Housewarming invitation wording and messages to welcome everyone to your new home

A square housewarming party invitation reads “home sweet home” with a watercolor painting of birds in a birdhouse on a branch with another bird spreading its wings on the roof. Around the card on a wood backdrop are small plates with hors d'oeuvres, a bottle of wine, and a drinking glass
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Whether it’s your fourth rental in two years or the first home you can truly call your own, finding a new pad is a reason to celebrate. Enter the housewarming party—a chance to welcome new beginnings and new surroundings with the people you love most (and maybe even some new neighbors). 

It’s helpful to let your guests know as much as you can about your housewarming party in your invitation. Whether you’re looking for funny invitation wording or a more formal vibe, the right housewarming invitation message makes loved ones and new friends feel right at home for your special occasion.


An invitation to “Break in the bar” has simplified illustrations of home bar tools like a shaker, strainer, and olive picks. An infographic element breaks down different aspects of the invitation, such as host names, theme, address, date and time, and RSVP date.
Home Is Where The Bar Is” by Crate & Barrel for Paperless Post.


How to write a housewarming party invitation

A warm, friendly housewarming party invitation sets the tone and sparks excitement for guests who’ll be seeing your place for the first time. No matter the size or theme of your celebration, sending out housewarming party invitations lets your guests know a bit about what to expect, when they should show up, and what they should bring. 

As with other kinds of events, your invitation wording for a housewarming party will be a combination of essential details and personal preferences.

Your invitation details should include:

  • Your name: Make your name a focal point for your card to avoid turning the invitation into a scavenger hunt. Choose a font that pops and a color that complements the invitation design.
  • Date and time of the party: Aim to send invitations at least four to six weeks in advance so your guests can plan ahead. Clearly indicate the date and time of the party on the invitations, as well. Feel free to add an end time to avoid any awkwardness when you’re ready to call it a night.
  • Address of your new place: Include your new address and any directions or access details in the Travel Block of your invitation. Consider adding photos or a map, too. With Blocks, all this info will be visible right beneath your invitation.
  • Style of the party: If you’re having an open house, use the words “open house” so guests feel free to drop by whenever. For something more structured, clearly state a beginning and end time on the invitation.
  • RSVPs: To help you plan all aspects of your party, from food and drinks to tours and activities, having a headcount will help you stay on top of things and mentally prepare for the party. Paperless Post’s guest management tools include an RSVP tracker that lets you know in real time who’s coming and who isn’t. It’s also helpful to note whether you’re expecting kids in your headcount to plan for the right amount of food and/or childcare.
  • Gifts or no gifts: Gift-giving is common at housewarming parties but isn’t required. Rather than leaving your guests to wonder what’s expected of them, you can write, “No gifts, please,” on your invitations—or include a Registry Block on your invitation with links to your lists.
  • Other details: If you want to ask for specific gifts, consider hosting a themed party, such as a “bring your favorite houseplant” gathering. If you’ve been too busy moving to do much shopping, ask your guests to bring their favorite meals for a fun potluck instead.
  • Guest questions: Add Guest Questions or Surveys before sending out your invitations to ask everyone you’re inviting about dietary restrictions or their favorite adult beverages.


A green housewarming party invitation on a white wood backdrop with a red-lined envelope resembles a “sold” sign in front of a house with the words “warm their new house” on the hanging sign.
Party Property” by Paperless Post.


20 examples of housewarming invitation wording ideas

Now that you have an idea of the information your guests will need, here are some examples of housewarming invitation wording that can help you send out clear, informative invitations for your party.

Casual housewarming invitation wording

It’s a lot of work moving into a new place. Forget the laundry—let your hair down, prop up your feet on the nearest unopened box, and let your guests know about the chill vibe with the right wording on your invitation.


  1. Warm and simple invitation

This housewarming invite message is warm and to-the-point:

Out with the for-sale signs and in with the welcome mats!

