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Gender reveal invitations

Gender reveal invites to gather your squad. Cut a cake or pop a balloon to find out: is it a girl or is it a boy? Our gender reveal invitations deliver instantly, track RSVPs, and are ad-free.

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Gender reveal invitations

Whether you're keeping it a surprise from your friends or you've managed to stop yourself from looking at the sonogram, celebrate your upcoming arrival with the perfect gender reveal invite. Or, instead of focusing on blue or pink, host a name reveal instead.

Don't feel intimidated by those Pinterest portraits of ever-more-elaborate reveal concepts. Make your own kind of fireworks with gender reveal party invitation ideas that run the gamut from beautifully traditional (even for a relatively new kind of party) to novel and delightful.

Gender reveal invitation templates

Start celebrating your big reveal with invitations decorated in sweet nursery motifs like a stork with a special delivery, kid-friendly amusements, and cheeky illustrations of gender reveal cakes. Whimsical designs from expert designers like Mr. Boddington’s Studio and Linda & Harriett make a sweet starting point for your design search (and might offer a few theme ideas if you're a bit too overwhelmed with pre-baby chores to spend time crafting). Plus, stationers of such refinement are sure to offer a touch of design inspiration to the playful proceedings. If you're looking to blow the budget on fireworks or other grand presentations, our online gender reveal invitations give you plenty of room to maneuver.

How to make gender reveal invitations

However you've decided to stage your unveiling, our online design tool will let you customize your invitation to match your party plans. Choose traditional pink and blue or opt for all the pastels in the palette on your invitation's text. The same spirit of personalization applies to your invitation's backdrop and envelope liner. There are plenty of places for beautiful detail. Once you've assembled your guest list of loved ones, well-wishers, and future babysitters, send the baby gender reveal party invitation via email, text, or shareable link and watch the RSVPs roll in with our online tracking tool. After you get a handle on the guest list, you can get back to more important tasks like taste-testing cake flavors.

Beyond the gender reveal

If you've opted to double up and throw a gender reveal and baby shower, take a peek at our baby shower invitations perfect for the little one you'll be welcoming very soon. After they've made their grand debut, celebrate every baby step along the way with photo birth announcements, baptism or bris invitations, and invitations perfect for your little one's first birthday. Watch out-they grow up fast.