The top 13 wedding theme ideas for 2024

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At the heart of every wedding is a wonderful party filled with your best friends and family—and adding a themed element to the equation can make the whole event all the more memorable. There’s no shortage of ideas for bringing a theme to life at your welcome party, ceremony, reception, or after-party, and the options are only as limited as your imagination. 

Where do you start when trying to decide which wedding theme idea is right for your big day? We tapped some of our favorite wedding planners, including Jung Lee, sought-after event designer of Fête NY fame, and Augusta Cole, renowned wedding and event planner, for the scoop on what their couples are gravitating towards this year. 

Many couples choose a theme or style for their wedding that has meaning for them, and of course, how you incorporate your theme is entirely up to you. Ms. Cole says, “What are three ‘it’ factors? How do you reinforce this theme in a smart way, whether it’s cuisine, décor, or entertainment?”  Whatever wedding style you choose will surely impress your guests and make your day feel authentic and full of love. 


13 Wedding theme ideas you’ll love

Viewed from above, a very long white wedding banquet table with servers and guests is set up on a road surrounded by green trees.
Image by Roey Yohai; courtesy of Fête NY.

Deciding on a theme for your nuptials is a fun part of the wedding planning process where you can let your creativity lead the way. We’ve rounded up 13 unique wedding ideas to help inspire your vision.


Meet the experts
Jung Lee For over two decades she has traveled the world designing her clients' most sacred events, from intimate parties to milestone celebrations.
Augusta Cole is an event and wedding planner based in New York and Charleston, SC. She was named a top wedding planner by VOGUE.


1. Keep it classic 

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding, you don’t actually have to follow all the latest trends and of-the-now details. Wedding styles like romantic, modern, boho, and rustic are all timeless choices we see year after year that can easily be applied to your invitations and décor with flowers, fabrics, and centerpieces. “People want their wedding to be timeless,” Ms. Lee says. There’s something to be said about blending old with new, all while honoring tradition with classic motifs that will be memorable for years to come. 

“I live and breathe mood boards,” agrees Ms. Cole. “I do them weekly on Instagram. It’s nice to have a visual touchpoint of what couples are drawn to and what they want to create for their guests.” 

Once you’ve narrowed your style down—for example, choosing a traditional wedding theme—get creative by pulling ideas for lighting, table settings, wedding party attire, and wedding invitations that bring that aesthetic together.

2. Follow your destination (even if you’re staying put)

Left: A cream wedding invitation with sketches of blossoming branches on the top and bottom on a wood backdrop. Right: A newlywed couple seen from behind walks outside wearing Western-inspired clothing, like wide-brim hats and a white fringe jacket.Dogwood Blossom” by Paper Source for Paperless Post; Image by Ashley Sawtelle, courtesy of Augusta Cole.


Your setting can be the perfect jumping-off point for your theme, so consider taking inspiration from your venue. There are some genuinely gorgeous wedding locations out there, from art galleries to vineyards to botanical gardens, a ski lodge in a snowy winter village to a quaint estate in the countryside. Choose décor that speaks to your surroundings with flowers, fabrics, menu choices, and centerpieces that can all be incorporated into your location-inspired theme.

Does your venue have a country vibe? Try including natural wood elements and bunches of wildflowers in your décor—or go a step further. Ms. Cole says, “A particularly fun themed wedding we planned was a Western weekend at Brush Creek Ranch. One of the evenings was themed ‘Westworld,’ and people really got into it..” Her favorite tip for throwing a Western party? “Hand out hats. Suddenly, everyone’s a cowboy.” Yeehaw!

Saying “I do” abroad? Your theme’s practically built-in. Says Ms. Cole, “If you’re doing a wedding in Italy, you can weave experiences throughout the weekend that shed light on why you chose Italy as a theme.”

By the way—if you’re still deciding on your locale, we’ve gathered a list of 30 destination wedding ideas around the globe that will inspire your love of traveling.

3. Take cues from color

Left: A yellow floral invitation with a lush border and monogram; right: a yellow-hued interior with a nicely set table.
Day’s Eye” by Stephanie Fishwick; Image by Eric Kelley, courtesy of Augusta Cole.


2024 is seeing monochromatic themes and single hue-heavy, color-focused fêtes. Color evokes emotion and is a great starting point when brainstorming ideas about styles and concepts. So what are couples loving right now? “Green is still a strong player. Anywhere from cheerful spring greens to olive to hunter,” says Ms. Cole. “And pink is back. People are having fun with pink.” 

Colors rooted in love, calmness, and joy, like yellows or blues, can inspire your guests’ moods and set the perfect vibe for your happily-ever-after. Ms. Cole adds, “Tonality is a trend I’m picking up on. We did [a wedding] that was all yellows and marigolds. From the ceremony through to the reception, we just played with the tonality of shades of gold and yellows from the plate to the linen to the chairs.”

Let your backdrop, venue, or destination guide your color choices, and pick up inspiration from nature and the world around you. Per Ms. Cole, “Our colors tend to play off of what would fit in the space beautifully.”

