35 fun ideas for Father’s Day that any dad would love

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Branch out this Father’s Day and make it an opportunity to celebrate your dad’s influence in your life. In addition to sending a card or giving a gift, plan an activity doing Dad’s favorite things or trying something new to get to know him in a way you haven’t before. From golf or poker night to geocaching (if you haven’t tried it, now’s the time), we’ve got a variety of Father’s Day ideas for all the dads in your life.

Father’s Day ideas and activities for you and dad

Your dad’s not like every other dad—so your Father’s Day celebration should be unique, too. Plan a day for you and Dad to bond over his favorite hobbies, spend time doing activities you love together, or embark on brand-new adventures to make new memories.

1. Take a road trip

Some Father’s Day plans are as easy as getting in the car and starting the ignition. If your dad has a fond memory of a trip with his family from when he was a kid or a place he’s always wanted to see, now’s the time to take him there. It doesn’t matter where you’re going—half the fun is the conversation on the trip itself.

2. Go to a game      Two men and a boy enjoy a live sporting event together.

Father’s Day falls at the beginning of baseball and soccer seasons as well as the end of basketball season, making it the perfect time to get tickets to see Dad’s favorite team. If the pros aren’t playing near you, go to a local college game and cheer for the home team instead.

3. Have breakfast or brunch

Dads love a good meal at their favorite place. Invite your dad out to breakfast at a local deli or diner to spend a quiet morning with him over hot coffee and delicious eggs and bacon. Bonus points if he’s got a regular order or a table there.

If your dad or husband is a bigger fan of breakfast in bed, try whipping up your own Father’s Day breakfast ideas back at your place, like candied bacon accompanied by a spicy Bloody Mary.

4. Enjoy a round of golf

Being outdoors? Check. Bonding time? Check. Friendly competition at a sporting event? Check, check. 

Eighteen holes of golf is an ideal way to spend Father’s Day with a dad who likes relaxing with his favorite hobby—and his favorite child (we all know it’s true).

5. Go beer tasting

Is your dad a beer aficionado—or does he at least fancy himself one? Invite him to a local brewery with the “Beer Me” invitation for a flight of their finest beers—and then buy him a case of his favorite to take home. 

If he prefers another drink, like wine or whiskey, find a winery or distillery that offers tasting sessions instead.

6. Play a game

Whether he likes Grand Theft Auto or a rousing game of chess, your dad will love the chance to play his favorite game with you. You bring the snacks, he brings the competition, and you both have the best afternoon ever.

7. Visit his hometown

Your dad’s hometown is full of nostalgic memories. Take him for a walk down memory lane for stories about childhood shenanigans, high-school milestones, and the time he honked at a police officer the day after he got his driver’s license—that story never gets old.

8. Take a hike

Outdoorsy dads who feel restless at brunch may prefer a rigorous Father’s Day hike. Pack up the power bars, buckle up the backpack, and set out on a natural adventure filled with spring sights and memorable conversation.

9. Stop by a car show

A gray Father’s Day invitation with illustrations of vintage cards; a close-up shot of three vintage cars in a row.
“Classic Roadsters” by Paperless Post


If your dad slows down when he sees a vintage automobile, invite him to car-guy heaven: a local car show. Send the “Classic Roadsters” invitation to the fam so everyone can enjoy a view of the Mustangs, T-Birds, and Camaros that await. Dad may even get to see some futuristic vehicles with features from his childhood science-fiction comics. 

10. Build something

Do you have a fix-it dad who’s never without a project? Spend time in the workshop this Father’s Day and build something together. 

It can be something useful for the house (Mom’s been waiting for a spice rack) or something fun to bring back memories of your childhood. (Pinewood derby, anyone?)

11. Go fishing or boating

A cooler full of beers, a barely rising sun, and growing ripples on a shining lake. Fishing is a Father’s Day classic for a reason—and if it’s not one of your family’s traditions, it’s not too late to start. 

