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Pride party invitations

From parties to protests to allyship events, our vibrant online Pride invitations help you celebrate everything you are. Track RSVPs and send your way: via email, text message, or shareable link.

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This month, and every month, we’re proud to be a tool for organization, to bring people together to make change. Whether it’s a march for transgender rights or a virtual Pride fundraiser, we’re here to support any event that fosters the original spirit of Pride: activism.

Pride is more than a parade

As we celebrate Pride month, it’s important to reflect on the protests and riots that began the gay rights movement, and remember the Black members of the LGBTQ+ community like Marsha P. Johnson and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy who were at the forefront.

We cannot kick off Pride Month without acknowledging, in word and in design, the crucial contributions made to the Gay Rights Movement via the act of protest. Pride has always been more than a parade. Pride began as a protest. Whilst for most Pride is now a party to acknowledge the positive accomplishments people have made through protests and the freedoms we enjoy, we must also acknowledge for some, Pride is still a protest. The Pride movement as a whole has deep roots in uprisings against police harassment and violence. The most well known of which is the Stonewall Uprising, which happened in New York City, very near to where Paperless is headquartered and is said to have helped launch the gay rights movement. In 2019, the Stonewall Riots were commemorated at World Pride NY, as 50 years had passed. We support the current Black Lives Matter protests and we support the memory of Stonewall.

Pride month events

Celebrate Pride all month long with our new collection of Pride party invitations. Kick off your Pride block party with gay pride inivtations, or if you aren’t able to celebrate IRL, send a virtual pride invitation. Or, send love from a distance with online Pride cards.

We know not everyone is able to protest, and there are other ways to support. We have diversified the event types we are showing on-site, incorporating a more pensive and culturally inclusive tone, in the spirit of both Pride month and the Black Lives Matter protests. We encourage our customers to make these designs their own for the range of Pride events they are hosting: Pride solidarity marches, fundraisers for M4BL, LGBTQIA+ book clubs for Black writers, Vigils for Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and Black trans people we’ve lost. We realize also that people want moments of joy too, which is why you can still find designs featuring Pride dance parties and drag brunches you’ve seen in the past. Given the complexity of Covid, we also have invitations for Virtual Pride Parties too.

Spirit of Pride

Pride is more than just events. Pride is a protected space where people can meet friends old and new, in safety. For some people these spaces provide a once a year opportunity to break free from their restrictive day to day lives where they experience homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Even for those who do go to celebrate - it's more than just a typical party. Pride events often include cultural elements such as book readings and theatre events. Most also include candle-lit vigils for community members that have been lost. We hope our collection of Pride invitations can facilitate the safe space that IRL Pride events usually represent. Whether a small gathering of reflection, or a large virtual event of celebration, we hope these invites can create a space for you and yours. If you aren’t seeing what you need to gather, mourn, celebrate, or protest, please contact us and we can help with your design.