6 easy-to-execute bridal shower décor ideas

Bright red and pink floral design on a bare wooden table set with pink and blue dishware.
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Planning a bridal shower for the special bride-to-be in your life is an opportunity to not only shower her with love and cheer but also to flex your creative muscles by transforming an event space into her own special pre-marital wonderland. With the right combination of classic wedding motifs—think tulle, the color white, flowers, etc.—and all-out party décor, a bridal shower space can be both peacefully dreamy and happily festive.

When preparing decorations for a bridal shower, it’s important to strike the right balance between festive cheer and subtle sophistication. You’re not aiming to overshadow the actual wedding reception decorations, but you still want the bride-to-be to feel special and celebrated.

Luckily, even the smallest details can make a big impact in bridal shower décor—and we’ve researched and compiled six unique, gorgeous bridal shower decoration ideas for you to wow the bride-to-be and her guests.


Left: A bridal shower invitation featuring a bellini cocktail illustration; right: close-up photograph of a peach and green table setting.Citrus Fizz” by Paperless Post; image via Sugared Stilettos (photography by S&CO Portrait Photography).


1. Color coordinate your table fare

Décor isn’t just about what hangs on the walls and ceiling. Even your food plays a role in how the whole space comes together. Pack a table with color-coordinated treats for a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look that makes the entire venue feel cohesive and planned.

Macarons and royal icing cookies are a recommended part of this décor idea, because they can be made into any color that fits the theme you’re going for (not to mention they’re both adorable, tasty, and conveniently portable). But plenty of sweet treats can be opportunities to add color. You can even order customized cookies shaped like the bride-to-be’s engagement ring.

Add a matching pastry stand for an extra touch of adorable. Or try a macaron cart centerpiece, which shrinks down the romance of French patisserie into a pretty-in-pastel piece that’s just perfect for your table. Its soft tones and metallic detailing also happen to mesh well with many themed bridal shower color schemes.


left: Colorful circular fan decorations arranged from top to bottom: Fuchsia, orange, green, blue. Right: An orange background with a branch of eucalyptus and two white fan semi-circle decorations.Image via PartySlate. Bunting Fan Garland by Oh Happy Day and Eucalyptus Garland by Coterie, available in the Party Shop.


2. Stage a photo wall

Though we’re sure your bridal party guests will be posting ample party pics to Instagram regardless (who doesn’t?), there’s nothing quite as alluring as a creative photo wall to get cameras snapping. No need to rent a whole photo booth—just a few well-placed decorations will have your guests lining up to take pictures with their friends, and of course, the bride-to-be. 

Try these options out to build the best picture-perfect backdrop:

– Go metallic – Put together an assortment of tinsel tassel garlands or opt for a monochrome sheet of foil for an eye-catching background for photo ops. Anything in front of a metallic backdrop is sure to pop. You can even add other layers of décor, like customizable letter banners or other hanging pieces.

– Blow-up balloons – Balloons are indeed the most classic party decoration; you really can’t go wrong. Whether you hang a few diamond-inspired balloons here and there or helium-inflate some magical floating balloon bouquets, any and all balloons you choose will add depth, color, and texture to a bridal shower photoshoot.

– Use photo props – No matter what you choose as a backdrop, props are the cherry on top of any photo wall setup. Offering guests photo props gives each person’s pictures their own individual flair, and it’s just plain fun to pose with cute props. 

If you’re looking to go all out for a wedding shower, assemble a balloon arch (made easy with a take-home kit). With balloons of different sizes, sheens, and shades, it’ll make for a dynamic and striking photo wall sure to impress, both at the party and in pictures.


left: A horizontal bridal shower invitation with painterly light green leaves woven throughout the letters.Bridal Sprigs” by Paperless Post; Image via Black Twine.


3. Light up your table

Striving for a cozy, sophisticated bridal shower vibe? Go for the glow. Try carefully arranging tea light candles between seating placements on a table. If safety’s a concern (or the venue has any qualms about candles), use electric tea lights instead. They’re just as wondrous, but without any of the flames.