Karen Green and Will Navidson

invite you to warm their new house

Sunday, March 7th at 5 p.m.

5 1/2 Danielewski Street

RSVP by March 1st


  1. Funny and down-to-earth invitation

Never mind the place, this one is all about the people. If you’re moving into a particularly tiny house and have a good sense of humor, guests will appreciate an honest (yet lighthearted!) blueprint-inspired card.

At last! A place that’s too small to live in and costs more than I can afford. 

Won’t you squeeze in, and tell me how great it is?

Join me at my new digs:

September 10th at 7 p.m.

400 Peach Pit Street 

Apt #3, Closet #1

Brooklyn, NY

Please RSVP by September 1st

No gifts, please—there’s no room!


  1. Sleek and low-key invite

Casual can still be stylish, and this eye-catching Flyer proves it. The messaging is humorous and alludes to a night of drinks and fun—with a little reminder to avoid spillage on the rug. 

Party at Logan’s

Update my address in your contacts, because I’ve moved!

Come over for my first party in my new place:

Friday, August 30th at 11:30 p.m.

123 Location Ave. 

New York, NY


  1. Idyllic and homey invitation

With needlepoint-inspired type, the design of this card has “home” written all over it. Add a little more information for your guests, and you’re all set.

Check out Sage Dalloway’s new digs!

You’re invited to the first bash in my new home 

for some sweets, savories, and sips.

Sunday, February 26, 7 p.m.

176 West Eighty-Ninth Street

New York, NY


A housewarming party invitation on a light blue backdrop with a blue envelope and polka dot liner has a small illustration of a bird’s nest at the top with three blue eggs inside.
Nest” by Paperless Post.


Formal housewarming invitation wording

If moving took a lot out of you, a shenanigans-free night with hushed conversation and as little chaos as possible may be just the thing you need. A more formal housewarming card message will do a lot to convey the low-key vibe to your lovely guests.


  1. Elegant and artsy invitation

Add artistic flair to your housewarming party with a painterly invitation. In deep green with a trail of blush roses, it hints at the garden (or art collection) you’re planning to grow in your new abode.

Karen Green and Will Navison
invite you to
a housewarming party

at their new home

Sunday, March 7th at 5 p.m.
5 ½ Danielewski Street
Please reply


  1. Tranquil nest invitation

Tasteful wording and font—plus the very picture of peace and quiet—make this invitation a perfect choice if you’re going for something more formal. Requesting an RSVP also suggests that this isn’t just a stop-by-if-you-feel-like-it situation.

Please join

Newland and May Archer

in warming our new house

with laughter and drinks

On Friday, April 2nd at 8 p.m.

The (new)

Archer residence

45 East 39th Street

New York, New York

Please RSVP                    No gifts


An online invite reads “We moved! Let’s party!” on the left, and on the right is an animated gif of several colorful cocktails with rotating shadows and the words “Open house bar” (with the word “house” crossed out in a red streak).
Bar’s Open” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Bar-themed housewarming invitation wording

The glassware (or the pieces that survived the move, anyway) is unpacked and washed. Now it’s time to unbox the bar supplies and gather everything you need to make your favorite drinks for all your favorite people at a housewarming party. 


  1. Cute and colorful bar invitation

Looking for a simple way to invite guests over for drinks and celebration? This one is warm and fun—without overdoing it. Add a dash of mischief, and use wording that asks guests to assist you in breaking in your new bar setup.

Please join us at our new home to help


Sunday, March 7th at 9 p.m..

123 Main St.

St. Helens, WA

RSVP by March 1st


  1. Well-lit open bar invitation

Remind your friends you have excellent taste (in cocktails) with this cleverly animated Flyer. The housewarming invitation message is crafted to inspire guests to pitch in with drinks—or to make themselves right at home and enjoy yours. 


We’re all moved in—now we need help stocking our bar. 

We’ll have some mixers, garnishes, cocktail umbrellas, 

and snacks out the wazoo! 

