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Holi invitations

Gather your friends and family to celebrate the start of spring with our bright, beautiful online Holi invitations. They're always ad-free, and RSVP-tracking is included.

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Holi is a celebration that people of all ages can look forward to. It’s a time to say goodbye to winter with a welcoming burst of spring colors to rejuvenate your state of mind. Match the prismatic colors of your celebration with vibrant online card designs from Paperless Post to welcome spring with a festive and stylish flair.

What is Holi?

Also known as the festival of colors, Holi is a lunar celebration originating from Hinduism. It signifies the end of a long winter while greeting the spring season with excitement. As the earth warms, flowers burst into life and the growing season begins.

Laughing together, eating sweet treats, dancing, and letting go of the past are all important parts of celebrating Holi. The festival takes place over two days, the first of which usually entails a community bonfire. The second day includes throwing colorful powder called gulal or dyed water called pichkari. Some people choose to celebrate both events at the same time for a day full of colorful connection.

How do you invite people to a Holi party?

With an online Holi invitation from Paperless Post, you can match your card to your party’s style and personalize it to your liking. When sending your Holi invitation, include the following details:

  • Date and time: When should guests arrive?
  • Location: Where are they heading?
  • RSVP instructions: How many people will be attending? Use our smart online tools to easily track your guest list and send reminders for those who haven’t responded.
  • Dress code: Usually Holi is celebrated in all white or light colors as it creates the perfect blank canvas for the gulal to pop. Mention that the gulal can sometimes permanently dye clothing so in-formal apparel is best.
  • Extras: Do guests need to park somewhere specific? Are they required to bring food for a potluck? Note any logistics guests need to be aware of.

With one of our online Holi party invitations, you’ll be able to easily add all the required information using our Blocks during the customization process. These help keep your card uncluttered while still providing the necessary details for your guests. If anyone on your list is new to celebrating Holi, it’s important to give them a run down of the event. You can add a Schedule Block to let them know what to expect, and remember to tell your guests to wear all white!

Our customization tips break down the user-friendly tools we offer so your creation process is uncomplicated and fun.

A kaleidoscope of Holi invitation designs

Eating delectable treats and celebrating the zest for life is at the heart of Holi, so look for an invitation that’s full of color. Bonfires, fireworks, and vivid abstract designs are all excellent choices. As Holi celebrates the end of winter, many of our spring invitations are also a great fit. Swathed in bright florals and fresh greenery, you can easily transform a spring invitation into a Holi card using our Page Styles to put a tailored twist on it.

If you’re not able to celebrate in person, send a Holi greeting card to let your favorite people know that you’re thinking of them during the holiday.