25 birthday party invitation wording examples for kids and adults

A kids’ birthday party invitation with banners over a photo, surrounded by festive items like a hat, a piece of cake, and jelly beans.
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What’s something everyone has? A birthday! No matter if it’s your 1st, 21st, or 81st birthday, your special day should be celebrated. Get the wording for your birthday invitations just right with our suggestions below that cover every age, tone, theme, and interest—yes, including unicorns.

What to include on a birthday invitation

Writing the invitation is an important step in planning a birthday party. To start, include these important details in your birthday invitation wording:

An adult birthday invitation with the word “Sixty” written in large gold text. The invitation includes a diagram of what to include, like the guest of honor’s name, the date and time, and activities.
Free Falling” by Paperless Post.


  • Name and age: Make the placement and sizing of the guest of honor’s name and age the main focus of the invitation—especially if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday. Choose a photo card to put a face to the name!
  • Time and location: Set a time for the party and include the day of the week along with the date. Reference the address of the party location and whether it’s a house or a venue.
  • RSVP details: Include details about how and when guests need to RSVP. Paperless Post allows you to manage online invitations and track each RSVP response from your guests as they come in.
  • Activities: Let guests know if the party involves activities—especially if those activities require special clothes—such as athletic gear for rock-climbing parties or bathing suits for pool parties. If you’re throwing a surprise party, make sure that information is front and center so guests know to keep it a secret. 
  • Food: Should guests expect a full meal at the party, or are you serving drinks and light refreshments? This is especially important for kids’ parties, but adults like to know if they should arrive hungry or not, too.
  • Gifts: You only need to mention gifts if the guest of honor would rather not receive them—in which case, a simple “No gifts, please” is fine. However, since teens tend to be more specific with what they like, consider adding more details about their gift preferences in the invitation.
  • Directions and parking: Add a Travel Block to provide directions to and parking suggestions near the party. This will ensure that guests know where to park, especially if there are any restrictions on certain days of the week.

Kids’ birthday party invitation wording

For some kids, their birthday is the biggest day of the year. Celebrate them with style when you host the best party ever—and send kids’ birthday party invitations with the perfect wording. 

When deciding how to word a birthday party invitation, make sure to also include kid party-specific details, like whether siblings are invited and if parents should drop their kids off or stay with them during the party.

1. Birthday party invitation wording for babies and toddlers

Two kids’ birthday invitations, one has a photo with an illustrated frame of safari animals and the other has dinos with cakes.
Safari Squad Photo” by Paperless Post; “Bronty’s Birthday Bash” by Little Cube for Paperless Post.


Celebrate your little kid’s big year with invitations that reflect what they love (right now). The “Safari Squad Photo” invitation by Paperless Post lets you feature your kid’s beautiful face, while “Bronty’s Birthday Bash” by Little Cube has that baby-birthday dinosaur vibe. 

Whichever design you choose, it will go with cute wording like:

A big year for a little guy!

Celebrate Simon’s birthday with a birthday brunch

at our home, 8372 Hanford Lane

May 12, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

No gifts necessary; your presence is Simon’s present!

Siblings welcome!

2. Young kids’ birthday party invitation wording

It’s time for an epic little kid party! Invite all the toddlers in the neighborhood with the “Up in the Air Photo” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, and wording like:

It’s the big T-H-R-E-E!

Help Hammond celebrate his 3rd birthday

at his favorite playground with his favorite people!

October 12, 12–2 p.m.

At Shenandoah Park, near the big playground

Pizza and cupcakes will be served—come hungry!

3. Older kids’ birthday party invitation wording

Older kids’ birthday parties tend to center around an activity—which makes planning them a lot easier! Use something like the “Pew Pew” invitation for a laser tag party, or “Bouncy Kingdom” for a bounce-house party. Add wording like:

Everly’s turning nine and it’s time for her to shine!

Join us on January 10, 3–5 p.m.

for snacks, cake, and a bounce house!

Everly’s house

365 Briar Rose Lane

Wear something comfy for jumping!

If you’re bringing siblings, please let us know on your RSVP.

4. Themed birthday party invitation wording

Left: A unicorn invitation; Right: Kids birthday party supplies including hanging decor and unicorn tableware.
Unicorn Leap” by Paperless Post; and party supplies from Party Shop, including rainbow plates, unicorn cups, and stickers by Daydream Society, and a honeycomb and fan by Coterie.


