25 unique Father’s Day card ideas for every father figure in your life

A green card reads HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! in gold letters surrounded by simple mountains and trees, on a wooden backdrop with stamps, an adult beverage, and playing cards.
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Funny dads, thoughtful fathers-in-law, helpful stepdads, diligent grandpas—every great father figure in your life deserves some attention this Father’s Day. Send them a heartfelt message (or a golf pun, if that’s more rela-TEE-ble) in one of our Dad-approved Father’s Day cards. From funny Father’s Day card ideas to the heartfelt “I love you” stuff, we’ve selected 25 designs that’ll make every father on your list smile.

Father’s Day card ideas for Dad

As much as dads love their hobbies—and for some dads, that’s a lot—they’d love a nice message from you even more. Choose one of our card ideas for a Father’s Day that highlights what you love about your dad, and he’ll remember it long after the car show or World War II documentary is over.

1. A formal Happy Father’s Day

For dads who appreciate a strong handshake and straightforward greeting, send a formal card like “Color Block Father’s Day” by Rifle Paper Co. It’s attractive and festive at the same time, just like your dad’s favorite argyle tie.

2. Father’s Day joy ride

A card with a blue convertible with a DAD license plate driving down a desert road with a route sign that reads HAPPY FATHER’S DAY; a father and son work on a small model car.
Vanity Plate” by Paperless Post.


Does your dad stop and stare at every vintage car he sees? Then the “Vanity Plate” card is for you. Add a thoughtful message inside that suggests a Father’s Day road trip wherever your dad wants to go—which may be somewhere with more vintage cars.

3. Raise a glass

If your dad has his own private bar—and rules about which occasions are special enough to use it—then send him a matching Father’s Day card this year. Fathers who enjoy a classic nightcap will also appreciate this “Special Reserve” card by Carolyn Suzuki Studio, a perfect greeting for a man with great taste.

4. Stay classy

Some dads just have more swag than others. Celebrate your father’s timeless sense of style with the “Dandy” card by Hello!Lucky. This one’s also a great addition to a stylish gift like a cashmere sweater or an awesome pair of sandals.

5. Best child ever

Everyone knows it’s true—this Father’s Day card just makes it official. Remind your dad who the favorite child is with the “Call Your Dad” card by Paperless Post. It’s got his favorite image—a phone with an incoming call from you, of course—and a thoughtful note about why he’s actually the one who’s the best ever.

Father’s Day cards

Put a smile on Dad’s face with customizable cards you can send now or schedule ahead.

Father’s Day card ideas for your husband

Most ideas for Father’s Day cards are great for your own dad—but your husband is the one in the parenting trenches these days. Honor his important role with one of the ideas below for dads who spend their days changing diapers, applying bandages, and playing catch with their kids.

6. Raddest dad

A card shaped like a red floral collared shirt next to a blue envelope with a yellow floral liner.
Floral Shirts Only” by Paperless Post.


Parenting can be a grind—but on Father’s Day, some dads just want a day full of chill vibes. Send your man the “Floral Shirts Only” card complemented by a Father’s Day barbecue. (Chances are, he’ll still want to grill.)

7. Our family

Every day is filled with adorable fatherly moments in your home—so celebrate them with a special photo card like “With Hugs and Kisses” by Linda and Harriett. Bonus points when you upload your own stamp that highlights a family memory from the year.

8. Good job, Dad

A man holds a baby in a tan carrier; a card with a person in a red plaid shirt wearing a baby in a carrier that reads BEST DAD EVER.
Carry Me” by Carolyn Suzuki Studio for Paperless Post.


Whether dad duty in your house means carrying a diaper bag around or spending the day talking about Minecraft, your husband’s got it covered. Show him how much you appreciate his hard work with the “Carry Me” card by Carolyn Suzuki Studio, which appropriately depicts the life of a busy dad.

9. Portraits of fatherhood

How can you pick just one moment of fatherly goodness? Indulge your inner shutterbug with the “Square Dad” photo card. It’s got three spots for cute images of father-kid cuddles—or maybe two for the kids and one for a partner snuggle.

10. Hottest dad around

He may be your kid’s dad, but he’ll always be a regulation hottie to you. Let him know how smokin’ he is with the “Hot Dad” card, complete with a spot for a photo and lots of firefighters to handle the heat.

Father’s Day card ideas for grandfathers

Some dads get a later-in-life promotion to Grandpa! Celebrate these double-duty dads with a selection of creative Father’s Day card ideas just for the grandfathers, granddads, and pop pops out there.

11. MVP grandpa

A card that resembles a baseball card with a photo of a grandfather and toddler and an ‘all-star’ pendant and a gold envelope with baseball motif lining.
All-Star” by Paperless Post.


You—or your kids—have the best grandpa around, so give him the accolades he deserves. The “All-Star” card puts the special grandfather in your life in a sporty picture frame that really highlights the MVP he is in your family.

12. World’s best grandpa

You can search the globe 10 times over, but you won’t find a grandpa quite like yours. Let him know how unique and appreciated he is with the “Grandpa Globe” card by Cheree Berry Paper & Design—a perfect message for a grandpa who also loves traveling or maps and geography.

13. A man of many hats

If your grandpa isn’t one of those sit-at-home types of grandpas, send him the “Grandfather Is Waterskiing Again” card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. It celebrates his hobbies and the life he loves living. (Waterskiing trip not included, but highly recommended.)