You can also look for surface-safe string lights to light up your tablescape. These are usually strung with adjustable wire rather than a thick electric cord (i.e., don’t use any old boxed holiday lights), so you can weave your lighting in any way you see fit and without it feeling heavy. If you’re hosting a nighttime bridal shower, you can complement table-placed string lights by bunching up string lights within vases for a gleaming lantern effect.

Go the extra mile and nestle your glowing adornments in some elegant tea light holders. Glass, stone, or metal, candle holders are a simple, quick, and easy way to doll up a table.

4. Complement with confetti

If there’s anything that can top balloons in the category of golden oldie party supplies, it’s confetti

Don’t restrict your use of confetti to children’s birthdays and New Year’s celebrations. You can add it to your bridal shower décor list with the assurance that there are sophisticated ways to incorporate confetti into a marital celebration. After all, confetti literally gets its name from the Italian for “put-together.”


Stacks of light pink-wrapped presents tied with bows among glitter and large pastel confetti circles.Giant Round Confetti and White Confetti by Oh Happy Day


What’s even more fabulous is that there’s really no place confetti can’t go. Lightly toss a handful of confetti atop a table runner for a pop of color amidst seating, or decorate the base of your photo space with multi-colored confetti. Or, go for confetti balloons for a totally unique look.

Confetti is a fuss-free game changer for decorating a setup without taking up your precious time. But of course, tossing it here and there for one event only can feel a bit wasteful. Look for paper confetti (as opposed to foil or glitter confetti), which is just as festive and also better for the environment. It’s easy to step away from the usual foil or glitter confetti (ultimately made of plastics) with our wide selection of tissue paper confetti blends, available at Paperless Post Party Shop.

5. Adorn with metallic motifs

For a decoration idea that can mesh well with any bridal shower theme, metallic accents are your friend. Put anything metallic anywhere for a party space that feels carefully executed, fun, and grown up. The way we see it, metallic motifs are the ultimate neutral—pairing perfectly with almost all color schemes without clashing. 

Here are some examples of ways to incorporate metallics that feel truly magnetic: 

– Cutlery and dishware – Glam up any bridal shower with these Carrara marbled metallic plates—even though they’re disposable (hellooo, easy clean up). Same thing goes with golden cutlery, which adds extra interest to the traditional go-to option of silverware.

– Chandelier and other hangings – Adding ceiling décor is an excellent way to make the most of your space, and what better way than with this gorgeous glittering gold chandelier? Its luxe velvet cord detailing is a nice opulent touch, too. Or, hang sparkling star garlands along the ceiling and walls to bring shimmer to every corner.

— Candles – As we mentioned earlier, you really can’t go wrong with candles (as long as you’re careful, of course). The more, the merrier, the glowier. Put taper candles in brass candle holders to add a bit of gold to any tablescape or surface.


left: A tablescape with colorful spring flowers along the center, pastel taper candles, and pink place settings. Right: A square bridal shower invitation with a light pink background and small roses illustrated around a gold swag oval.Image via Sugar Plum Bakes; “Grand Roseraie” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


6. Incorporate florals

Flowers are often a focal point of the big day, so why not hint at what’s to come while you’re planning out your bridal shower venue décor? Fresh flowers are always a winner, but you can also add some subtle florals to your decorations in other ways, too:

– A floral centerpiece for the gift table

Parisian floral side plates (to eat those macarons on, of course)

Napkins straight out of an English garden party

A delicate floral garland for your photo wall

– Floral bridal shower invitations 

Nothing says romance like roses (or the flower of the bride’s choice)—so surrounding the future Mrs. with reminders of the love all around her is sure to spark even more anticipation for her upcoming wedding day.


A square bridal shower invitation with colorful macarons floating all over.“Classic Macarons” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


Celebrate the bride-to-be with invitations and décor from Paperless Post

Party planning doesn’t have to be difficult. Paperless Post offers an easy, convenient solution to the task of designing, sending out, and tracking invitations, so you can enjoy the bridal shower you planned to the absolute fullest. 

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