4. Textures and patterns 

In addition to color, we’re seeing couples embrace textures, fabrics, and patterns that pop. Ms. Cole shares, “Very often our designs start with either a pattern or texture of a fabric or the pattern of a plate. Then everything sort of layers from there.”

Get inspired to build your golden theme around invitations that match a metallic table setting. Or bring in complementary floral patterns to influence signage, menus, and stationery. Speaking of stationery, Ms. Lee shares that classic monograms and customized details are back. “What everyone asks for is a custom matchbook. We do so many different types of matches,” she says. 

5. Highlight your culture

An over the shoulder view of a woman in a pink top finding her name on a welcome seating board with colorful bracelet favors.
Image by Corbin Gurkin, courtesy of Augusta Cole.


From your food menu to what you wear, there are some magical ways to include all the aspects of your culture that you love. Your guests will love being involved and included in your special day—whether those traditions are familiar to them or not. Ms. Cole recalls, “We had a couple do a really fun Brazilian night. We had tambourines, thematic music, and everyone dressed the part.” 

Creating a mood board will help incorporate visual elements of your culture into your décor, entertainment, food, and beverages. The symbols and imagery associated with your heritage can also be worked into your décor, like paper lanterns or draping gorgeous swaths of silk cloth. Don’t be afraid to go all out. 

6. In our bow era 

In case you haven’t heard, bows are having a moment. Ms. Lee agrees. She says, “I think bows are going to be here for a while. [There’s] innocence in simplicity.” 

From ribbon-topped bridal shower invitations to simply classic wedding invitations, you can play with the “coquette aesthetic” theme and make it feel authentic to you and your love. Mix in feminine details and touches of ladylike luxury with pastels, pinks, and French-inspired flair. After all, 2023 was dubbed “the year of the girl”— and we’rell seeing that spirit come through in 2024, too. 

However, having all of your ladies or a bevvytribe full of bridesmaids isn’t a focus for 2024 brides. Ms. Lee says, “In terms of bridal parties, immediate families are walking down the aisle. Brides will have their friends or ‘bridal attendants’ help them get ready, but they aren’t coordinating outfits and walking down the aisle.” 

One-of-a-kind wedding invitations

Customizable designs from Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., kate spade new york, and more.

7. Embrace the holidays year-round

What better way to celebrate your favorite holiday than making it the theme of your wedding? “New Year’s Eve weddings are super fun and fabulous,” says Ms. Lee, who knows a thing or two about bringing glamor to an NYE affair.

For true romantics, a Valentine’s Day wedding with red roses, hearts, and customized chocolate boxes is the ultimate theme. Or if you want to see sparks fly in a low-key, casual setting, a 4th of July backyard wedding may be the way to go.   

If your favorite holiday is Halloween, there are many ways to add elements that reflect your love of all things spooky, including your invitation. From gothic-style wedding dresses to jack-o’lantern centerpieces, the possibilities for Halloween wedding décor are endless. 

And for those who celebrate, Christmas is a joyful and exciting holiday to inspire your décor and overall vibe. A festive reception at a local hotel that incorporates the beauty of garlands and twinkling lights is sure to impress—even better if there’s snow on the windowsills. 

Use Paperless Post’s customization tools to transform any card—like a cocktail party or New Year’s Eve party invite—into your dream wedding invitation.

8. Never-ending nuptials

If only weddings could last forever. That’s why more couples are opting for multi-day celebrations, maximizing the memories with all of their closest family, friends, and loved ones together in one place. Historically, destination weddings were most well-known for toasting the happy couple with multiple events, but now, even close-to-home celebrations are offering welcome drinks, cocktail parties, goodbye brunches, and lively after-parties. Ms. Lee explains, “Weddings are trending bigger than one-day events. [Couples] are treating the wedding weekend as a multi-day celebration.” 

Ms. Cole also agrees that multiple events, especially for far-away soirées, can help guests feel welcomed to a new destination while also serving as a fun “thank you” for making the trip to celebrate your love. Each wedding event can have its own specific theme, colors, and vibe. “During longer weekend destination weddings, it is fun to have a theme night,” Ms. Cole adds. Themes for parties can range from ‘70s-style disco, Hollywood-inspired glamor, or boho-tropical.

Wherever you’re celebrating, make sure your invitations and wedding website clearly indicate the details of each occasion, dress code, and overall mood to your guests.

9. Let’s do lunch

Left: A set table at a Chinese restaurant under a sign that reads “Congratulations Mr. & Mis. Teo!” Right: A red wedding invitation with gold cherry blossom illustrations.
Image courtesy of Fête NY; “Cherry Tree” by kate spade new york for Paperless Post.


In 2024, we’re seeing more and more couples flex the timing of their nuptials and celebrations. Weddings aren’t just one-and-done Saturday evening events. Think brunches, lunches, and daytime shindigs. “We’re getting requests for dim sum brunches. People want a wider culinary experience,” says Ms. Lee.

Ms. Cole shares unique details about a client’s recent wedding. “We’re doing a seated lunch party for a French beach wedding. In the south of France, dinner isn’t the big reservation—it’s lunch at the beach club, wearing fabulous bathing suits and sarongs, and dancing until sunset.”

