10 4th of July invitation wording ideas that will spark your celebration

Red, white, and blue popsicles in a bucket with an American flag and strawberries, watermelon, and red fruity cocktails in the background.
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The Founding Fathers may not have imagined Independence Day as the fireworks-viewing, burger-grilling, beverage-filled occasion we celebrate today—but they probably would have enjoyed it just the same. Ring in America’s birthday this year with a 4th of July party to remember, full of your favorite foods, drinks, and people.

Get the party started with Paperless Post’s red-white-and-blue 4th of July invitations. Then, add 4th of July invite wording fit for any type of Independence Day party, whether you’re splashing in a pool or hosting a summer fundraiser.

What goes on a 4th of July party invitation?

An invitation shaped like an American flag with confetti and fireworks around it, and the reverse with party details.
America’s Party” by Paperless Post.


The date, time, and location are front and center on a 4th of July party invitation, but what about the rest of the message? Include these important details in your July 4th invitation wording so guests make it your event just in time for the festivities.

  • Time: Is your 4th of July party an afternoon shindig or a fireworks viewing event? Include the time of day on your invitation along with “July 4th” in big letters.
  • Location: Give guests the name of the venue (Hank and Rita’s place) as well as the street address (1776 America Lane). If you have parking suggestions, include those, too!
  • BYO anything: For parties where guests can contribute food or drinks, make your needs clear. Add Guest Questions to your Paperless Post invitation to ask if anyone has food allergies or sensitivities. Use a Link Block or toggle on a Comment Wall to get everyone to sign up for a dish to bring. 
  • RSVP: Some 4th of July parties are a “stop by whenever” casual event, while others need a headcount for vendors and food. If yours is more of the latter, give an RSVP deadline so you can follow up with anyone who hasn’t replied and plan out how much food to get.
  • Kids or no kids: Is your 4th of July party a family event, or are you planning an adults-only party? Either way, make it clear in your 4th of July party invitation wording. If you are inviting kids, you can choose to collect headcounts for children and adults with your Paperless Post invitation to get an accurate number for food and games.
  • Fireworks plans: Your 4th of July party can be any theme you want, but it should end in fireworks—whether you bought them yourself or you’re heading to a fireworks show after the party. Let guests know if they can plan on seeing fireworks at your event or if they should make alternate plans for their pyrotechnic needs. 

4th of July invitations

Get the gang together for a 4th of July party that really sparkles.

When should you send 4th of July invitations?

Invitations for casual 4th of July parties can go out 2 weeks before the event. That way, guests can choose which party they want to attend if they’re invited to more than one. (If you send your invitations out first, you’ll get more people to come!)

For formal 4th of July events, such as banquets, weddings, or cocktail parties, plan on sending invitations 4–6 weeks in advance. This gives guests who need to find babysitters or make other plans plenty of time to do so.

4th of July party invitation ideas and wording

A square invitation that looks like an antique American flag; an invitation with a red border with blue polka dots; an invitation that reads FOURTH OF JULY in red and blue with star-spangled banners as a border beside a red envelope with blue star liner.
Joyful Flag” by Paperless Post; Play the Polka” by kate spade new york for Paperless Post; Stars and Squiggles” by Paperless Post.


When it comes to 4th of July parties, yours can be better than the rest, especially if you get the invitation wording right! Invite guests to your epic celebration of America’s b-day with these wording examples that work for any 4th of July party idea.

1. 4th of July BBQ

An invitation with a wavy, red striped banner on a blue striped background and a red envelope with fireworks liner; a spread of cookout foods (corn, hotdog, burger, cold drinks) with American flag motifs on an outdoor table.
Funky Flag” by Paperless Post.


There’s nothing like a classic 4th of July cookout. Before you fire up the grill, invite guests to your all-American BBQ with a cute invitation like “Skewer Invited” or “Funky Flag.” Include 4th of July BBQ invitation wording like:

Let’s grill it up!

You’re invited to a 4th of July BBQ

at Matt and Louise’s place

1284 Washington Avenue

Then, add the following to the details section of your Event Page.

Cooler opens at 4, the first burgers hit the table at 5.

Bring your favorite burger toppings or a six-pack of beer.

Stay and walk down to Monroe Park 

after dinner for a fireworks show!

2. Pool party

A pool party is the perfect way to cool off on a hot July day—and a great excuse to get friends and family together! Let guests know what to expect with the “Poolside View” Flyer or the popsicle-themed “It’s Dripping” invitation. Add 4th of July invitation wording like:

You’re invited to a 4th of July pool party!

Make a splash with the Hamilton family

on July 4th at 3:00 p.m

The Hamiltons’ house—813 Concord Road

Then, add the following to the details section of your Event Page.

We’ll swim from 3–6, 

then have dinner and watch fireworks across the street.

Bring a swimsuit, pool toys, and your appetite!

3. Patriotic movie party

An online invite for an ‘Independence Day’ screening with a denim jacket covered in USA-inspired patches and ‘MERICA in red, white, and blue animated letters.
Patriotic Patches” Flyer by Paperless Post.


If there’s anything more American than gathering around a huge TV to watch “Independence Day,” we haven’t heard of it. Invite guests to a patriotic movie party with the “Fort Pitt” invitation or the “Patriotic Patches” Flyer. Hype guests up with a Video Block that features the trailer or a dramatic scene from the movie you’ll be showing (no spoilers!). 