Give him a box of lures and a new fishing pole as both a Father’s Day gift and a hint at the day’s plans. 

12. Watch a documentary

Dads love talking about the old days—even when those old days happened way before they were born. Treat the history buff in your life to a marathon of documentaries about his favorite historical event. 

For science-focused fathers, look for documentaries on famous scientific breakthroughs or inventions.

13. Find a carnival

Chances are, there’s a county fair or carnival near you this June. Bring quarters, win prizes, eat cotton candy, and ride the Twist Master roller coaster with the guy who taught you to love these things in the first place.

14. Rent a sports car

The car of his dreams is in his dreams no more. Get Dad behind the wheel of his favorite luxury or sports car for a few exhilarating hours. Then, drive him past his buddies’ houses to ramp the jealousy up as high as possible.

15. Visit the batting cage

Let him relive the glory days with the “Batter Up” invitation to your local batting cage. This one comes with a side of stories from his youth, so you’re the one getting the Father’s Day gift. 

If baseball’s not his thing, try ax-throwing instead.

16. Go to a used bookstore

For bookworm dads, browsing novels and coffee-table books is the ultimate way to spend an afternoon—let alone a Father’s Day. Find a great shop and spend the day searching the shelves for his favorite classics.

17. Visit a museum

Whether it’s space, science, natural history, or the Roman Empire, every dad has an interest that’s fit for a museum. Take him to one that features his fascination, and couple it with a book on the same subject as a thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

18. Play pickleball

There’s always time for pickleball! Sporty dads who may not have the flexibility or speed of their high-school years will love a less challenging but very fun game of pickleball. 

Wrap up the rackets and take him for his first pickle lesson—or if he already plays, be ready to get schooled.

19. Go camping

A Father’s Day invitation with illustrations of a tree, an ax and log, matchsticks, and a fire next to a green envelope.
“How to Build A Fire Invitation” by Paperless Post


Starting fires, staking tents, hiding food from bears—sounds like your dad’s perfect Father’s Day! Find a great new campsite to share the holiday with your favorite happy camper, or travel back in time to a campsite you’ve both enjoyed before.

20. See his favorite band

You spent your teenage years rolling your eyes when Dad turned up the radio, but now you have to admit that his favorite band isn’t totally bad. Surprise your dad with tickets to a band he loves—and you secretly don’t completely hate. If that’s out of your price range, find a local cover band instead.

Father’s Day party ideas

Forget brunch and phone calls—it’s time for a Father’s Day party! Use our ideas for Father’s Day parties coupled with matching Father’s Day invitations to plan an event that Dad will love, Mom will appreciate, and you and your siblings can actually agree on.

21. Father’s Day dinner party

This Father’s Day dinner idea is endlessly adaptable for the guest of honor. Formal dinners, relaxed pizza parties, elegant murder mysteries—any type of dinner party that suits your dad will work. 

Invite friends and family to the main event with the “Cheers to Dad” Flyer so everyone can celebrate together this year. 

22. Backyard BBQ

A kid hugs his dad from behind at a backyard bbq; a Father’s Day invitation that reads ‘It’s time to BBQ’ with illustrations of food items.
“Grill ’Em” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post


The only problem with a Father’s Day barbecue is that Dad’s not going to relax and enjoy the day. You’ll probably find him right in front of the grill—but we have a feeling that it will still be a great night for the old man. 

Invite guests with the “Grill ’Em” invitation by Hello!Lucky, and include a Comment Wall so everyone can list which dishes they’re planning on bringing.

23. Chili cookoff

Your dad makes the best chili in the family—but can he compete with the rest of the neighborhood? Send the “Dad Behavior” invitation to every local dad with spicy taste buds or a competitive chili recipe so they can attend this epic Father’s Day chili cookoff. 

24. Dad’s decade party

It’s the 21st century for the rest of us, but your dad secretly prefers the music, fashion, and slang of his youth. Bring back his favorite decade with a themed Father’s Day party, starting with the “Dad Takes Gold” invitation. 

