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Ramadan and Eid cards

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Ramadan and Eid Cards

You may not be able to give your friends and loved ones an easy fast, but wish them a blessed month with online Ramadan greeting cards. Start your message with a design inspired by the joys of every night of the holiday—colorful sunset light, cool evening shade, and sumptuous Iftar feasts. You’ll find other traditional fixtures, too, including fanous lanterns, traditional metallic latticework, and contemporary woodgrain textures. If you’d prefer to make an understatement, choose Ramadan mubarak cards with the season’s greetings spelled out in elegant typography. However you choose to extend your regards, you’ll find a card that embodies the beauty and solemnity of Ramadan and celebrates your family’s singular traditions.

When you’ve found the perfect design for your Ramadan cards, use the online design tool to complete your wording, including picking out new fonts and type colors. You aren’t limited to just words on the page, either—pick out a new envelope liner for your card and a matching digital backdrop. You’ll find designs for notions like these (and stamps, too), that are as diverse and as well-appointed as the designs we made for the holiday itself—a veritable library of traditional and modern accoutrements. It certainly makes online delivery a banner event (not something often said about opening email).

Next, plan your delivery with the help of the online address book—if you’re not new to Ramadan greetings, you’ll find past recipients’ addresses ready and waiting for your use. You can even save them to a custom list to speed up future organizing efforts. Once you’ve put together your mailing list, sending your card and tracking its delivery are as simple as two clicks. After that, let the responses roll in to your greeting, and start preparing for your iftar feast. (We happen to have the perfect Ramadan invitations for it.)