Then add invitation wording like:

You are cordially invited

to a very special Independence Day screening

of “Top Gun” (parts 1 and 2)

in Charlie’s backyard theater

 July 4th

4 p.m.

We’ll finish just in time to watch 

the fireworks at Garden Street Mall!

4. Fireworks party

Fireworks are always the guest of honor at a 4th of July party. Make it official with a nighttime party at a fireworks show—or within close range of one. Get the word out with the “Patriotic Pyrotechnics” or “Bursting in Air” invitations by Paperless Post. Add July 4th invitation wording like:

It’s not the 4th of July without fireworks.

Join Mitch and Leah as they light up the sky

in celebration of Independence Day 

Thursday, July 4th

7–9 p.m.

375 Jefferson Way

Then, add the following to the details section of your Event Page.

We’re grilling burgers and brats—BYOB

RSVP so we have enough food for everyone!

5. 4th of July fundraiser

Star-shaped sugar cookies with red, white, and blue frosting and sprinkles; a red invitation with a 3-d navy and white ribbon bow on top.
Concord” by Paperless Post.


For an unforgettable summer fundraiser, host your charity event on the 4th of July. You can raise funds and have fun at the same time! Invite donors and guests to your event with the “Concord” or “Party Like It’s 1776” invitation and include fundraising-specific wording like:

Join the Madison Farmers Organization on Saturday, July 4th

for our annual Independence Day fundraiser

6–10 p.m.

Banner Country Club

1947 Liberty Way

Kindly RSVP before June 20th

Then, add information about special appearances in a Speakers Block:

We welcome keynote speaker Dr. Maya Harrison, 

author of “Embrace Your Life,”

to speak at a meet-and-greet reception 

for members and special guests.

6. Summer block party

If you and your neighbors all plan to host 4th of July parties, there’s no need for a revolt on your street. Host a block party instead, and invite the whole neighborhood! Send the “American Pastime” invitation or “America’s Party.” Ask guests to bring their favorite dishes with 4th of July potluck invitation wording like:

United we stand, divided we fall!

You’re invited to Hancock Street’s annual 4th of July block party

for beers, BBQ, and great conversation.

July 4th, 4–8 p.m. (before fireworks at 8:30)

Hancock Street, between Huntington Road and Livingston Avenue

We’ll have face painting and games for the kids!

Then, add the following to a Link Block:

We need your favorite side dish or dessert to share—

add to the spreadsheet to let everyone know what you’re bringing!

7. Combined 4th of July and birthday party

An invitation with a patriotic birthday cake and red candles on top with a blue envelope and patriotic bunting liner; a pie with raspberries and white icing has candles and sparklers lit on top.
Happy Birthday, America” by Paperless Post.


Kids with summer birthdays know that most people tend to be out of town on their special day—and it doesn’t change when you’re an adult. So combine celebrations to maximize the headcount. Send “Happy Birthday, America” and add birthday wording like:

Join us to celebrate the 4th of July and Hailey’s 30th birthday!

Sunday, July 4th, 5 p.m.

Kate and Hailey’s house—495 Philadelphia Way

Come for Hailey’s birthday, stay for the fireworks show at 9.

Kids, guests, and dogs are welcome!

8. Boat party

An online invite with an animation of three women in red swimsuits waving while waterskiing and the word AMERICA in pink, orange, and yellow with animated fireworks.
Waving Hello” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Whether your 4th of July party takes place on a yacht, a fishing boat, a pontoon, or a lake raft, there are bound to be good times on the horizon. Invite fellow sailors to your Independence Day boat party with the nautical “Anchors Aweigh” invitation by Jonathan Adler or the “Waving Hello” Flyer. 

Use invitation messaging like:

Celebrate the 4th with Missy and Matt

on a boat trip to the Keys

July 4th, 3–10 p.m.

Boat slip 150 at Trenton Harbor

Drinks and refreshments will be provided

We’ll watch the harbor fireworks from a half-mile offshore at 9 p.m.

RSVP by June 25th

9. 4th of July concert

From “Party in the U.S.A.” to “Stars and Stripes Forever,” a 4th of July concert strikes a patriotic chord like nothing else. Invite music enthusiasts to a concert with the “Stars and Stripes” invitation by Linda and Harriett and wording like:

You’re invited

to see the Yorktown High School Marching Band

play a very special Fourth of July concert

Saturday, July 4th

Central Park Gazebo (285 Main Street)

4 p.m.

Tickets are free, but donations to the band are greatly appreciated!

10. Summer cocktail party

Open your bar up to friends and family at a 4th of July cocktail party. Use drink-themed invitations like “Old Fashioned” or “Keg with Flag” if your guests prefer beer to bourbon. Add some celebratory 4th of July invitation wording like:

Let freedom ring—and keep the drinks coming!

Join John and Rubio for a Fourth of July cocktail party

under a beautiful fireworks display.

Pierson Banquet Hall

282 Pierson Road

July 4th

7–10 p.m.

Red, white, and blue cocktail dress code requested.

RSVP by June 24th

Celebrate your independence with Paperless Post

However you spend your 4th of July, Paperless Post is here to help carry the load. With our customizable invitations and 4th of July party supplies from Paperless Post Party Shop, we’ve got everything you need to celebrate your independence.

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