship or relationship is being there through thick and thin. Maybe someone you know didn’t get the promotion they were looking forward to, or someone in your life is going through a tough breakup, or just to say I am thinking of you friend. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice touch to show you are thinking of the people in your life with the simple gesture of sending one of our thinking of you cards.

From classic designs to whimsical illustrations, bring a little smile to your friends’ inbox with thinking of you greeting cards. Browse our selection of virtual greeting cards for those times when a text just seems like too small of a gesture. Remember that you can also send a card for any occasion. Let a friend know they’re always on your mind, not just during difficult times. You can send thinking of you cards for him, or let someone know that you’re thinking of them just because. It is always a nice feeling to have someone in your life reach out.

The sample text of our online cards is fully customizable, unlike, say, a printed card with a pre-written message. Therefore, you can edit your card greeting to be specific to what made you think of your recipient. If you prefer to reach out to all your friends with the same card, you can keep the message more generic and use our online delivery tools to customize the name of each recipient on the envelope. You can even add a personal note to an individual recipient on your list to tell them directly, I am thinking of you friend.

Choosing the perfect thinking of you card

But how to choose the perfect card? Our collection features collaborations from today’s most innovative designers and artists as well as our classic in-house designs. You can go for a thinking of you card that favors a large font with a straight-forward message, like “hello” or “hey” or you can go for something more visual that features quirky designs, like flowers, phones, or animals. With designers like Jonathan Adler, Hello!Lucky and Red Cap Cards, just to name a few, rest assured that you have a range of cards to choose from that will send the perfect thinking of you message to your friends and family.

Tips and tricks for making thinking of you cards

Once you’ve decided to send a thank you card online, the process is similar to filling out your favorite print card. Choose a design, customize the text using a variety of different fonts and colors, and select one of our premium liners if you wish. Our online envelopes are personalized with each recipient’s name, as filled out by you. You can even track your mailing, from when it’s sent to when your friend opens the card in our state of the art tracking system.

Feel like sending it on your phone? There’s an app for that! Use our free iOS app and customize thinking of you greeting cards in minutes. You can connect your phone contacts to send directly to a friend’s email or reach out to us if you’d like to send it in a link via text. But don’t forget to consider our fun backdrops to enhance your design! This is your chance to get creative! You can add a fun backdrop as well as a playful envelope liner to really leave your mark on this card. Your recipient will appreciate all the effort that went into the card, when in reality it will have only taken a few minutes to design!