6 Adorable floral themed baby shower ideas

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Just like a flower, babies need time, patience, and nourishment in order to blossom. So why not celebrate that extraordinary growth with a floral-themed baby shower?

Whether you’re a mother-to-be or you have a close friend who’s got one on the way, floral-themed baby showers are classic for a reason. They’re simple, and elegant, and can be customized to suit any taste. From English tea parties to a floral woodland baby shower theme, picking out a specific floral theme can help immensely with other party planning details such as food, decoration, and invitations. Here are six floral party ideas to get you started. 

Left: Colorful cloud and raindrop wall decorations at a baby shower. Right: An invitation with a small paper cutout hedgehog under a mushroom in a rain shower. Image by Jeanette Lynton; “Gentle Shower” by Paperless Post.

1. April showers bring May flowers

The perfect floral baby shower theme? Springtime, of course! Springtime brings about many glorious, earthly miracles: Flowers bloom, birds return from vacation, and feelings of love abound. Could there be a more perfect for welcoming a new baby?

If the child is due in springtime, you have the perfect opportunity to spring into action with a beautiful floral-themed shower. These party details will complement your beautiful blooms. 

Baby shower invitations

Welcome a new little one with adorable, customizable designs to fit every theme.

  • Invitations: Celebrate the magical time of year when our favorite woodland creatures take a big stretch and come out from hibernation. Welcome guests to your spring fling with a Forest Friends invitation guaranteed to get a few “oohs” and “awws.”
  • Food and beverage: Treat your guests to a seasonal spring-inspired menu. Use the bounty of spring to your advantage and create a scrumptious dining experience. Some springtime winners include pasta primavera or strawberry rhubarb pie
  • Décor: To lean into the “April showers” aspect of this idea, play with cool blues accented with “May flowers” hues like petal pink, leaf green, and daffodil yellow. Lean into the spring season with a gorgeous reusable plate set that appears as if it’s in full bloom. Or try picnic-inspired pastel gingham plates. Celebrate the start of longer days with a tissue paper fan that looks like the sun. You can finish the whole thing with an adorable bunny banner to double down on the cuteness factor. 
  • Games and entertainment: Give every guest a silk flower petal upon arrival. Have them write a heartfelt note or their favorite thing about the mother-to-be for those rainy days. At the end of the event, have them all place their petals around a circular frame of the parent or parents. They’ll have a beautiful springtime souvenir they can take out every April to remind them of their labor of love.


Left: A baby shower invitation with subtle leaf and flower illustrations. Right: A serving platter with stone fruits and ricotta cheeseBackyard Blooms” by Paperless Post; Image by Ful-filled.

2. The birds and the bees

Pay homage to hummingbirds and honeybees with this decadently sweet floral theme that will have you feeling at one with nature.  

  • Invitations: Invite your guests to indulge in a backyard adventure with this Backyard Blooms invitation. Promote a laid-back atmosphere complete with flowers, friends, and fabulous food. 
  • Food and beverage: Keep it simple with elevated finger food. Consider plating a classic charcuterie board or a fruit platter. And don’t forget to add something honey-inspired, like this scrumptious honey cake recipe
  • Décor: For this theme, use texture to decorate. Add feathers to centerpieces or bring in soft fuzzy yellow for linens. Top tables with brightly colored floral plates for a buzz-worthy look. Add a gorgeous pastel cake stand for a simple baby shower centerpiece to complete the vision. 
  • Games and entertainment: Test your friends’ practical parenting skills with a friendly game of Baby Basket. Grab your favorite picnic basket (preferably with a covering) and fill it with common baby items (pacifiers, bottles, diapers, teething rings, etc.). Take the basket around and have your guests blindly feel around the basket and see how fast they can identify the item they grab.  


online invitation with a gif of a wreath blooming with yellow flowersBlooming Wreath” Flyer by Paperless Post.

3. Garden of Eden

Get inspired by the most perfect garden on God’s green earth. Create your own idyllic garden of Eden with luscious garden-inspired invites, food, and decorations to curate the perfect atmosphere. 

  • Invitations: Go full on with the florals with a Blooming Wreath baby shower invitation. 
  • Food and beverage: A Garden of Eden theme provides a golden opportunity to lay out a delicious, organic food spread. Focus on fresh food straight from the garden (or vegetable aisle) with items such as zucchini carpaccio and rose and pistachio cake
  • Décor: Entertain your friends and the parents-to-be under a tapestry of flowers with a floral chandelier. Let your table do all the talking with bold and beautiful floral plates. Give the garden a chance to shine and channel the feeling of eternal Eden with leafy napkins that bring a fresh feel to every dinner plate. 
  • Games and entertainment: Send well wishes to mama and baby with a baby shower wishes game. Give all of your guests a piece of paper that lists wishes they’d like to grant the new addition. Compile them into a book and gift to the mother-to-be to cherish as their child grows up.