Kids love sharing their interests—and what better place to do it than their own birthday party! Find an invitation theme they love, from sports party invitations to unicorn party invitations, and then incorporate that design into the party with Party Shop décor. Add wording like:

Attention all superheroes!

Nathan is turning seven—and that means it’s time for a super party!

Join us at Reed’s Bowling Alley for pizza, cake, and arcades

on June 20, 1–3 p.m.

Feel free to drop your kids off, or stick around to bowl 

with the rest of the superheroes!

5. Group birthday party invitation wording

If your little one has a BFF with a similar birthday, don’t compete for the same weekend—share the party instead! Send “Sprinkles” or “Little Coneheads” by The Indigo Bunting to introduce both birthday kids—or even more, if you’re planning a whole-group party! Add the other parents as cohosts to your invitation so they can help manage headcount too.

Add invitation wording similar to:

You’re invited to a BFF birthday party!

Celebrate Marty and Jeff as they turn eight together

on September 20

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Golf and Play on Madison Ave.

RSVP by September 10

Feel free to drop off or stay at the party.

Sorry, no siblings, please!

Tween and teen birthday party invitation wording

Whether you’ve got a fashionista teenager or one who’d rather spend the day gaming with friends, you’ll find the teen birthday invitations and wording suggestions you need for the coolest party below. 

6. Funny birthday party invitation wording for teens

If your teen or tween is a real cool cat with a good sense of humor, send the “Let’s Rock” invitation by Rifle Paper Co. to let guests know they’re in for a good time. Use funny wording like:

What, like turning 14 is a big deal?

Join Kayla on a completely normal, not special day

for a gathering that’s definitely not a birthday party.

There’ll be Netflix, Chinese food, and a Happy Normal Day cake.

May 11, 6–9 p.m.

Kayla’s house, 1237 Railroad Way

7. Casual birthday party invitation wording

Sometimes the best teen birthday parties are casual hangouts. Put out the low-key vibe with the “Festive Stripes” invitation by Rifle Paper Co. or “Five Easy Pizzas” by Paperless Post if the vibe is also pizza. Include wording like:

It’s Watson’s birthday!

Come hang out to celebrate his trip around the sun

with pizza, cake, and video games.

January 14

6 p.m.

No gifts necessary, but if you’d like to contribute to his space camp fund, the link is below.

8. Sleepover birthday party invitation wording

Left: A snacks table with popcorn, marshmallows, cookies, and pretzels; Right: A blue and pink invitation that reads “Sleep Over!”
Photo via Jenny Cookies; Neon Nights” invitation by Paperless Post.


Invite your teen’s best buds over for a sleepover—that may or may not involve sleeping—with the “Neon Nights” invitation by Paperless Post. Put the important details out there with wording like:

Kelsey’s turning 13, and you know what that means!  

It’s time to party all night 

with an epic sleepover at her house.

July 14 at 6 p.m. to July 15 at 10 a.m.

Bring camping stuff (we’re sleeping in the backyard), 

and add to Kelsey’s birthday playlist, linked below!

9. Activity birthday party invitation wording

Make your teen’s birthday all about their interests. If they like horseback riding, for example, use “Dead Ringer” for a horseback riding party. The “Target Practice” invitation sets guests up for the Nerf battle of the century—and a collection of gaming party invitations encourages friends to bring their controllers and connect.

Add active wording like:

Are you ready for a NERF BATTLE?

Celebrate Tyler’s 14th birthday on March 18

Tyler’s house (873 Veritas Road)

3–6 p.m.

Bring your best Nerf weaponry; ammo and pizza provided.

May the best guest win.

10. Pool party birthday invitation wording

Make a splash with a neighborhood pool party! “Pool Party” by Paperless Post invites every kid around to a birthday pool party in the summer or spring—or anytime you feel like jumping in the pool.

Tell guests the details with wording like:

You’re invited to a pool party!

Celebrate Marcy’s 15th birthday at North Pikes Country Club,

and don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, towel, and sunglasses!

August 15, 12–3 p.m.

Lunch and (virgin) tiki drinks will be provided.

RSVP to Marcy’s mom by August 8

Birthday party invitation wording for adults

You’re never too old to celebrate your birthday! Enjoy your special day with these adult birthday party invitation wording ideas.

