50 meaningful Father’s Day messages for the father figure in your life

Fatherhood is often condensed down to a single image. Maybe it’s a father and son tossing a baseball in the backyard. Maybe it’s a father and daughter working on a car. However, everyone knows that your dad, or whoever holds that role of a father figure in your life, means so much more than any singular moment.

Fathers impart wisdom, share hobbies, and pick us up when we stumble—and maybe, once in a while, they help with taxes (“Dad, does my cat count as a dependent?”). Most importantly, fathers are there for you through thick and thin. 

With Father’s Day around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to your dad and let him know how much he means to you. Whether your pop is a master of bad dad jokes, a serious chef, or a local sports coach, we’ll help you find the right Father’s Day message to celebrate him and all his lovable qualities.

Father and son fishing in chairs

How do you wish someone a Happy Father’s Day?

Your dad has done so much for you throughout the years: give advice, make you laugh, fly you around like an airplane. So, how do you help him feel appreciated this year?

To start, choose a lovingly crafted Father’s Day message or theme to place on a card. Whether it’s heartfelt, serious, or funny, he’ll have a great Father’s Day and appreciate a card that lets him know you’re thinking about him.

Browse beautifully composed cards on your own time, from the comfort of your own home. When you find one that’s just right, you can schedule your Father’s Day card ahead of time, or send an ecard the day of the holiday (June 20th). Gorgeous ecards mean you’ll never be late with your heartfelt message—and you won’t have to search the whole house for where you put those stamps! 

But what if you’re not sure what to say? 

You can keep things simple by signing your name or you can pick a more elaborate message. If you’re looking for ways to make your card personal and really pull on his heartstrings, we’ll provide some stellar card-writing tips below. 

Before that, let’s figure out what type of Father’s Day message fits your dad’s style. 

“DadDadDad” by Paperless Post and “Blue Waves” by Paperless Post“DadDadDad” by Paperless Post and “Blue Waves” by Paperless Post.

What is the best message for Father’s Day?

Whether you’re celebrating your dad or an important father figure in your life, there’s one core message that should shine through your Father’s Day wishes: love. Love, however, is different for everyone, and it can come in many forms and phrases. You can say love without saying L-O-V-E. Just pick that special message that you know will resonate between the two of you. Maybe it hits on an inside joke, maybe it’s a heartfelt thank-you, maybe it’s just reminding him he’s in your thoughts on this holiday. Even “ily” works, if that’s your style. 

I love you

Thank you for always being there

— You’re the best dad. Have a great day!

World’s greatest dad 

— Thinking of you today

Happy Father’s Day

— Thanks for being a fantastic dad

Sending all my love this Father’s Day

“Nacho Dad” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post and “Nailed It” by Paperless Post“Nacho Dad” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post and “Nailed It” by Paperless Post.

Funny Father’s Day messages

What do you and your dad bond over? If the answer includes pranks, comedy, and corny jokes, these messages are for you. Maybe you grew up with your father making cringe-worthy cracks around you and your friends; now that you’re older, throw one right back at him with a laugh-out-loud one-liner. Laughter is an integral part of any relationship, and these funny Father’s Day messages are the perfect way to commemorate yours. What’s more? You can catch him off-guard, making him laugh right before bringing him to tears with an unexpected heartfelt written message on the flip-side. Choose from one of these funny Father’s Day messages below, or simply use these as inspiration to create your own.

Love you and your dad jokes

Nacho Average dad

Dad of all trades

Dad, you kick ass!

A dad like you is rare

Olive you more than cocktail hour

Dad, you never miss a beat

Dad, you totally nailed it


To my favorite goofball

Love ya dad, but we don’t have to taco about it

 “Father by Definition” by Paperless Post and “A Little Lost Sailboat” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post“Father by Definition” by Paperless Post and “A Little Lost Sailboat” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.

Inspirational Father’s Day messages

Who do we look up to, figuratively and literally, in childhood? Before teachers, community leaders, and other role models come into our lives, it’s dad. And it’s not just the height difference that makes him seem so courageous. 

He’s the one who says yes when mom says no. The one who you watch stand up for others in need. The one who pushes you out of your comfort zone to be your very best self. These inspirational Father’s Day messages will let him know how you’ve grown into a wonderful son or daughter because of his positive impact on you. You may see your dad as almost superhuman, but the truth is, he’s the one that taught you to be human above all. Look up some Father’s Day quotes and send him a unique card to thank him for being a good influence.

You’re my hero

Dad, you are the port in a storm

You mean the world to me

To my noble father

New dad, you are juggling so much

No one could ever fill your shoes

One leg at a time, thanks for always being there

#1 Dad (Bonus points for including a picture of you and your dad from the past)

“Awesome Grandad” by Ashley G for Paperless Post and “Gold Record” by Paperless Post“Awesome Grandad” by Ashley G for Paperless Post and “Gold Record” by Paperless Post.

How do you say happy Father’s Day to your grandpa?

If there’s one person you don’t want to forget on Father’s Day, it’s the guy who started it all: your grandfather. Paternal or maternal, nearby or far away, your grandfather is responsible for raising the generation before you—and if you’re lucky, raising your generation, too. Nobody can offer stories, sound advice, and time-tested recipes like grandpa.