10. Make a scene at the after party

left: A black invitation with silver beaded strings hanging from the top on a marble backdrop. Right: Hands reach for disco ball-shaped drinks with straws on a silver serving platter.
Josephine Baker” by Paperless Post; Image courtesy of Fête NY.


Keep the party going post-reception by inviting guests to a more intimate location for sips, snacks, and nightcaps. If the dancing won’t stop, it shouldn’t have to! Couples can arrange a killer Spotify playlist or bring in the professionals with a second band or DJ for even more grooving, gathering, and revelry. 

Themed after-parties also just add to the fun. Disco fever continues to be a theme couples are loving right now. Guests will also love to indulge in signature drinks and fancy cocktails before calling it a night. What does Ms. Lee suggest? “People enjoy their martinis. Classic drinks are back.” 

Make sure your guests are clued-in to the details for your post-party get-togethers. Ms. Cole suggests creating after-party invitations. “We pass out little invitations during the reception to lure people to the after party and get them excited,” she says. Keep guests well-fed and fueled up for dancing by serving up late-night snacks. Slider bars, hot dog carts, gourmet pizzas, and mac and cheese will satisfy even the pickiest of partiers. 

11.   Over-the-top ideas

left: A white wedding invitation with a pink, purple, and black marbled pattern on the top on a black marble backdrop. Right: Three singers, two in tuxedos and one in a gold sequin gown, sing at microphones with a disco ball shining on them and a metallic backdrop.
Marbleized” by Kelly Wearstler for Paperless Post; Image courtesy of Fête NY.


When it comes to your wedding, nothing’s off limits—including how out-there you make your theme. It’s your day, and if you and your partner want to celebrate with a masquerade ball or a royalty theme, go for it. Seek inspiration from “Vogue”’s annual Met Gala or lavish high-society parties from the 1960s and ’70s. In 2024, thoughtful couples are being even more mindful of the guest’ experience. Ms. Lee says, “It’s a time to really spoil your guests. We want to go all out.” 

Ms. Lee’s favorite over-the-top occasion? “We’ve done everything from pop art to surrealist. Immersive elements make its cool.” Channel Truman Capote’s iconic 1966 surrealist theme extravaganza for décor inspiration—think ostrich feathers instead of flowers, mirrored centerpieces, and jeweled photo props for guests at the reception. Could anything be more fabulous? 

12.  Love is sweet

Left: A three-tired wedding cake with flowers; Right: A white wedding invitation with demask floral elements.
Image courtesy of Fête NY; “Lovely Lace” by Oscar de la Renta for Paperless Post.


Gone are the days of skipping dessert. 2024 is all about having your wedding cake, and eating it, too. Ms. Lee says, “You’re going to have one wedding cake, so we’re seeing people opt for real cakes that taste good. Not like those giant sculpted things covered in fondant. People are going back to the traditional value of it.”  

You can also incorporate your love of sweets and treats into your pre-wedding events and celebrations, like hosting a tea party themed bridal shower with macaron-clad invitations or with beautifully illustrated cake-themed save the dates

13. Thoughtful florals 

Flowers can be one of the most important focal points of your big day and they can have their own theme, style, and vibe. This year, Ms. Lee has noticed a shift in the size and scale of couples’ floral installations and floral details. “I don’t see people doing the big wall of flowers anymore. Even if they are having a large lavish wedding, they aren’t having giant floral installations. Even if there are 400 people in the room they want it to feel much more intimate.”

If you’ve decided on a spring or summer wedding, you can include gorgeous flowers like peonies, roses, tulips, and hyacinths in your décor. While fall and winter weddings call for greenery, winter berries on branches, harvest -hues, or autumn leaves. Choose from a stunning assortment of Paperless Post invitations featuring wedding flowers to match your invitations to your theme.

How to choose a wedding theme

Now that you’ve read about some of our favorite wedding themes for 2024, you may ask yourself where to begin. All weddings have a universal starting point, and that’s your budget. Ms. Cole advises, “The first thing anyone should consider before making decisions is budget. You can back it up against how many people you’re inviting and what you are comfortable spending as a whole. That will help direct you towards what you can afford and how many themed moments you’ll be able to have.” In other words, the biggest trend of all is starting out your married life not in the red.

Invitations for the wedding theme of your dreams


One way to stay within your budget without detracting from your wedding theme idea? Choosing Paperless Post invitations. (For more guidance on picking the perfect design, see our post on wedding invitation ideas.) Browse hundreds of spectacular wedding invitations, including styles from world-class designers like Oscar de la Renta, Stephanie Fishwick, and Carolina Herrera. Or work with our Personal Design Services team to create a customized invitation that’s truly one of a kind.

Adding hints about your theme and dress code—plus photos, videos, directions, accommodations, and more—is simple with Blocks, which are displayed on your invitation page without cluttering your invitation design. (You may not even need a separate wedding website!)  With no right or wrong wedding theme to choose, follow what speaks to your heart and watch the most love-filled event of your life unfold.

For more inspiration from our wedding experts, follow Jung Lee and Augusta Cole on Instagram.


Hero image courtesy of Fête NY.