25 beautiful Mother’s Day card ideas she’s sure to love

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Mother’s Day is for honoring the moms in your life—all of them! Whether you need a Mother’s Day card for your mom, your bonus mom, your mother-in-law, your wife, or the best pet mom you know, we’ve got it covered in this list of Mother’s Day card designs from Paperless Post. Take a look at our ideas for Mother’s Day cards—all customizable for a personalized, DIY touch that’s perfect for the mothers in your life.

Mother’s Day card ideas for Mom

Every mom—and every mom relationship—is different. Whether yours is a bouquet-loving, tea-drinking mom or a pun-loving, martini-drinking mom, we’ve got cool Mother’s Day card ideas that get your unique message across. (And if your mom enjoys both tea and martinis, the possibilities are endless!)

A card with a vase of blue flowers; a card with a colorful floral border.
Shades of Blue” by Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post and “Felda” by Liberty Fabrics for Paperless Post.

1. Mother’s Day bouquet

Every mom loves flowers for Mother’s Day—but we’re pretty certain they’d trade the biggest bouquet for a sweet message from you. Combine your Mother’s Day message and flower delivery into a floral “Shades of Blue” card by Felix Doolittle.

2. Garden mom

If your mom loves her garden, acknowledge her hobby in a special garden-themed card. Send “Felda” by Liberty Fabrics for a gorgeous green showcase.

3. Photo for Mom

Want to bring a sentimental smile to your mom’s face this year? Send a photo card like “Spring Impasto” by Paperless Post to feature a picture of you and her together. Extra points for a picture of you from your childhood!

4. Spending Mother’s Day apart

We can’t always spend Mother’s Day with our moms. On those distant occasions, send a card like “Gold Fields” by Hello!Lucky to let your mom know how much you love her, no matter where you are.

5. Funny Mother’s Day joke

Some moms love snarky jokes and witty comebacks even more than flowers and cupcakes. Give your funny mom a chuckle with cards like “Call Your Mom” or “Save the Receipt!” by Paperless Post.

6. Martini mom

Do you and your mom bond best over a few drinks? Celebrate your adult relationship with the “Extra Dry” card by Paperless Post—and maybe a boozy Mother’s Day brunch!

Mother’s Day card ideas for your wife

Though you probably give the mother of your children accolades every day of the year, Mother’s Day is a special chance to call attention to everything she does. Find inspiration in our collection of creative Mother’s Day card ideas for your loving partner.

A card with a black and white photo of a young family with a border of photo-real flowers and a matching envelope.
Prairial Photo” by Putnam & Putnam for Paperless Post.

7. Photo of mom and kids

Since moms are always the ones taking the pictures, they don’t often end up in the photos themselves. Surprise your wife this year with a candid or posed picture of her and the kids, framed in the “Prairial Photo” card by Putnam & Putnam.

8. You’re the best

Wish you had an award to honor the everyday achievements of your kids’ mom? Now you do! Sign the “Greatest Mom Certificate” card by Rifle Paper Co. on behalf of you and your kids to let her know how amazing she truly is.

9. Hot mama

She’s still got it—even one, two, three, or more kids later! Call attention to your gorgeous wife and her timeless good looks with the “Spicy” card by Party Mountain.

10. Queen bee

This Mother’s Day, treat your kids’ mom like the queen she is with “Queen Bee” by Hello!Lucky. Play up the queen theme and combine the card with acts of servitude throughout the day, including some time to herself—without the kids.

Mother’s Day card ideas for grandma

Grandmothers never stop being mothers, so Mother’s Day is a perfect time to honor them, too. Choose from one of these Mother’s Day card ideas for Grandma to give her a sweet smile.

A card with lots of colorful illustrations of cats, dogs, knitting needles, plants, desserts, etc; a card reads ‘grandma, you are tea-rific!’ with a floral tea pot and cup.
All Love” and “Grand Tea” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.

11. Sending hugs from afar

Let your gram know you’re thinking about her this Mother’s Day, even if you’re far away. Send her the “All Love” card by Hello!Lucky with pictures of oven mitts, reading glasses, and gardening tools to reflect that grandma vibe.

12. Tea-rific grandma

Did you love having tea with Grandma growing up—or do you still? Highlight those sweet moments with the pretty “Grand Tea” card by Hello!Lucky.

13. Grandmother to my children

Seeing your mom become a grandma to your kids is an indescribable experience. The “Happy (Grand)mother’s Day” card by Paperless Post captures the sentiment with just the right wording.

Mother’s Day card ideas for mothers-in-law

If your mother-in-law is more of a mother-in-love, send her a sweet reminder of how much you care this Mother’s Day.

14. A MIL with style

Some mothers-in-law are cooler than others! If you’ve got a chic MIL who likes to look her best, send the perfume-themed “Coco for My MIL” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

15. An amazing mother-in-law

Getting a great mother-in-law is a lucky bonus to finding your perfect spouse. Show your mother-in-law you won the lottery when you came into her family with the “One in a Million” card by Kelly Wearstler.

