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Lingerie shower invitations

Who needs more kitchenware? Spice up the bride-to-be's pre-wedding party with customizable lingerie shower invitations. Send via email, text, or shareable link and track RSVPs instantly.

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Hosting an upcoming lingerie shower? Our selection of stunning customizable lingerie shower invitation templates gives you the tools to create a unique invitation that perfectly reflects any style. With classy fonts, fun colors, and exquisite designs, our collection makes it easy to get started with your party planning. So why wait? Let's get this party started!

What is a lingerie party?

At its core, a lingerie party is all about celebrating and pampering the bride-to-be. It functions much like a traditional bridal shower, with guests gathering to enjoy food, drinks, and good company. However, rather than focusing on gifts for the future home or kitchenware, a lingerie shower instead focuses on things the bride can wear to surprise her new spouse on the wedding night and honeymoon! From beautiful babydolls to ravishing silk robes, a lingerie shower will make the bride feel like a queen long after the ceremony ends!

Who should you invite to a lingerie shower?

When planning a lingerie shower, it is essential to consider who to invite. Generally, the guest list for a lingerie shower is much smaller than it would be for other pre-wedding parties. The bride's closest friends make up the core group of invitees. However, invitations can sometimes be extended to sisters if she views them more like best friends rather than siblings.

A smaller group of guests makes for a more intimate and comfortable setting. Just remember to ensure that all your guests are comfortable in the atmosphere that typically accompanies lingerie showers. Ultimately, your goal should be to create an environment that allows everyone involved to have fun and enjoy themselves as they celebrate this special moment in the bride's life.

When to send out lingerie shower invitations

When sending out lingerie bridal shower invitations, timing is critical. You should aim to send out your lingerie shower invites at least 4 weeks before the shower takes place. This will give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements if necessary and allow them to mark their calendars in advance. Additionally, it's important to note that the earlier you send out the invitations, the more likely your guests will be able to reschedule conflicting plans.

How to host an unforgettable lingerie shower

Whether you're planning the event yourself or simply co-hosting, there are so many fun and creative ways to make a lingerie shower truly memorable. For starters, you can create whimsical décor themed around everything undergarment-related—think bows, ribbons, lace, satin, and sheer fabrics. You can also serve fun beverages like mimosas or mocktails in festive colors like pink or red and set out a variety of tasty desserts perfectly suited for such an occasion, like themed cupcakes. And don't forget to include plenty of photo opportunities so guests can snap a few pics!