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Passover cards

Passover cards

Browse elegant online Passover cards to stay connected this Pesach. Choose from digital templates with festive florals and wreaths, Seder plates, confetti, and more.

Passover is the Jewish festival of liberation that lasts for seven to eight days. It’s a time when families gather for the Seder meal and read the story of their ancestors’ escape from enslavement in ancient Egypt. Though in ancient times Passover was centered around an offering of a sacrificial lamb, after centuries in diaspora it is rooted in the re-telling of the story of the Exodus with different traditional items on the central Seder plate—like the matzah, the unleavened bread, symbolizing various elements of that story. Seder plates and setups may vary between families, depending on old and new traditions.

The sequence of the Passover Seder dinner is determined by the Haggadah, which contains prayers, stories, and explanations of rituals. Like many Jewish rituals, there are different kinds of Haggadahs for different Jewish communities. The story of Exodus always includes a dramatic counting off of the ten plagues God visited upon Egypt, but some of us may skip that part this year (too soon). Some Haggadahs also include ten contemporary “plagues” as well, making the Seder dinner an engagement with both history and the present. If you’re thinking about hosting a virtual or in-person Seder dinner or Passover-related event, feel free to check out our Passover card invitations and Flyer invites. You can also peruse our blog posts about hosting holiday parties.

Since it’s one of the most significant and sacred Jewish holidays, it’s important to send and receive greetings for Passover if your loved ones are observing the festival of liberation. Everyone likes getting cards: children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family, and friends! Look through our many Passover card options, which include designs incorporating beautiful floral and wreath imagery, Seder plates, and confetti. When you find a card you like, click “customize” to start designing. Using the design tool, you can edit things like font size, spacing, and color. Looking to include a photo in your card? You can select a photo card from one of our other collections and we can help you personalize it.

What do you write in a Passover card? The most common greetings are “Happy Passover” or the Hebrew equivalent, “Chag Pesach Sameach”. You can also say “Chag Sameach” which means “Happy Holidays.” There are pre-loaded greetings in our Passover Cards which you can keep, or feel free to re-write or edit your message (we don’t mind at all!). There are Jewish communities all over the world that have different religious and cultural practices, so having the option to tailor holiday greetings is important. Another thing to consider is that Jewish people use different languages, depending on their heritage or religious experience. If you’d like to include a greeting in a non-Latin script and unsure of how to do so, reach out to our Personal Design Services team for complimentary help. Our team can help with all kinds of text, including right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, and Aramaic, to name a few.

Once you’re finished designing your Passover Cards, if everything looks kosher, you can easily upload or manually enter your contacts. From there, you can send the cards with the option to include personal messages for each recipient, if you like. Your postbox will track deliveries and opens, so you can confirm that your Passover cards have safely landed in their intended inboxes. Your contacts will be able to reply to you within the site or app as well.

Have a wonderful and restorative Passover! May it be warm, may the wine keep coming, and may the matzah ball soup be plentiful.

A few months after Passover come the high holidays, including Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. See you then!