Father’s Day card ideas for fathers-in-law

He raised your spouse, he’s the grandfather to your kids, and he’s got a whole set of interests that your own dad may not have. He’s your father-in-law, and these Father’s Day cards give you the perfect opportunity to honor your special relationship with him.

14. Thanks for the mentor-chip

Fathers-in-law are fathers—so, of course, they carry the pun-loving gene! Send your FIL a cute greeting like “Feeling Chipper” by Hello!Lucky. It’s appreciative and silly in equal parts, but 100% perfect for the “Aw, shucks” breed of father-in-law.

15. A fishing day

If you and your father-in-law enjoy a peaceful day of fishing every now and then, send over the serene “Lakeside” card by Felix Doolittle. (And if you haven’t had a fishing day with your father-in-law, we’ve just provided an awesome Father’s Day plan to make!)

16. You’re tee-riffic

After you’ve assured your golf-loving FIL that “goat” means “Greatest Of All Time”—not the braying farm animal—send him the “Golf Goat” card by Cheree Berry Paper & Design. It’s a simple design to show him how you really scored a hole-in-one when you joined his family.

Father’s Day card ideas for stepfathers

Father’s Day is for bonus dads, too! Let your stepdad know how much you care about his place in your life—and how many invisible moments of support he’s given you throughout the years—with sweet Father’s Day card ideas just for him.

17. From your biggest flan

If your stepdad’s a goofball, or he’s just a fan of fine Mexican cuisine, he’ll enjoy the “Big Flan” card by Hello!Lucky. Use your greeting to hint at the rest of your Father’s Day plans, including a trip to his favorite Mexican restaurant—complete with a dessert course of flan.

18. No one like stepdad

He’s an exceptional guy who’s been there for you and the rest of your family all these years. Send him the “No 1 Like You” card this Father’s Day to bring a smile to his face—and maybe a tear to his eye.

19. Stepdad superhero

Is there any greater superhero than a man who supports the partner he loves and the kids he now calls his own? Let your stepdad know how much he’s done for you and your loved ones over the years with the “Super Stepdad” card by Hello!Lucky.

Father’s Day card ideas for uncles, brothers, friends, and sons

You may not call them “Dad,” but they’re great fathers—or father figures—nonetheless. Choose from a variety of greeting card ideas for Father’s Day that honor other loved ones, including sons who have recently entered the dad club themselves.

20. Sail away

Chase the horizon with the “At the Wheel” card by Felix Doolittle. It inspires wanderlust and a sense of adventure for dads who spend their days in the parenting boat—or dads who spend their retirement years on the open water.

21. Vroom vroom

Put the pedal to the metal when you send the “Classic Roadsters” card to your favorite car aficionado. It’s a straightforward Father’s Day card that can include a personalized message or a simple, genuine “Have a great Father’s Day!”

22. Plaid greetings

Whether it’s their first or 51st Father’s Day, they deserve some props for all they do. Brighten his day with the attractive “Different Strokes” card by Kelly Wearstler, a perfect match for his favorite plaid shirt or vintage sports coat.

Father’s Day card ideas for pet dads

Who says fathers have to have human babies? Send a Father’s Day card to the best pet dad you know, whether they have fur babies, feather babies, or scaly reptile babies—and if it’s the latter, a box of crickets may be the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift of all.

23. Letter from pup

If your dog could talk, he would have a lot to say about Dad. Echo his canine thoughts with the “Dad Doodles” card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, which thanks Dad for all he does and expresses how happy your pup is to have him.

24. Best pet dad

No one’s a bigger fan of Dad than his kids—except maybe his pet. Express that appreciation this Father’s Day with the “Pet Papa” card (or the cute cat version) to let him know he’s the apple of your little animal’s eye.

25. Dope dad

A card with a man in a green tracksuit leaning towards brown dog with the words DOPE DAD in script next to a yellow envelope.
So Dope” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post.


We’re just going to say it: some pet dads are cooler than others. If that’s your doggie’s dad, tell him so with the “So Dope” card by Red Cap Cards. (Even if he’s not the hippest guy on the block, we can promise that your dog definitely thinks he is.)

What to write in a Father’s Day card

The best thing to write in a Father’s Day card is a personalized message that speaks his language. If he’s a sentimental guy, include a note about a special memory you share with him. For dads who prefer to keep things light and funny, stick with the corny dad jokes—inside jokes are also welcome. If your dad is a great teacher, mention how much you’ve learned from him—and be specific! Find inspiration for any kind of dad with this full list of ideas for Father’s Day messages.

If it’s taking you a bit of time to get that personalized note just right, schedule your Paperless Post Father’s Day card ahead of time. It guarantees your card will get delivered just in time for the holiday while giving you a bit of unrushed space to craft that perfect message.

Let Paperless Post handle all your Father’s Day plans

Until you can give your dad the bear hug he deserves—or a firm handshake, if that’s more your style—our Father’s Day card ideas let him know how important he really is. Once you choose your card and write your Father’s Day message, make special plans for that Sunday with Father’s Day ideas that work for a dad with any interest or preferred setting.

If you’re inviting more than dear old Dad, send Father’s Day invitations to siblings or other family members so everyone can celebrate your old man in style.



Hero image: ”The Great Outdoors” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.