Bonus points when you add a Photo Gallery Block to the invitation that features pics of Dad in his prime—bell bottoms and all!

25. Family picnic

Your family loves a little competition—and your dad is the most competitive of them all. Host a family picnic at a local park, complete with classic picnic games like egg toss and tug-of-war. Don’t forget to let guests know that the games are on with the “Glitter Basket” Flyer.

26. Poker night (or day)

It doesn’t get better than a Father’s Day poker night with his favorite people. Use a game-night invitation like “Hold ’Em” by Hello!Lucky, so guests are ready to lose some money to the OG (Original Gambler) himself.

27. Beach party

Whether he spends his days surfing or soaking up the sun, every dad will love a Father’s Day beach party. Use an ocean-themed invitation like “Tide Pool” by Jonathan Adler to entice guests to the shore, then bring enough frisbees, sunblock, and tiki drinks to go around.

28. Mustache and tie party

Ties are a Father’s Day tradition—so why not make them the theme of your Father’s Day party? Add a request for guests to wear fake (or real) mustaches and ties with the “Library” invitation by Jonathan Adler. You can also have fake mustaches and paper ties ready to go in a picture booth so guests can honor their favorite tie-wearing, mustachioed dad.

29. Movie night

From “The Godfather” to “Dude, Where’s My Car,” every dad has that movie they could watch over and over. Host a movie screening for everyone to watch Dad’s favorite film (character costumes optional but highly recommended). 

Send the “Deco Cubes” Father’s Day invitation by Jonathan Adler for a classic touch.

30. Bowling party

Slip into some rented shoes and enjoy a family bowling party this Father’s Day. Send the “Sparkle Dad” Flyer to remind guests to bring their favorite bowling accessories—and their A-game—to challenge Dad frame by frame.

Long-distance Father’s Day celebration ideas

We can’t always be with Dad on Father’s Day—but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with him. Try one of these long-distance ideas for Father’s Day for a virtual event that feels almost as good as an in-person hug.

31. Send a digital Father’s Day card

Give him a grin—or even a sentimental tear—with Paperless Post’s selection of Father’s Day cards. From formal to pun-tastic, our cards are perfect for any dad. 

If you’re struggling for just the right words to personalize your card, find inspiration with one of our ideas for Father’s Day messages.

32. Digital drinks

You don’t have to be in the same room to enjoy happy hour together! Invite Dad and your siblings to digital drinks with the “Dad Draft” Flyer. You can add recipes for your favorite cocktails that guests can make at home and drink together in a virtual meeting. Or add a Comment Wall so everyone can recommend new drinks for Dad.

33. Watch stand-up comedy

Love to laugh with your dad but can’t stay up for those late-night comedy specials? Log into a virtual meeting and stream the newest special of a stand-up comedian you both love. 

If he loves old-style comics, find footage of shows from the ’60s and ’70s for a nostalgic chuckle.

34. Go through family photos

If your family photos live in a box in your parent’s garage, it’s time to bring them into modern times. Have your dad send you a box of photos, then scan them and put them in an online archive. 

Host a virtual meeting and go through the photos together so Dad can tell you who’s who in each one. 

35. Try geocaching

The ultimate long-distance adventure, geocaching lets you and Dad go treasure hunting anywhere in the world. Choose a cache for both of you to find in your respective locations, then start a phone call or virtual meeting as you set off in your neighborhood to find them. 

Once you and your dad have some experience, create and place your own geocaches!

Celebrate Dad with Paperless Post

With everything your dad does, it’s nice to take a day to explore his interests, try his favorite hobbies, and learn more about him. If you’re hosting a big party to honor the big guy, stop by Paperless Post Party Shop to find decoration ideas that match his style. Whatever plans you set up for Father’s Day this year, don’t forget to add the final touch and choose one of our Father’s Day card ideas so you can tell him how you really feel, and he can save the memento for years to come. 

Father’s Day cards

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