He may be from a different time, but the work he’s put into building a family is timeless. Send a card to say “Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!” and celebrate all the cherished moments you’ve spent together. You’re doing more than just respecting your elders, you’re making your grandad’s day.

You’re an awesome grandpa 

Grandfathers are men of many hats

Happy Father’s Day, grandpa!

Grandpa, you’re the best thing since sliced bread

“Bear Mountain” by Paperless Post and “Rainbow Pops” by Paperless Post“Bear Mountain” by Paperless Post and “Rainbow Pops” by Paperless Post.

Father’s Day messages during covid

Covid and the subsequent lockdowns have kept many people apart from their dear ones. Whether or not you can see each other this coming Father’s Day, let your father figure know how much you’ve missed him during the pandemic. Send a card letting him know you appreciate all the life-affirming talks you’ve had during this time. Sometimes even a simple “I miss you!” can communicate everything you want to say.

Happy Long Distance Father’s Day

Thank you for getting me through a global pandemic

Miss you Pops!

Life is unbearable without you! 

When the world sorts itself out, my first stop is you

“Bear and Baby” by Petit Collage for Paperless Post and “The Best Nest” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post“Bear and Baby” by Petit Collage for Paperless Post and “The Best Nest” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.

Father’s Day cards for the animal-lover

We all know the deal when it comes to dads and pets. There are five basic steps to the pet adoption process:

— 1: Kid asks for a pet

— 2: Dad says no to a pet

— 3: Kid gets a pet

— 4: Dad pretends not to love the pet

— 5: Dad and the pet become completely inseparable

If this scenario sounds familiar, we’ve got the perfect father’s day messages to light up your dad’s day. Pets are a wonderful part of the family experience, and any animal in these cards—from dog to bird to bear—has the potential to bring out the warm and fuzzy side of your pop. 

Jungle PaPa

Bear and baby

Hello Mr. Fox

Dad, you built a great nest!

From your favorite child that doesn’t talk back (Bonus points for sending a father’s day card on your dog’s behalf)

“Char Broil” by Paperless Post and “Rare One” by Paperless Post“Char Broil” by Paperless Post and “Rare One” by Paperless Post.

Father’s Day cards for the master chef

We all know dads out there who are not just the best at the barbeque—they’re a whiz in any kitchen. From rare steaks to three-layer cakes, these father figures are truly dedicated to food and even more dedicated to sharing it with you.

Food is nostalgic. Having a parent that shows you the world of food ensures you’ll have amazing recipes for life. Thank your dad for the tutorials in the kitchen, the secret trips for after-school donuts, and all the tasty meals you’ve shared together.

Treat yourself to something sweet today

Happy Father’s Day to the #1 chef

A dad like you is rare

Treat yourself

“By Par” by Paperless Post and “Putting Green (Danielle Kroll)” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post“By Par” by Paperless Post and “Putting Green (Danielle Kroll)” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post.

A sporty Father’s Day message

This one needs little explanation. These cards are for the football fanatics and soccer coaches—aka, the legendary sports dads. If they weren’t running track alongside you, they were at your swim meets, yelling their heads off in the bleachers so loud you could hear them underwater. In the moment, you were a little embarrassed. In retrospect, you love him for being there. He’s really the coolest dad. 

Thank your supportive sporty dad this Father’s Day with a card to match.

Best Dad by Par

Dad, treat yourself to a cold beer and a televised sporting event

Batter up! (Bonus points for attaching a picture of you in your team uniform)

World’s Greatest Dad

Tips for writing inside the card 

So you’ve picked your perfect Father’s Day card, one you know will make him smile and feel truly appreciated. To add that final touch—you may want to include a personal message. But that can be harder than it seems.

Father with a toddler on his shoulders

If your goal is to make him tear up a little (or a lot), but your mind draws a blank when you start, here are a few prompts to jog your creativity:

— Pick a happy memory you two share and write about it. How do you remember that moment? What does it mean to you?

— What is the funniest thing your dad has ever said? Do you have a favorite moment or inside joke that makes you laugh just thinking about it?

— Is there a place you associate with your dad? Write about it in detail.

— Describe one thing you try to emulate about your dad. What makes him a great dad? Why?

— What is the most useful thing your dad has ever taught you? Write about how you use this skill or piece of advice in everyday life.

— What is your favorite meal you’ve shared together? Why?

— Do you watch a favorite movie or TV show together? Describe the best part.

— What is your favorite family tradition you share? 

— Why is your dad important to you?

Hopefully, these questions will help you start. But if you simply want to sign your name, you have the option to let our cards do all the talking.

Virtual Father’s Day cards for virtually every father

Maybe you and your dad text all day, emojis and all. Maybe you catch up once in a blue moon over cocktails. Every relationship with a father figure is special, unique, and worth celebrating. 

Sending a personalized father’s day ecard is the perfect way to make him feel appreciated. Every card comes with the option to include a personalized message. If you’re not sure what to say, we can help you find the perfect words. Whether that’s a funny message or one that’s full of tender nostalgia, we have you covered. 

At Paperless Post, we ensure your Father’s Day message is timeless. Instead of a card your recipient will inevitably stash and forget, you can send an everlasting reminder of your appreciation. 

To that end, sons, daughters, spouses, in-laws, and friends—take the time to show appreciation for the men in your life.

Cheers to you, dads!

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