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Passover invitations

Create a memorable Seder dinner this Passover with beautiful, ad-free online invitations. Seamlessly message guests, and link to a spreadsheet to keep track of who’s cooking what.

Before you ask the four questions, ask everyone to break matzo together with our collection of online paper or online Passover seder invitations. Culinary traditionalists will find all five courses of a successful feast on Passover Seder invitations that feature timeless preliminary table settings. For a cheekier look at classic Judaica, choose one of our funny Passover invitations inspired by mid-century cracker boxes or a steaming bowl of matzo ball soup fresh from the delicatessen. Those with gourmet ambitions can find designs that match their table’s elevated style with John Derian’s decoupaged Passover invitation templates featuring vintage illustrations of Passover staples. (He’s got a few glamorous plagues on Passover invitations as well, if that’s more your speed.) Farmer’s market habitues can find their roots and eat them, too, with rustically rendered Passover seder invitations while those who put their efforts into the tablescape (and leave the cooking to the caterers) can choose an invitation decorated in subtle Stars of David, painted place settings, or elegant stripes. Not to worry about running out of dough for seder dinner—you can pick up a few of our Passover invitations, free of charge.

Once you’ve picked out an invitation and dusted off the haggadah, make any important last additions to your choice with the online design tool. Should you need to personalize the Passover invitation wording (ever-important, but certainly flexible based on your mood, which is why we provide prewritten wording options) or change the fonts, you’ll be well-equipped, but if you’re just looking to add a backdrop or a patterned envelope liner, you’ll have plenty of options. Next, put together your guest list with the online address book; you’ll find last year’s Seder attendees in their usual place of honor, but you can also import contacts from your email accounts. Online RSVP tracking keeps you well-informed of your headcount (just don’t forget Elijah). Should you run low on sweet wine, request a bit of assistance from your attendees with online guest messaging. When the last question’s been answered, celebrate this night unlike any other with a few family snapshots—post them in your equally incomparable online photo gallery. Your guests will appreciate the memories, and any alter kakkers will love having more ways to look at all their beloved descendants until next year, in Jerusalem.