11. Formal birthday party invitation wording

A black and gold invitation with the words “You’re Invited” in calligraphic text.
You’re Invited” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless Post.


If you’re hosting an elegant affair for your birthday this year, let guests know the tone right away with “You’re Invited” by Bernard Maisner. Include event-specific wording like:

We request the pleasure of your company

at Tom’s birthday dinner

on Saturday, November 6

6–9 p.m.

Brio restaurant

902 Main Street

RSVP to Melody by October 30

Formalwear appreciated

12. Informal birthday party invitation wording

Feel like a beer-and-BBQ (or Merlot-and-movies) type of birthday this year? Invite guests to a chill birthday party with “Golden String Lanterns” by Paperless Post, and casual wording like:

Jennie’s turning 29 (again)!

Celebrate her 29th-ish turn around the sun at a backyard BBQ

featuring Mike on the grill and you at the bar.

Mike and Jennie’s place—362 Summerland Lane

April 16, 5 p.m.

No gifts please, just BYOB and meats!

13. Funny birthday invitation wording for adults

Don’t let the guest of honor take themselves too seriously—especially on their big day! Send “The Birthday Times” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design to put them front and center—and get a chuckle or two at the same time. Use funny wording such as:

Some people age like fine wine. Then there’s Dave.

See for yourself on October 11

as we celebrate his birthday with steaks and ceremonial ax-throwing

at Andy’s Ax Club

3845 North Park Blvd.

7 p.m.

In place of gifts, bring a lie about how good Dave looks for his age.

14. Birthday invitation wording for yourself

The best part about hosting your own birthday party is that you can do anything you want! Start the party off right with the “Swingin’ Good Time” Flyer by Paperless Post, and you-centered language like:

You’re invited to my big 4-1!

Join us at Seashell Restaurant on March 20 

at 6 p.m.

For drinks and the best seafood in town.

No gifts, please! 

Being with friends and family is all I want for my birthday.

15. Birthday trip invitation wording

Start your new year off right with a trip with your favorite people. The “Llama with Balloons” invitation by Gray Malin gets the travel mood just right, along with wording like:

One day isn’t enough to celebrate Antonia!

You’re invited on a birthday camping trip

at Lake Waverly Campground

for a weekend of birthday fun and relaxing friend time

(and maybe some wakeboarding, too).

Friday, June 20 to Sunday, June 22

Join us for the whole weekend or just part of it!

RSVP to Tim by June 1, so he can secure our group site.

Milestone birthday party invitation wording

Every birthday is special, but some are bigger events than others. Mark a milestone birthday with an extra-special occasion and a milestone birthday invitation that reflects its once-in-a-lifetime status.

16. 1st birthday party invitation wording

Celebrate a year of smiles, snuggles, and milestones with the biggest one of all—your baby’s first birthday! Once you’ve decided on first birthday themes and ideas, take a look through our collection of adorable first birthday invitations

Add sweet wording like:

It’s ONE-derful to be ONE!

Celebrate sweet Sophia and her year of accomplishments

with her parents, Sameeksha and Ryan,

on December 5

10 am. to 12 p.m.

Our house (1006 Sycamore Drive)

Park on the street or around the corner on Michigan Road,

RSVP by November 25

17. 15th birthday party invitation wording

In many Latin American cultures, a fifteenth birthday is known as a girl’s quinceañera—or a boy’s quinceañero in more modern celebrations. This rite of passage is a formal, festive occasion with lots of music, dancing, and fancy dresses. 

Send a quinceañera invitation to guests with wording like:

¡Feliz quinceañera, Yesenia!

You’re invited to Yesenia’s quince

on February 9

5 p.m.

Apple Orchard Country Club, Royal Ballroom

Dinner and dessert will be served.

Valet and private parking are available.

Siblings and guests welcome—the more, the merrier!

18. 16th birthday party invitation wording

You only get one Sweet Sixteen. Usher in this teenage milestone with a big party and a sweet 16 invitation that emphasizes how important this moment is. Include wording like:

There’s never been a sweeter 16!

