10 pool party invitation ideas and wording that will make a splash

An invitation with an in-ground pool surrounded by pink and orange tiles on a blue background with fruit, a yellow inner tube, and sunglasses.
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It’s not summer until you’ve attended your first pool party—and if you’re the one with the pool, get ready to host! Pool parties are unique occasions where the warm, sunny weather alone is enough reason to have one, though they’re also perfect for celebrating other types of occasions like summer birthdays, graduations, and holidays. 

Find a Paperless Post pool party invitation that floats your boat—or flamingo, depending on your preferred swim toys—to invite all your favorite people to an epic pool party. We’ve collected a few of our favorite designs and added pool party invitation wording suggestions to get your next swimming shindig started.

What goes on a pool party invitation?

An invitation with a person swimming in a kidney-shaped pool with individual event details mapped out.
Maude’s Pool” by Paperless Post.


No matter what type of pool party you’re hosting, two things are certain: everyone’s going to get wet (even if they’re not swimming), and everyone’s going to have fun. To make sure all your guests make it to the splashing event, send your pool party invitations out 2–4 weeks ahead of the party (4–6 weeks if your pool party falls on a holiday) and include the following details in your invitation wording:

  • Date and time: Let guests know when to show up, including whether there’s an end time when people have to get out of the pool—boo.
  • Location: Remember the most important detail—where’s the pool? Add an address and mention whether the pool party is happening at a home or if you’re hosting at a public pool. This is also a good time to mention if outside pool toys are allowed. 
  • Who’s invited: Is your pool party open to kids, or is this an adults-only poolside affair? Paperless Post lets you collect headcounts for children and adults along with your RSVPs, so you know how many floaties to buy—and how much pool supervision you’ll need.
  • Food and drinks: If your pool party includes a meal, let guests know that they can expect to leave with full bellies. Add Guest Questions to your invitation to determine whether anyone has dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • What to bring: Indicate whether you’re hosting a pool party potluck (say that three times fast) or if guests just need to bring their swimsuits and towels. Ask guests to use the Comment Wall on your invitation to add what they plan to bring to the pool.
  • RSVP: Very few people are going to turn down a pool party invitation, but it’s still helpful to know how many guests to expect. Request RSVPs—and add a deadline—to ensure your pool doesn’t become more packed than a tin of sardines.

Pool party invitation ideas with wording

A square invitation for SWIMMING & SUNBATHING with an abstract water ripple pattern; an invitation with people floating on tubes in water with the words POOL PARTY in colorful bubble letters with a yellow envelope and pink striped liner.
Water’s Fine” by kate spade new york for Paperless Post; “Let’s Float” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Your guests will trade confusion for cannonballs when they read pool party invitation wording that’s clear and concise. Find inspiration with our ideas for pool party invitations and fun animated Flyers, matched with wording suggestions for any kind of aquatic celebration.

1. Summer fun pool party

People lounge on novelty floats in a pool; an invitation with an in-ground pool on a sunny day reads BEAT THE HEAT with a yellow envelope.
Perfect Day” by Paperless Post.


The season is the reason when it comes to throwing this type of pool party. Invite guests over to the pool to escape those hot summer afternoons with “Perfect Day” by Paperless Post or “Let’s Float” by Hello!Lucky. Then write something similar to this pool party invite wording:

Beat the heat at the Watsons’ pool!

We’re inviting the neighbors over to cool down 

at our summer pool party 

on June 20th

from 2–7 p.m.

The Watson home—2749 Dolphin Road

Add your pizza preference to the Comment Wall below!

2. Dinner pool party

Two types of guests love parties where they can swim and eat: sharks and your friends. Invite just your friends to a pool party where they can dip and dine with the “Sateenkaari” invitation by Marimekko or “BBQ Musts” by Paperless Post—perfect for parties where you’re grilling while they’re chilling. 

Add an invitation message like:

Splish, splash, and sausage links!

It’s time for a summer BBQ pool party

Saturday, July 13th

5 p.m.

1923 Porpoise Lane

Enjoy a dip before dinner at 6.

Kids are welcome

Bring your own towels and toys.

3. Luau pool party

An invitation with a hollowed-out pineapple that resembles both a pool and tropical drink; a couple sitting on striped chairs poolside clink glasses.
The Big Pineapple” by Paperless Post.


Why take a trip to Hawaii when you’ve got a luau-ready lagoon in your own backyard? Send guests a luau party invitation like “The Big Pineapple” or the “Pool Piñatas” Flyer. Include messaging like:

Say aloha to summer

at Dwayne and Mike’s annual luau pool party!

Saturday, August 25th, 4–7 p.m.

1029 Sea Urchin Way

Towels, pool floats, tropical drinks, and Hawaiian appetizers 

will be provided

RSVP by August 15th!

4. Drinks by the pool

Is it even a pool party without piña coladas? Open up the bar for sunbathers and swimmers alike after sending “Rose Colored Glasses” or the “Drink or Swim” invitation. Include drink-themed wording like:

Sip and swim!

Relax with a drink by the water at

Cassandra and Alejandro’s pool party

2974 Orca Ave

June 18th, 12–4 p.m.

