Sports and activities birthday invitations

Celebrate with art, dance, video game, or sports themed birthday invitations. Personalize your design, track RSVPs, and follow up with guests.

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Hosting a sports-themed birthday party for your little athlete this year? Get your party planning off to a great start with our range of sports birthday invitations. Send out your invites via email, text, or shareable link, and manage RSVPs quickly and conveniently using our online system.

Sports-themed birthday party invites

If your little one gets fired up for football, loves laser tag, or is passionate about soccer, we’ve got the perfect sports-themed birthday invite for them.

Whatever the sport, Paperless Post has an online kids’ birthday party invitation to match your theme. Whether it’s golf, bowling, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, archery, baseball or ice-skating, there’s something for everyone!

When to send your sports-themed birthday invites

You should aim to send out your invitations five to six weeks before the big day, in order to give your guests plenty of time to check their schedules and RSVP. You can track your invite opens and responses easily using our handy online system and can message guests directly to answer questions about the special event. Send reminders to those who have opened the invite but have not yet responded, and keep track of your guest list with just a few clicks.

What to write in your sports-themed birthday invites

  • Date: Perhaps the most important piece of information! Include the date on your kids’ birthday party invite so your guests know when to mark their calendars.
  • Time: Let your guests know what time to arrive at your party venue, and how long the party is expected to last.
  • Location: Don’t forget to tell your guests where the sports-themed birthday party will be held, whether it’s at a local soccer field, indoor rock-climbing center, or in your own back garden.
  • Theme: If the theme isn’t already obvious from the themed birthday invitations, let your guests know what they’ll be getting up to at the party, and what they should wear for it!

Decorations for your sports-themed birthday party

Invest in some great-quality sports party decorations and supplies from Paperless Post Party Shop. Start your party preparation with a sports party kit and some garlands and banners to decorate the venue. Choose from soccer-themed plates, napkins and cups to decorate your party tables, or add baseball balloons for a baseball-themed bash.

Puns and sayings for your sports-themed birthday invitations

Inject some personali-tee into your sporty birthday invites with some fun puns and sayings:

  • You’ll be balled over by this baseball bash!
  • Life’s tee short
  • Game, net, match
  • Slam dunk!
  • Join us at 3pm for tee and cakes
  • A catch made in heaven!
  • All you need is glove