Left: A macaron tower. Right: An invitation with a painterly floral borderImage by Mingle; “Garland Shower” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post.

4. Everything’s coming up roses

Embrace the optimism that comes with a new baby with a flower that symbolizes eternal love. See the world through rose-colored glasses and get started with fabulous party details to bring your party to full bloom. 

  • Invitations: Show off your rosy disposition with a Garland Shower invitation. The rosy details of this invitation will let guests know to expect a bouquet of fun and sweetness. 
  • Food and beverage: Indulge in decadent food offerings to complement the lushness of roses. Try a French-inspired menu that truly embodies “La Vie en Rose”: Fill your tables with quiche, croissant sandwiches, and petit fours, and serve guests on delicate floral plates
  • Décor: It’s only right for your party decorations to match the rose theme. Transport yourself to a beautiful rose garden by opting for decor in scarlet or pink. Hang honeycomb balls from the ceiling or hand out rose crowns to add some floral fascination. 
  • Games and entertainment: Stop and smell the roses… or in this case, the baby food. Blindfold the mother-to-be or any selected guest and have them identify the ingredients of baby food by smell. Let the hilarity begin!


Left: invitation with delicate green branches and leaves. Right: garden party table with abundant finger food and floralsWatercolor Garden” by Paperless Post; Image by Kara Allen.

5. English garden theme

Go for a more elegant affair with a regal English garden party. Perfect for an indoor or outdoor venue, an English tea party offers the finer things in life with a fun, light atmosphere. 

  • Invitations: When it comes to an English Garden theme, go for understated refinement with a Watercolor Garland invitation. Use this invitation to implement a dress code that complements your elegant theme, such as floral sundresses and straw hats. 
  • Food and beverage: What’s an English garden-themed shower without a proper cup of tea? Serve hot or iced tea with delicate tea sandwiches with classic English ingredients such as ham, mustard, cucumber, egg, or smoked salmon. You can also offer salads, fruit plates, or sweet loaves to round out the menu.  
  • Décor: Stay on theme with muted, minimalist shades to keep the party feeling classy and light. Hang British bunting on the walls and fill the room with beautiful blush-colored balloons. Refine your table setting with European-inspired plates to impress the Queen herself. Some demure flower centerpieces can add a touch of refinement to every table. 
  • Games and Entertainment: Before opening presents, pass out Baby Bingo cards containing gifts you believe the mother-to-be will receive. As the present opening commences, guests can check off boxes, and the first to get a full line across wins.


Left: Bright flowers in glass bud vases with blocks that read “BABY.” Right: An invitation with colorful simplified flower drawings and the words “OH BABY!”Image by Alec Nguyen; “Baby Joy” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design for Paperless Post.

6. Wildflower meadow theme

Wildflowers grow well into autumn and come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Lean into the wildness with eclectic decorations to prepare your guests for a joyous occasion. 

  • Invitations: Go big and bold with a Baby Joy invitation, peppered with brightly-colored flowers in different shapes and sizes. 
  • Food and beverage: If wildflowers are your theme, lean into more herbaceous flavors for your baby shower food. Make a delicious onion dip with fresh green onion. Dill comes in handy when making deviled eggs or a delicious potato salad. You can also use basil in your strawberry lemonade or give your guests some fresh mint for their mojitos. 
  • Décor: Wildflowers come in a rainbow of shades, so why not add a bundle of colorful balloons to the mix? Maximize the fun with sunflower crowns so everyone can feel like a wildflower fairy. 
  • Entertainment: Play the Celebrity Baby Game with your friends and do your best to match up famous celebrities with their children’s names. Who knows? You may help the mama-to-be land on a name for her new little sprout. 
online invitation with a gif of a white balloon and leafy garlandBaby Love” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Make your floral baby shower arrangements with Paperless Post

From baby shower favors to the decorations, party supplies, and food, choosing the perfect shower theme sets the tone for you and your guests. Give the shower you’re hosting a beautiful finish with a floral theme to uplift and inspire. 

At Paperless Post, we provide some serious flower power by way of beautiful, convenient invitations and unique party decor. Browse our collection of customizable baby shower invitations designed to set the stage for the floral baby shower the parents-to-be have been dreaming about. 

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