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Religious invitations

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  • Baptism
  • Bar and bat mitzvah
  • Baby naming and bris
  • First communion
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    306 results

    Brushstroke Baptism

    Little Angel

    Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday Photo

    Winston - Pearl White

    Script Baptism - Light Blue

    Paper Source

    Blue Blooms (Photo)

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Meadow Garland Photo

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Geo Magen

    Seersucker Stripe

    kate spade new york

    Standard - Blue


    Jonathan Adler

    Dahlias (Tall) - Pink

    Peach Posies

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Placard - Gold

    Accomplished - Black

    Botanical Lace - Silver

    Rifle Paper Co.



    Jonathan Adler

    Plinth - Newport Blue

    Vera Wang

    Dotted Band

    Brushstroke Star - Teal

    Bandwidth - Antique Pink

    Josephine Baker - White/Gold

    Mod Blossoms

    Twin Squares - Christening

    Forsythia (Invitation) - Leaf Green

    Polka Dots


    Brushstroke Star (Photo) - Teal

    Lancet - Platinum

    Vera Wang

    Birds on Bowers

    Happy Menocal

    Organic Border - Persian Green

    Baptism Whirl - Pink


    Laurel in Love - Sea Green

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Magen Emblem - Pink

    Linda and Harriett

    Saigon Blooms (Photo) - Meringue

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Star Shower - Indigo

    Ashley G

    Movie Star for a Day

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Confetti and Streamers - Gold/Silver

    Painted Circle

    Matterhorn (Large Tall)

    Edenham - Ivory


    Crux Emblem - Pavlova

    Linda and Harriett

    Faithful (Photo) - Meringue

    Andromeda - Dark Blue

    Classic Garland

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Reese - Gold/Bright Pink

    Sugar Paper

    Quad - Lemon Drop

    Bat Mitzvah Lighting (Photo)

    Malibu Haze

    Cursive Christening

    Fleurs Sauvages

    Join Us (Dots) - Pink/Gold

    Linda and Harriett



    Sportsfetti - Emerald

    Nissuin (Photo) - Glacier

    Splatter Cloth I (Invitation) - Gold

    Nissuin (Invitation) - Glacier

    Bat Mitzvah Baronial

    kate spade new york


    Jonathan Adler

    Please Join Us


    Guiding Star (Photo) - Navy/Chinchilla

    Fern Bouquet

    John Derian

    Pink Watercolor

    Linda and Harriett

    Channels (Invitation) - Navy

    Kelly Wearstler

    Marble - Indigo

    Oscar de la Renta

    Principle - Black

    Vera Wang

    November Herbarium

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Sebastian - Black

    Moodboard Moment

    Cheree Berry

    Courtside Seats - Football

    Putting on the Mitz - Bat

    Spring Gathering - Meringue

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Ribbons for Baby - Blues

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Indented Rounded Corners (Tall) - Antique Pink

    Our Baby's Big Day - Pink

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Copeland - Navy and Lapis Lazuli

    Claridge (Tall) - Navy

    Pocket Full of Sunny Flowers

    Paper + Cup

    Sportsfetti (Photo) - Black


    Linda and Harriett

    Blue Blooms

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Crux (Invitation) - Blossom

    Bernard Maisner

    Painted Circle - Gold

    Tapered Candle for Baby - Blue

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Loire Tall - Sepia


    Cheree Berry

    Spring Garden

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Hydrangeas and a Mitzvah - Blue

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Magen David (Invitation) - Spring Rain

    Bernard Maisner

    What a Darling - Pink

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Zig Zag - Royal Bar Mitzvah

    Mr. Boddington's Studio

    Floral Tropics - Celadon

    Rifle Paper Co.

    Guiding Star - Navy/Chinchilla

    Uneven Dots - Gray

    Flourish - Cream Black

    Bernard Maisner

    Starting atFree

    Your beliefs are important to you, which is why special days spent in celebration of them should be shared with those you love. For baptisms,... Read more.

    Your beliefs are important to you, which is why special days spent in celebration of them should be shared with those you love. For baptisms, weddings, and other events based in faith, we have a variety of religious invitations to gather friends and family.

    Whether you’re hosting a reserved event for a small group of family members or a large bash with many people traveling from all over, you can choose what you need from a large collection of religious invitations templates, free designs included. For new babies being baptised, there are elegant designs with soft pastel hues, floral prints, and spaces for adorable photos of your little one. If you’re planning a bar mitzvah or bar mitzvah, there are everything from sleek and modern designs to colorful, bold options that show off the personality of the honoree. Many of these beautiful designs by brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Jonathan Adler, and kate spade new york can also serve as religious wedding invitations.

    From classic to contemporary touches, you can easily personalize your invitation with our convenient, easy-to-use design tool. We include the important notes to hit, but we encourage you to make it as personal as you’d like. Add a personal note or any words of wisdom, choose the fonts and colors, and upload any photos you desire. Create your guest list by uploading contacts from your email account, or choose from past guest lists you’ve saved with us. If you’re sending an invitation for a religious function, you’ll want to take advantage of our RSVP tracking that lets you know who can and cannot attend. You’ll also be able to send reminders and updates by using our guest messaging. Later, add a few photos of the special day to an online gallery so you can easily share the memories made.