Enjoy wine, cocktails, and beer,

or BYO favorite drink to share, if you’d rather.

Adults only, please!

Summer party invitations

Customizable designs for having fun in the sun, made to email, text, or share.

5. Celebration pool party

A successful baseball season, the end of the school year, an amazing class play—any celebratory occasion becomes a pool party when you add a pool! Invite guests over for good times with the “Pool Party” invitation by Paperless Post and add messaging like:

Little League was on fire this year—now let’s cool down!

Come celebrate the end of an incredible season

at a team pool party.

Where: Luke’s house at 1048 Tuna Boulevard

When: Saturday, June 1st, after the game (around 2 p.m.)

Why: Because we almost won the championship!

RSVP by May 20th, 

so we’ll have enough pizza for everyone!

6. Birthday pool party

A card with a pool that’s shaped like a birthday cake with a yellow envelope and matching liner, all on a blue tile backdrop.
Sunbaked” by Paperless Post.


Summer birthday plans should always involve a pool. Host an outdoor summer party that celebrates June, July, and August birthdays (and even May or September babies if the weather’s good enough). The birthday-themed “Sunbaked” invitation lets everyone know the reason to party, especially when you add birthday pool party invitation wording like:

Jump and splash for Eve’s 10th birthday

at her summer pool party!

Friday, July 17th

12–2 p.m.

Beluga Country Club at 942 Beluga Court

RSVP by July 10th

Then, add more details below the invitation:

We’ll have sandwiches, cake, and prizes 

for winners of the cannonball contest!

Check in with the front desk when you arrive

and tell them you’re with Marissa’s birthday party.

7. Kids’ pool party

Children with pool floats jump into a pool; an invitation shaped like a pink and orange beach ball with a purple envelope and geometric liner.
Party Ball” by Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post.


Nothing turns kids into fish quicker than a pool party. Send out the festive “Party Ball” invitation by Jonathan Adler or “Pool Pups” by Gray Malin, and watch the energy level in your backyard skyrocket as the kids enter the pool. Let guests know what to bring with wording like:

It’s hot—so let’s party!

Join us for a kids’ pool party on August 9th

1–3 p.m.

The Rincon house: 947 Loggerhead Avenue

Then, add more details below:

Drop off your kids or stick around for refreshments and swimming!

Bring swimsuits, towels, and dry clothes.

RSVP by August 1st 

so we have enough snacks to go around.

8. 4th of July pool party

To pass the time before the 4th of July fireworks start, invite your best friends and loved ones over to the pool! Send out the red, white, and blue “Melting Rocket Ship” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio and write an invitation message like:

Celebrate your freedom at a 4th of July pool party!

Sunday, July 4th, 4 p.m.

Mike and Joan’s house (5432 Lobster Way)

Then, add additional details below:

We’ve got the drinks,

you bring the meats,

and Mike will be manning the grill 

to cook it all up!

We’ll head to the downtown fireworks show around 8 p.m.

See you there!

9. Mermaid pool party

Every occasion is more special with a mermaid tail. Tell guests to “BYO fins” to this mermaid pool party with the “Mermaid Cove” invitation. Add pool party wording like:

Come join our mermaids under the sea!

Avery, Bella, and Olivia 

are having a very special mermaid pool party

to celebrate the end of the summer

on Saturday, August 31st

from 3–6 p.m.

at their family pool: 4655 Manatee Road

Then, add additional information below:

Please bring towels, swimsuits, and your favorite pool float.

We’ll have mermaid treats, like cupcakes and lemonade,

and a special mermaid guest at the end of the party!

RSVP by August 20th

10. Girls’ day out

An online invite for BECCA’S LAST SINGLE SWIM with an animation of glimmering pool water and the words CALLING ALL CHLORINE QUEENS.
Calling All Chlorine Queens” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Leave the significant others at home—it’s time for a ladies’ pool party! Celebrate a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or just a girls’ day out with the “Clothing Optional” invitation or the “Calling all Chlorine Queens” Flyer. Invitation wording for this pool party can look like:

It’s Becca’s last single swim!

Join Becca and her bridesmaids 

for a girls-only bachelorette pool party

June 24th at noon

Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

Then, add more details below:

Stay for the day at our private cabana

or book a room overnight to keep partying 

with Becca and the girls!

RSVP so we know to expect you!

Have the best summer ever with Paperless Post

An invitation with a flamingo pool float holding a tropical drink with sunglasses on and a pink envelope; tropical party supplies like leafy napkins and paper plates, pink and green cups, paper flamingo straws, and floral décor.
Flamingo Floatie” by Paperless Post; Tropical décor available at Party Shop.


Soak up the sun this year with an epic pool party. Planning is easy with Paperless Post and one of our pool party invitation ideas. Then stop by the Paperless Post Party Shop to add pool floats and toys or tropical décor to spice up your event. 

The fun doesn’t have to end when it’s time to get out of the pool! Choose another popular summer party theme and then send out matching summer party invitations to keep the party going until school’s back in session. (And, remember, Labor Day is another perfectly justifiable party occasion.)

Outdoor party supplies

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Hero image: Splashy Oasis” by Paperless Post.