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Dinner party invitations

Elevate your next night in with clever and customizable dinner party invitations. Ask guests their meal preferences, track RSVPs, and send your way—via email, text message, or shareable link.

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If you’re ready to get cooking on your next dinner party, Paperless Post makes it easy to send out invitations and manage your guest list so you can focus on choosing the menu and making magic in the kitchen. Whether you’re throwing a birthday dinner party, a special holiday dinner, or a potluck for the big game, our attention-grabbing invitations will get your guests excited about the event—and inspired to arrive hungry.

How far in advance should you send dinner party invitations?

If you’re hosting a large or formal dinner party, send your invitations out at least three weeks before the event. An informal dinner party invitation can go out one to two weeks before—but you can send them as few as two or three days before the dinner if it’s a small affair. If you’re holding your dinner party during the holidays, you can send invitations out two months in advance, which is advisable if your guest list is long or your event marks a special occasion, like an anniversary or milestone birthday.

Choosing the perfect dinner party invites

Whether your dinner party will be a cozy affair with your favorite people or a buffet for a bigger crowd, the dinner party invitation you choose should set the mood and give recipients a taste of what’s to come. Dinner party invitation templates from Paperless Post range from casual—even funny!—to formal. If you’re planning a themed dinner party, you’ll find invitations for everything from a beach party picnic to a Kentucky Derby dinner to a murder mystery party.

How to customize an online dinner party invitation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect invitation for your party, customize it with our fun, user-friendly design tool. Add your text, and pick fonts and colors that complement the invitation. Use Blocks to add information about the menu or the entertainment you’ve got up your sleeve—like an after-dinner fire pit or game of charades. Finally, give your dinner party invitation template an envelope, choose a liner and backdrop, affix a stamp, and it’s ready to go.

What should you write in a dinner party invitation?

Your dinner party invitation is your guests’ road map for making their plans, so it’s important to provide all the details they need to know, including:

  • The host’s name
  • What you’re inviting them to
  • When the event is happening
  • Where it’s taking place
  • Why you’re hosting the event
  • When and how to RSVP

Depending on the party vibe you’re going for, the opening line can be as casual or buttoned-up as you like. For a formal dinner party, you might open with, “You’re cordially invited…” or “Grace us with your presence at...” If you’re hosting a laid-back event, feel free to be playful and open with a straightforward, “A night of partying is on the menu” or “Gather and get groovy at our 70s disco dinner party.”

It’s easy to send dinner party invites with Paperless Post

You’ve picked out your invitation template, customized it to your liking, selected an envelope, and popped a stamp on it. Deliver them via text, email, or shareable link. See when recipients open them, and manage your guest list in real time with our RSVP tracker and guest messaging tools. Post-party, add your favorite pics to the Comment Wall or include them in your thank you note.