Fiesta kids' birthday invitations

Turn your child's party into a fiesta with fun and festive birthday invitations. Track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

Throw your little one the fiesta of their fantasies this year, with our online fiesta birthday party invitations. Choose from a range of colorful and creative fiesta invitations to excite your guests ahead of the big day.

What to write in your fiesta birthday party invitations

Choose from our selection of bold and colorful fiesta invitation templates to get the party going! Select your design and click ‘Customize’ to make it your own. Write in the date and time of the fiesta, and where it will be held. Include any details of a dress code, and what your guests can expect from the fiesta birthday party. You can easily customize our templates with your own photos and text, so get creative!

When to send your fiesta-themed invitations

Send your fiesta invitations at least five weeks before the big day, in order to give your guests plenty of time to check their schedules and RSVP. Our system allows you to send reminders, so no need to worry about your guests forgetting about the big event!

Decorations for your kid’s fiesta birthday party

Decorate for your fiesta with colorful garlands and confetti from Paperless Post Party Shop. Balloons, banners and flags are also a great idea to brighten up the space and get everyone in the mood for a party! Patterned blankets, tablecloths and tableware are a practical yet beautiful addition to your fiesta birthday party décor.

Games and activities for a kids’ fiesta

Keep your guests entertained with some fun fiesta games for everyone to enjoy! Hand out some prizes such as maracas or sombreros to add to the fiesta festivities.

  • Limbo: A game of limbo is fun for kids of all ages! All you need is a pole of some description (this could be a mop or broom) and some music. Everyone takes a turn passing underneath the pole, bending backwards and without letting their hands touch the floor. If they don’t make it underneath, they’re out of the game. The pole is lowered after everyone has had a turn, and the game continues until there’s only one person left!
  • Pinata: A pinata will be hugely popular with all of the guests at your party, adults included! Take turns hitting the pinata with a stick or bat until all of the goodies from inside fall out onto the floor.
  • Dance competition: There’s nothing like a good dance competition to get everyone’s energy up! Select a few judges for the competition, and create some award categories such as ‘best dance move’, ‘best solo performance’, ‘best group performance’ and ‘best fiesta dance outfit’.

Why should I send my fiesta invitations online?

Sending your fiesta-themed invitations is not only better for the environment than paper invitations, but is also much easier to send out and manage. Simply upload your guest list and hit ‘Send’. You can easily keep track of responses, and send out reminders nearer the time. Customize your kid’s birthday invitations and show the personality of your host by uploading images and custom text.