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Nowruz invitations

Sal e No Mobarak! Celebrate a new year with Nowruz invitations featuring tulips, eggs, and signs of spring. Send via email, text, or shareable link, and track RSVPs.

Yummy food, dancing, lighting fireworks—we couldn’t possibly pick one thing we love the most about Nowruz.

With spring comes fresh beginnings, and Paperless Post’s custom online invitations are the perfect way to gather your loved ones to celebrate Nowruz together. With our streamlined platform, it’s easy to create a personalized Nowruz invitation that you’ll be proud to send to your friends and family.

What is Nowruz?

Meaning ‘New Day’, Nowruz is the first official day of the Persian new year. The celebration begins on the spring equinox and symbolizes breaking through a long winter and the triumph of good over evil.

How to celebrate Nowruz

Nowruz is centered around connecting with loved ones and enjoying delicious food together. Traditional meals are a staple for the Persian new year along with rituals and ceremonies featuring poetry, songs, and dancing. In some cities, people take the party to the streets and neighborhoods are transformed into bustling centers of festive fun.

If you’re not able to celebrate Nowruz in person, send your nearest and dearest your best wishes with an online greeting card that you can personalize to fit the occasion.

What design should I choose for my Nowruz invitation?

Since Nowruz is an upbeat and happy celebration, you’ll want your online invitation to reflect that cheerful spirit. Fire is a popular motif that reflects the tradition of Chaharshanbe Suri—jumping over bonfires on the night of the last Wednesday before Nowruz. Fireworks are commonly lit throughout this joyful celebration, so you’ll also find designs with explosive style.

If you’re planning a daytime celebration, aim for a spring invitation that references vibrant blossoms and fresh botanicals. If sharing food is the main event, our dinner party invitations are a great fit for a fun-filled feast. We also offer thoughtfully-created Nowruz invitations with haft-sin motifs that reflect your symbolic offerings.

How to make a Nowruz invitation

Once you’ve found a template, it’s easy to customize your Nowruz invitation to communicate the details of your event. Our user-friendly tools let you choose a font style, colors, and backdrop that expresses your style and gives guests a preview of the fun that lies ahead.

Make sure your invitation includes the basic information like the date, time, and location of your Nowruz party. Use Blocks to add more details, like driving directions and accommodation information for out-of-town guests, or upload photos to bring your digital invitation to life.

When to send a Nowruz invitation

If you’re planning a scaled-down get together with a small group of loved ones, two weeks in advance is usually a good time to send your Nowruz invitation. If you’re inviting a larger group of people, or your family doesn’t typically celebrate Nowruz, a month ahead of time is preferable so you can be certain all your favorite people are able to attend.

Sending an online Nowruz invitation with Paperless Post is an easy and convenient choice for anyone with a busy schedule that leaves little time for going to the post office, addressing envelopes, and licking stamps. Simply create your invitation and send it to your friends and family via email, text message, or shareable link. Using our online guest management tools, you’ll be able to instantly upload your guest list, schedule a time for your Nowruz invites to be sent, and track your RSVPs. It’s as easy as pie…or a delicious platter of sabzi polo.