Hearts kids' birthday invitations

Show some love with our customizable kids' heart birthday party invitations. Track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

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Spread the love with our online heart birthday party invitations. Whether you’re opting for minimalist and magical or bold and bright, our collection of beautiful heart designs is bound to win over your guests.

What to write in your heart birthday party invitations

In your kids’ birthday party invitations, you should include the date, time, and location of the big event. Don’t forget to include your child’s name and age, and dress code, if applicable. Some dress code ideas could include ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘Pretty in Pink’. You’ll also want to include some details about the deadline for responses.

How to send heart birthday invitations

Firstly, choose your favorite design from our collection of heart-themed birthday invitations, and click ‘Customize’. Add in your custom text and images, following the prompts to enter the key information about the day. Once you’ve perfected the invite design, simply upload your guest list, and click ‘Send’. You can view the number of invite opens and responses using our handy online system, and send reminders to those who haven’t yet replied. It’s as easy as that!

Decorations for your heart-themed birthday party

Build a welcoming and special atmosphere for your child’s heart-themed birthday party with a range of heart party accessories.

Games and activities for a heart-themed birthday party

Get creative with some heart-themed games to bring a little excitement and competitive spirit into the day.

  • Heart Hopscotch: traditional hopscotch but with hearts on the floor instead of squares.
  • Musical Hearts: a version of musical chairs where guests have to find a heart to stand on instead of a chair when the music stops.
  • Heart Puzzles: cut up a large picture of a heart into smaller pieces and divide your guests into two teams. The first team to successfully rebuild the heart wins!
  • Heart Ring Toss: create some heart-shaped ‘rings’ out of colorful pipe cleaners, and have your guests toss them onto some glass or plastic bottles. Different bottles score a different number of points!
  • Jenga with a Twist: write lovely actions such as ‘give the person next to you a hug’ and ‘tell the person opposite your favorite thing about them’ on different Jenga blocks. Play the game as usual. When someone pulls out a block with an action, they have to do it before the timer runs out!

Puns and sayings for your heart birthday invitations

Inject some fun into your heart birthday party invitations with these puns and sayings:

  • This party will be off the ch-hearts!
  • I can heart-ly wait until the big day!
  • Get pumped for the birthday party of the year!
  • Join us for a hearty meal at 1pm