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Planning a summer party but not sure how to word the invitation? You will want to be sure to include all of the details of the event while highlighting the overall theme as well. From summer engagement parties to a casual summer get together, and everything in between, the wording of the event changes based on the type of event you are throwing. Read on to learn our top tips when it comes to summer party invitation wording.

Include the essentials

The best place to start when considering summer party invitation wording is with the basics: Who, what, when, where, and why.


If you are planning a summer birthday party for someone, you will want to make sure that you mention what the event is being thrown for. For example, with a child’s birthday party you will want to include the child’s name and the age that they are turning on the birthday invitation. This will provide more clarity on your guests’ end, allowing them to plan accordingly for the event.

On the other hand, if your summer party is more of a casual get together rather than a day of celebration for someone specific, you will want to be sure to include a name for the host of the party. Providing a host name gives your guests a point of contact if they have any questions regarding the details of the party. 


When considering the “what” section of your party invitation, use this area as a means of communicating what kind of summer party it is whether it’s a picnic party or pool party. This section of your summer party invitation is important as it lets your guests know what type of party to expect regarding the summer party theme, allowing them to plan for your event, from gifts to what they’ll wear. 


When providing details regarding the date that your summer party is being held, be as specific as possible. With that said, include the day of the week along with the date of the event. For example, Saturday, June 7, 2020. In doing so, you will reduce any unnecessary mixups regarding which day of the week your event falls on.

In addition to the specific date, you will want to include a time frame for your event as well. Including an arrival time is necessary, however, specifically providing a projected time frame for your event, such as 1 pm to 4 pm, is a helpful way to plan your event, not only for yourself but for your guests as well. 


Speaking of specific details, be sure to carry this thoroughness of information over to the “where” section as well. The last thing you want on the day of your event is a mix-up or miscommunication regarding the location of the event. 

When wording the details of the location of your summer party, be sure to include the address of the party location. If, however, the event is not being held at someone’s residence and rather at a specific venue, you will want to include not only the address but the name of the venue as well. 


With all the specific details mapped out on the invitation, you will want to tie everything together with the “why” of your event. In other words, you will want to express what the summer celebration is being held for and highlight any important milestones that this party may reflect for your loved one. For example, if this is a summertime graduation party, be sure to make that apparent through the invitation theme and further include what educational milestone they have achieved in their graduation (i.e. high school graduate, bachelor’s degree, or a master’s or PhD).

When it comes to addressing the “why” in your invitation, there is only so much you can communicate when written, as you will want to keep your invitation simple, concise, and straightforward. That said, sending out a themed party invitation can express the event theme for you through the artwork and the design itself.

For an endless selection of summer party invitations, check out our online invitations at Paperless Post. Each online invitation is customizable so you can adjust the invitation wording depending on the person, place, date, or theme of the event. Selecting a summer party invitation is a fun and creative way to highlight the theme in a way that will have your guests counting down the days until your summertime event!

Double-check the essentials

Now that you know what essentials to include, consider writing them out beforehand to make sure there are no mistakes when it comes time to fill out those invitations, especially regarding the date and location. Once you have the invitations filled out, do another run-through to double-check the information prior to sending them out to your guests, this includes double-checking guest names and email addresses.

If, however, you do send out an invitation and you happen to have a change of plans post-sending them out, be sure to communicate those changes with your guests as soon as possible so they can make the proper arrangements if necessary. 

Highlight the details

Aside from the key information on the invitations, here are some other details you will want to consider including on your invitation:

RSVP responses

In order to appropriately plan for your summer party, you will want to be sure to maintain a headcount for your guests who will be able to make it. With Paperless Post, RSVP tracking becomes a simple process for both you and your guests, by utilizing a one-click response. That said, sending reminders and follow up RSVP notices to your guests is made simple, allowing you to focus on the planning process of your party instead of trying to maintain and organize the guest list. 

If your summer party is a formal event such as an engagement or cocktail party, you will want to include a plus one response in the RSVP section as well. In doing so, you can plan efficiently and avoid any unexpected guests, throwing off the headcount of the event you are planning for. 

Dress code details

Another detail of the event that you may consider including is attire. If your summer party requires a specific attire or dress code, be sure to let your guests know in the invitation. While some summer party invitations may be obvious when it comes to attire, such as an engagement party, you can’t go wrong letting your guests know what to expect when it comes to the dress code. 

That said, the same goes for summertime pool parties. While the invitation will let them know that they should bring their bathing suit, you may want to include a friendly reminder to bring their own towel as well for the day of the event. 

Special details

When finalizing your invitations, consider any other special details that may be helpful to include for your guests. Here are some important details to keep in mind that you may want to include:

-Surprise party

-Parking details

-Potluck-style food

-If no gifts are desired

Summer party invitation wording samples and templates

Now that you know what to include when it comes to summer party invitation wording, you may be wondering how to put it all together in one place. For invitation wording ideas, you can follow these templates:

Engagement party wording example 

Pool party wording example

Graduation party wording example

Casual summer dinner party wording example

Craft the perfect summer party invitation

With these wording ideas and templates, your summer invitation wording process should be a breeze. Making sure that all of the essential information is included on your summer party invitation will ensure that your event, and the planning process, goes as smoothly as possible. Now that you have a checklist of all of the most important information to include, , browse our selection of summer party invitation designs. Whether you need a pool party invitation or a summer-inspired birthday or cocktail party invitation, we’ve got you covered.

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