Join Michaela and her friends as they celebrate her Sweet 16

on September 12, 3–5 p.m.

at Rounders Roller Rink, 8193 Pesto Road

with burgers and cake 

(Let Micky know if you have dietary restrictions)

RSVP by September 1

19. 21st birthday party invitation wording

Some consider adulthood to begin at 21, which means it’s the perfect time to go all out for the momentous day. Send the “Shine” invitation by CONFETTISYSTEM and fun wording like:

Kayden’s finally 21!

Celebrate my entrance into adulthood on March 10

at Shooter’s Pub on Ocean Ave.

Drinks and apps at 5, pool starts at 6.

Let Mark know if you’re coming!

20. 30th birthday party invitation wording

This year, you’re not celebrating just any birthday—it’s time for your Dirty 30 party! Invite your loved ones to a 30th birthday to remember—well, most of it, at least— with an invitation like “Dirty Thirty” by Paperless Post. Then add fun wording to your 30th birthday invitation that gets the party started early:

It’s Janice’s Dirty 30!

Celebrate Janice at the party to end all parties 

this Saturday, October 12

Petra’s Bar

4762 Olympia Drive

6 p.m.

No gifts, please!

21. 40th birthday party invitation wording

Two 40th birthday party invitations, the left has a big “40” with a photo in the 0, and the right has a gold cake with the words “40” on it.
Milestone Moment” by Paperless Post; Big Year” by Paperless Post.


Your 30s went by in a flash—now it’s time for a very serious, subdued get-together. Wrong! Throw a big bash for your 40th with the “Big Year” invitation by Paperless Post and wording like:

Javi’s leaving his 30s behind.

Celebrate the big 4-0 with Javi and Maria

on April 10 at their place

2847 Eagle Way

5 p.m.

Bring your favorite side dish and your favorite story about Javi!

22. 50th birthday party invitation wording

Let everyone know that the guest of honor is 50 and fabulous with the “Neon Capitals” invitation along with wording like:

Here’s to 50 years of awesome—and 50 more to come!

Celebrate Joni at her birthday dinner

on Sunday, May 29

6 p.m.

Morningside Thai Kitchen

RSVP to Sam by May 22

Surprise birthday party invitation wording

Two surprise birthday party invitations. One has the word “Shhh…” in big letters and a hand lighting a row of candles. The other has an illustration of a door opening in a dark room with confetti and the words “Surprise Party!”
Don’t Blow It” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post; Last Door on the Left” by Paperless Post.


Shock the birthday guest of honor (in a good way) with a sweet birthday surprise. Our surprise party invitations and wording ideas encourage guests to keep the secret!

23. Small surprise birthday party invitation wording

When you’re gathering a few loved ones together for a small surprise party, you don’t need to worry so much about the secret—but you’ve still got some planning to do. Keep everyone from spilling the beans with the not-subtle “Don’t Blow It” invitation by Hello!Lucky, and wording like:

Marie’s turning 27—but that’s not the secret!

We’re throwing her a surprise party

and you’re invited!

Saturday, August 9

12–3 pm.

9173 Lexington Road

RSVP to Harrison by August 1 

(but don’t mention anything to Marie!)

24. Big surprise birthday party invitation wording

Throwing a huge blow-out surprise party? Our hat is off to your organization skills—and your guests for keeping the secret! Communicate with guests about the big shindig with “Malachite” by Jonathan Adler and wording similar to:

It’s a surprise!

Keep your lips sealed about Kajik’s 40th birthday 

on July 30, 5 p.m.

Three Fountains Country Club

Aqua Ballroom

Dinner and drinks will be served after the big reveal!

25. Detailed surprise birthday party invitation wording

We’re not saying surprise birthday parties with complicated ruses and plans are more fun—but feel free to send us an invite if you’re planning something tricky. Use “Last Door on the Left” by Paperless Post to fit your elaborate plan, with wording like:

The first rule of Sela’s birthday party is:

Do not tell Sela about the birthday party.

It’s her 55th, and we’re making it a SURPRISE!

Here’s the plan:

On Saturday, June 6, arrive at 11 a.m. at Trina’s place 

(900 Stella Lune Rd) and park there.

Walk over to Olivia’s place (742 Stella Lune Rd) and come inside. 

Find a hiding spot.

Sela will be out with her sister until 12, so make sure you arrive before then!

At noon, the birthday girl arrives and we give her a huge SURPRISE!

Happy everything from Paperless Post

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