But if you’d like to bring a little something, please do.

Hosted by:

Andy & Amanda Sanchez

Saturday, June 29th, 2:00  p.m.

501 Haverhills Circle, Madison, WI


  1. Sparkling and bubbly invitation

This Flyer gets to the point—twice—with straightforward wording and a gif that declares, “Home is where the bar is.” It’s not wrong. 


We bought a house, and we can’t wait to fill it

with our favorite people!

Saturday, August 29 at 5 p.m. 

123 Location Ave

New York, NY 


  1. Bros’ wild night-in invitation

This one’s all about shaking things up. Make like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” with this lively Flyer that’s ripe for a rowdy “beers and bros” evening at your new casa. 


Hosted BY Clay Kibbe

Beers & Bros

Come over for pizza and beer at my new place.

Thursday, December 17 at 8 p.m.

123 Location Ave

New York, NY


An online invite for a “Housewarming BBQ” has an animated gif of summer cookout foods (corn on the cob, hot dogs, etc) on a blue plaid picnic blanket and the words “Now open: Our Backyard.”
Backyard Open” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Outdoor housewarming invitation wording

Fire up the grill, dust off the lemonade pitchers, and get ready to welcome friends and family to your own piece of the great outdoors. Whether your favorite new amenity is your backyard or you’re just looking for a reason to be outside, here are some invitation ideas for you and your outdoor housewarming party. 


  1. Immaculate picnic invitation

Invite guests to your housewarming backyard BBQ with a Flyer that features an array of colors, flavors, and fun. This eye-catching animated invite carries a cheeky message and a picnic spread that’ll have recipients’ mouths watering. 

Housewarming BBQ

Hosted by the Griswolds

You’re invited to come see our new place and stuff your face! 

We can’t wait to throw our first party in our new home. 

Bring the kids to hang in the backyard, 

and we’ll grill up some lunch.

Saturday, August 19 @ 1:42 p.m. 

123 Location Ave

New York, NY

Please RSVP


  1. Lemonade party housewarming invitation

There’s nothing like the evening breeze and friends’ laughter after the ordeal of moving to a new house—just add lemonade to make it a perfect summer fling. 

It’s too late to help us move, but it’s not too late to help us party! 

Stop by for a lemonade this weekend. 

(We promise you won’t have to lift any boxes.)

Hosted by Jamie and Ana

Sunday May 2 at 2 p.m.

55 Line St

Detroit, MI


An invitation for a “holiday housewarming” with a big red door and a green wreath hanging on it on a green backdrop with a stripe-lined envelope.
Home for the Holidays” by Paperless Post.


Holiday housewarming invitation wording

Check two celebrations off your list with a combination holiday-housewarming party. This themed event works great if you’ve settled into your new home in the last few months of the year—and have already gone all out with the holiday decorating. Celebrating your new home is yet another reason to make this the happiest season of all.


  1. Decorative yet simple festive invitation

This traditional invitation sets a warm, Christmas-y tone with a charming illustration of an inviting, wreath-clad front door. 

Karen Green and Will Navedson

invite you

to a holiday housewarming party

Sunday, March 7th at 5 p.m.

5 1/2 Danielewski Street

RSVP by March 1st


  1. Cozy, homemade invitation

Designed in a cute cut-out style that’s tasteful without trying too hard, this card evokes the warmth, comfort, and occasional haphazardness of the holiday season. 

The McCallisters invite you 

to celebrate the coming new year

And our very new home.

Friday, December 2, 6 p.m.

671 Lincoln Ave | Winnetka


A black, square invitation for a housewarming party with colorful dots forming a simple house shape around the party details beside a white envelope with yellow polka dot liner.
House of Sparks” by Paperless Post.


Housewarming invitation ideas for a party with a theme

Your home, your rules. The housewarming party can be anything you like, so if you’re looking for a fun way to make yourself at home, try these housewarming party themes and matching invitations to introduce yourself to the neighborhood.


