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Easter invitations

Easter invitations

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    94 results

    Bunny Bums (Invitation)

    Dahlias (Tall) - Pink


    Easter Jellies (Invitation)


    Bunny Brushstrokes

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Easter Bunny (Buttercup)

    The Grass Menagerie

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Spring Garden Bed

    Bunny Ears - Mint

    Not Like the Others (Invitation)

    Egg Vine

    Pink Peony Frame

    Willowmarsh - Tea Rose

    Rose Garland

    Watercolor Tulips

    Linda and Harriett

    Marigold Melange

    Rifle Paper Co.

    The Rabbit or the Egg - Mint

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Assorted Eggs

    Heathers (Square) - Yellow

    Angelica Garla (Invitation)


    Tulip Bed

    Egg Border

    Petit Collage

    Forsythia (Invitation) - Leaf Green

    Hare and There


    Rai Rai (Invitation)


    Easter Nest

    Petit Collage

    Leaping Rabbit

    Petit Collage

    Bunny Bounty


    Chocolate Bunny

    Hannah Berman

    Big Zig Zag - Aqua

    Linda and Harriett

    Thérèse II (Invitation) - Celadon

    Ring Around the Daisy - Pink

    Little Cube


    John Derian

    Indented Corners - Antique Pink and Black (Tall)

    Citrus Orchard - Yellow

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Kesanto (Tall)


    Blue Blooms

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Bow Tie Bunny

    Petit Collage

    Candy Critter (Invite)

    Have a Hoppy Good Time


    Petit Collage

    Wildflower Clearing

    Felix Doolittle

    Heathers (Horizontal) - Lilac


    Oscar de la Renta

    Floral Collage

    kate spade new york


    Putnam & Putnam

    Nixon - Mustard

    Jonathan Adler


    Somebunny Told Me




    Chick Chick Chickie - Royal

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Paschal Pastels - White

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Ffion - Glacier


    Spring Gathering - Meringue

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Tulip Vision

    Fauvist Florals

    kate spade new york


    John Derian

    Summer Fronds

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Embossed Daisies - Pavlova

    kate spade new york

    Floral Tapestry

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Colorblocked Stripes - Yellow/Pavlova

    kate spade new york

    Colorblocked Border - Yellow/Pavlova

    kate spade new york

    Fauve Border

    kate spade new york

    Rosedal - Lilac

    Intarsia Scallop - Mint

    kate spade new york

    Carnation (Square) - Coral/Chartreuse

    Bunny - Mint

    Persian Green (Square)

    Watercolor Dye


    White (Tall)

    Rabbit - Sweet Pea

    Bunny In The Basket

    Hidden Egg

    Hop on Over

    Crate & Barrel

    Easter Gathering

    Crate & Barrel

    Watercolored Eggs

    Easter Eggs

    Bunny Blooms

    Easter Brunch

    Crate & Barrel

    Mr. Bun (Invitation)

    Easter Egg Chick (Invitation)

    Floral Border (Tall)

    Coral (Tall)

    Lost in a Forest

    Jelly Beans

    The Great Egg Roll

    Happy Easter - Lavender

    Barton Park (Square)

    Dip Dye - Pacific

    Marbled Egg

    Floral Border

    Show your guests your Sunday best with lovely online Easter invitations for every type of celebration you have in mind. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, so celebrate the arrival of spring with... Read more.

    Show your guests your Sunday best with lovely online Easter invitations for every type of celebration you have in mind. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, so celebrate the arrival of spring with designs featuring cute new arrivals—Easter bunnies and chickadees alike. Let your lapine friends take care of the stashing, but assemble your search party with colorful Easter egg hunt invitations that get your guests on the trail for treasure. Whether your egg decoration style is pastel and plastic, Polish pisanki wax, or Faberge, you’ll find Easter party invitations with quarry worthy of your participants. (We may ask you to bring your own jewels in the case of the latter.) If your foraging trip on the front lawn is the closest you and the kids will get to nature this year, celebrate the great outdoors with designs blooming with Easter foliage. You’ll even find some Rifle Paper Co. Easter invitations that feature Anna Bond’s classic hand-painted flowers updated in spring pastels (and maybe a few extra bunnies hiding in the bushes).

    For hosts planning a religious event, you’ll find church Easter invitations that suit any denomination—and we leave you plenty of room for personal customization to ensure that your ceremony is depicted properly.

    Once you’ve settled on a design scheme for your egg hunt or Easter brunch invitations, you’ll have plenty of time to decorate—and no fizzy dye capsules to deal with, either. The online design tool makes picking out new font colors, a backdrop, or a patterned envelope liner for your Easter invitation template simple (and less likely to stain your tablecloth). Once the crafting is complete, put together your guest list in the online address book. You can import names from your webmail accounts, in case any partiers are joining you for the first time. Online RSVP tracking and guest messaging help you keep track of every potential face around the Easter dinner table. No one’s Easter finest will go to waste—take photos throughout the party, then upload them to your event’s online gallery for a belated spring fashion show.

    When life gives you Easter eggs, devil them. Plan a few more garden fetes while the good weather’s upon you and browse our spring entertaining invitations or picnic and barbecue invitations for a few bright party ideas.