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O, Canada! What’s not to love about the True North, strong and free? And what better way to celebrate it with online Canada Day invitations that herald the trip up to cottage country (or to the great green backyard) with a festive, but not-too-showy, mind you, sense of national pride and spirit?

Pardon us, but we just don’t think it’d be a Happy Canada Day party invitation without a few moose. And you know, maybe the Canadian national interjection and infix, eh? You’ll find plenty of both, and other delightful Candiana in our collection of charming online invitations for Canada Day celebrations—including snapshots of Canadian summer, like Adirondack chairs around a cottage country lake, forest fauna at play in canoes and at the barbecue, and yes, yes, of course, a grizzly bear dressed up as a Mountie. They’re the police, you know, that outfit isn’t just for show!

But if you’re after something a little more restrained (or more traditionally patriotic), you’ll find Canada Day flag invitations and other Canada Day designs inspire by that iconic maple leaf rag—we’re talking about the Canadian flag, of course. Unmistakable in red and white, it just wouldn’t be Canada Day without it. And while the Canada 150 sesquicenntenial has passed, you still can ring in the anniversary of our fair country with designs that celebrate Canada’s fine graphic and artistic heritage—we didn’t just leave it at Expo ‘76. And you can spare on the airfare: our free Canada Day invites let you enjoy that festive spirit at no charge.

Once you find the perfect Canada Day invitation template for your weekend party, you’ll want to personalize it with our smart online design tools. We include a little Canada Day wording to give you an idea of how others might celebrate, but we’d never cramp your style. Quite the opposite: our tools let you pick out new fonts, new type colors, and even edit the layout of your invitation before you get to picking out backdrops, envelope liners, and even little hand-drawn stamps and postmarks for your little delivery.

You won’t even need to post it—sending online is as easy as a few clicks. You’ll find every contact you need in your Paperless Post address book, but you can also link up your personal email account should anyone not be accounted for. And while your guests would be too polite to not RSVP instantly, our reminder tool lets you give a gentle nudge to anyone who doesn’t respond promptly or who, horror of horrors, hasn’t shoveled their way through their inbox. Don’t they know what they’d be missing if they didn’t get your Canada Day invite?