  1. Champagne housewarming party

Break out the Champagne flutes to make your housewarming celebration a sophisticated cocktail party. For added fun, provide a juice bar so guests can create their own bellinis. 

Join Kylie and Jane for a housewarming at the new digs! 

Champagne and light bites will be provided,

but BYOB is always welcome. 

April 1 at 12 p.m.

124 New St.

Oakland, CA


  1. Nautical housewarming party

Welcome your crew aboard the S.S. New House with a nautical-style party, complete with sailor hats and matching invitations. Decorate with blue and white, and add some seaside touches to elevate the theme. You can even consider serving crab dip or fish. 

There’s no place like home—and we’re finally here!

All hands on deck to help us celebrate. 

Hosted by Dan and Mike 

September 2 at 7 p.m.

456 Center St.

San Diego, CA

Please RSVP


  1. Murder mystery housewarming party

With a cool, vintage invitation, you can bring your loved ones to the biggest “Whodunnit” event of the season—set in your very own digs. Make sure to tell guests to dress up if your event takes place in a certain time period. 

There’s something afoot 

at our new home!

Join Mary and Kylle for a 

Murder Mystery Party

Solve the mystery, enjoy the company

546 Mockingbird Ave

May 5 at 5 p.m.

Come, if you dare


  1. Painting housewarming party

Need a few more touches to make your house into a home? Host a painting party for your friends during the afternoon, and thank them with cocktails while the paint dries.

Help Sami and Monica put the final touches

on their new home!

Join us for a painting party,

and stay for drinks and grub

February 22 at 4 p.m.

900 Hollister Ave #5

St. Louis, MO


  1. Moving-themed housewarming party

Embrace your new cardboard kingdom by hosting a housewarming party before you’ve fully unpacked. Who knows—a strong guest or two may help you move furniture or heavy boxes into the right rooms.

We’ve moved all our stuff in, 

but our place doesn’t feel like home yet. 

Help us warm it up with a housewarming party next week.

March 14 at 3 p.m.

411 New St.

Tucson, AZ


  1. Housewarming luau

What’s warmer than an island luau? You don’t need to roast a pig at your housewarming party, but lots of tropical drinks, pineapple appetizers, and paper umbrellas won’t hurt to hit the theme home.

Come say “Aloha” to our new home!

Steve and Peyton welcome you to a housewarming luau.

Wear your best island attire

Leis provided

July 27 @ 2 p.m.

106 N. Goliath Blvd.

Miami, FL


An invitation for a housewarming party reads “Come bless our new home” with a faded bohemian pattern around the border and muted orange in the middle beside a red envelope with a faded yellow paisley print liner.
Boho” by Schumacher for Paperless Post.


More housewarming invitation messages

Whether you’re sending housewarming invitations via email, text, or shareable link, sometimes, short and simple wording can get the point across just as easily as a longer message on a card. All that matters is that people show up at the right place at the right time, and know a bit about what they can expect.

Try some of these short-and-sweet messages for a quick invitation to broadcast out to friends and family:

  • Come bless our new home.
  • Come break in our new home (and bar).
  • We would like to celebrate this special moment with our close family and friends. Please come over, and join us for our housewarming ceremony. Lunch will be served.
  • Please join us for a very special Griha Pravesh as we celebrate moving into our new home.
  • We bought a house and can’t wait to fill it with our favorite people! Drop by whenever you can.
  • Bring your favorite dish to help us dish about our new place.


An online invite for a housewarming party with a photo of a yellow cocktail in a flute glass and the words “cheers to new digs” animating beside it.
Cheers to New Digs” by Paperless Post.


Warm your home with help from Paperless Post

Whether you end up toasting your new place with beer in your big back yard or stirring martinis in your fifth-floor walk-up, Paperless Post is the door to all your housewarming party ideas and invitations. With easy guest list importing and RSVP tracking included, our Cards and Flyers are a fun and stress-free way to get your buds together to celebrate your big move.


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