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Food kids' birthday invitations

From pizza to ice cream, your child will eat up our food party invitations. Track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

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If your young one loves sweet treats and fast food, throw them the food-themed party of their dreams this year! Get started with easy-to-use online kids’ birthday party invitations. From pizza to popcorn, there’s something for everyone!

How to make online food-themed party invitations

Browse our range of eye-catching food-themed party invitations. Once you’ve selected your food-themed invitation template, click ‘Customize’ to begin personalizing the invite. Add the date, time, and location of your event, along with any extra information that your guests need to know, such as any dress code. When you’ve finished customizing the design, upload your guest list and send out your invitations at the click of a button. You can manage your RSVPs and send reminders easily using the online system!

Pizza birthday party invitations

If your little one loves pizza, throw them the best pizza party ever, starting with some fun pizza party invitations. These colorful invitations will capture the attention of your guests and generate excitement for the big day! Customize with your own photos and text, and manage replies at the click of a button.

Ice cream birthday party invitations

Got a sweet tooth? Send out some beautifully-designed ice cream birthday party invitations to your guests this year. Whatever the age of your child, our ice cream invitations are bound to be a big hit. Sprinkle some fun into your kid’s birthday party invitations to get your food-themed birthday party off to a great start.

Decorations for your food-themed birthday party

Looking to sweeten your child’s special day? Paperless Post Party Shop has a collection of sweets-themed tableware for your special day. Choose from birthday cake plates, ice cream cone napkins, and centerpieces to brighten up your table and get your guests’ taste buds tingling. Decorate the area with balloons and banners to match the theme.

Games and activities for a food-themed birthday party

There are plenty of birthday party games that involve food. Here are some suggestions for games to play at your food-themed birthday party:

  • Chop the chocolate: This game is perfect for older children; your guests need to chop chocolate into squares in 20 seconds using a knife and fork, while wearing a thick pair of gloves! When the timer runs out, the next person gets a turn at chopping as much chocolate as they can. It’s more difficult than it sounds!
  • Donuts on string: Hang one donut per child from a tree branch or ceiling using pieces of string. With their hands by their sides, each child has to eat their donut off the string. The first one to finish their donut wins the game!
  • Marshmallow toss: Organize the guests into pairs. One child has to throw marshmallows into their teammate’s cup, and the team with the most marshmallows collected wins! Substitute marshmallows for any small, inexpensive treat.
  • Pasta painting: Prepare some pieces of paper, colored markers or paint pens, glue, and glitter at a ‘pasta painting’ station. Your guests can glue pieces of pasta to the paper, creating wonderful shapes that they can then color or paint. This game is great fun for younger children!