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Murder mystery party invitations

Get your murder mystery party off to a killer start with our customizable online invitations, designed to fit any theme. Send via email, text, or shareable link and track RSVPs instantly.

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What’s a great way to put a twist on an ordinary get-together and treat your friends and family to an eerie evening like they've never seen before? By hosting a murder mystery party, of course! Don't get caught red-handed with last-minute murder mystery invites—use our stationery-inspired online invitations to help you organize an unforgettable whodunnit event full of scandalous fun.

What is a murder mystery party?

Murder mystery parties invite your friends to participate in a theatrical game where a fictitious crime takes place. One secret murderer hides their true identity while the rest of the guests interview the suspects and use clues to uncover who the culprit is.

Murder mystery parties allow everyone to take part in the plot, put their acting skills to the test, and channel their inner detective while mixing and mingling. Spread the word and set the stage for a thrilling night with one of our customizable murder mystery invitations to get your crew eager for mischief and mayhem.

Who can take part in a murder mystery party?

Anyone that’s able to read and act out scenes can take part in a murder mystery party. There are options for different group sizes from under 10 people to gatherings of a hundred. Storylines range from wholesome narratives appropriate for all-ages to adult-only plots that feature cheeky jokes and risqué characters.

From family reunions to birthday bashes, company retreats, and networking events, a murder mystery party is a guaranteed good time for everyone who attends.

How to host a murder mystery party

Hosting a murder mystery party is easy! These simple steps will have you well on your way to throwing an epic event:

  • Step 1: Arrange the plot. You have the option to buy a murder mystery kit, plan your own murder narrative from scratch, or hire a professional murder mystery company to set things up.
  • Step 2: Assign characters and have your scripts and clues ready to go. You’ll need to have most details decided in advance, as you’ll be sending guests information ahead of the party so they have time to get to know their roles.
  • Step 3: Invite your favorite people!

Whether it’s a sit-down murder mystery dinner party or you’re cracking the case over cocktails, our expert murder mystery party hosting tips help set you up for success. Once you have the details in place, it’s as simple as inviting your guests and counting down to the main event. With Paperless Post, you can create and send your invitations with ease, giving you more time to get into character and focus on the excitement of your upcoming soirée.

How to make a murder mystery invitation

The best way to build suspense for your murder mystery party is to send out a to-die-for invitation that gives every invitee a dose of FOMO (fear of missing out). Paperless Post provides an incredible selection of themes and templates for creating your murder mystery party invitations. Check out Great Gatsby invitations for a swanky Art Deco-inspired affair or choose classic dinner party invitations for a feast with your fellow suspects.

Your invitation should list the evening's logistics such as date, location, and time. Because there’s so much information related to a murder mystery party, hosts should expect to follow up with your RSVPed guests with character profiles, costume information, a script, clues, and general rules of the game at a later date. As you will probably have to attach a script to the message, it's best to follow up by email.

After you’ve sent your invitations, track your RSVPs with our guest management platform, and get ready for a killer (pun intended) party.