16. A pretty bouquet that never gets old

A card with an illustrated bouquet of flowers and a tag that says ‘Happy Mother’s Day!;’ a younger and older woman pose together outdoors.
Favorite Flowers” by Carolyn Suzuki Studio for Paperless Post; image via Empty Nest Blessed.


If your mother-in-law brightens your day just by being in it, return the favor with the sweet “Favorite Flowers” card by Carolyn Suzuki Studio. Its bright colors and artistic flair show her you care without too many extra frills.

Mother’s Day card ideas for stepmoms

Stepmoms get to share in Mother’s Day festivities, too! Give thanks for the bonus mom in your life with our selection of Mother’s Day cards just for stepmothers.

17. A wonderful stepmom

Celebrate your parent’s incredible wife with the “Stepmom in Bloom” card by Paperless Post. The floral motif wrapped around the word “stepmom” leaves lots of space for you to write an additional heartfelt message.

18. Sweetest bonus mom

Some stepmoms feel more like bonus moms—especially when they’ve been in your life for a long time. Celebrate the “berry best” bonus mom ever with the “Berry Lucky” card by Hello!Lucky.

19. Flowers for stepmom

You can send your stepmom flowers this Mother’s Day, or you can deliver the “Rosy Mother’s Day” Card by Rifle Paper Co. straight to her inbox. Its gorgeous gold lettering wraps between bright blooms for a classic Mother’s Day aesthetic.

Mother’s Day card ideas for aunts, sisters, friends, and daughters

Chances are, you have more mothers in your life than just your own. That’s why sending one of these ideas for Mother’s Day cards to other women on their mothering journeys is a sweet touch, whether it’s for your aunt, a mom friend, or a daughter who just became a mom herself.

20. What moms like best

Finding what moms want for Mother’s Day isn’t so hard! “Mom Treats” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio lists out all of Mom’s favorite things—and we can vouch for its accuracy. (Especially the last one.)

21. On the mom journey together

Several hands touch a pregnant woman’s belly; a pink card reads ‘happy Mother’s Day to my BFF.’
Mom to Mom” by 2021 Co. for Paperless Post; image via iStock.


If you’re lucky enough to have a BFF mom friend, send her a nod of appreciation this Mother’s Day. Try the “Mom to Mom” card by 2021 Co. in appreciation of your unique—and necessary—friendship in the adventure of motherhood.

22. First Mother’s Day

Welcome any new moms in your life to the pack—well, “The Fanny Pack” by Paperless Post—with a card that resonates for moms still in the thick of the baby days.

Mother’s Day card ideas for pet moms

Her baby may be a little furrier—and have more legs—than human babies, but she’s a mom nonetheless! Look through our Mother’s Day cards for pet moms for anyone with a beloved furbaby.

23. Cat mom

If her cat is her baby, send the “Furbaby Crazy” card by Paperless Post along with some cat treats and toys for both mom and cat to enjoy. The card also comes in a dog version (baby carrier not included).

A card with a black and white dog with a pacifier strapped into a chest harness; a woman looks at a pug dog in a checkered sweater.
Furbaby Crazy (Dog)” by Paperless Post; image via Little Beast.

24. I wuff you

Her dog can’t tell it to her himself, so let the “Puppy Love” card by Hello!Lucky do the talking this Mother’s Day. A cute illustration of a dog holding a balloon and an adorable message is a surefire hit for any dog mom.

25. A kitten’s best mom

Some pet moms just want a comfy couch, a nice book, and a purring cat on their laps. For these mamas, the “Siamese” card by Yelena Bryksenkova and Red Cap Cards is a sweet way to acknowledge their favorite things.

What to write in a Mother’s Day card

While any of these gorgeous Mother’s Day card design ideas are sure to delight, the real gift of a digital card is what you write inside. Whether your mom appreciates sentimental or funny messages—or a mix of both—our guide to Mother’s Day card message ideas has something for every mother. Just remember to be “you” in your message and tell her how you really feel.

Mother’s Day cards

Put a smile on Mom’s face with customizable cards you can send now or schedule ahead.

Wish her a happy Mother’s Day with Paperless Post

There’s no stress involved when you send your mom a Mother’s Day card from Paperless Post. We have hundreds of cards, complete with customizable text effects, Page Styles, stickers, and more. Add a Photo Gallery Block to include your favorite memories with your mom (or pictures of the grandkids—her favorite gift of all). There are countless ways to make your card feel as unique and special as your mom makes you feel.

Better yet, we take the pressure of timing off your plate with the ability to schedule a date to send your card ahead of time. You can also send the card immediately if you need a last-minute Mother’s Day message that still shows you care.

For those hosting a Mother’s Day brunch, lunch, or party, don’t forget to check out our collection of welcoming Mother’s Day invitations in every style.


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