When to send out baby shower invites

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A baby shower is a joyous occasion among friends and family who gather to celebrate the mom or parents-to-be, offering gifts and support for their new arrival. Whether you’re organizing a party for a brand new parent or you’re sending out baby sprinkle invitations for a second child, choosing your invitations and sending them to your guests can be a fun and exciting process. But what’s not always so easy is knowing when to send out your baby shower invitations.

We’ll give you all the details on baby shower invitation timing and etiquette, so that you can plan a fun and memorable baby shower celebration. 


An infographic depicts the best time to send invitations and host a baby shower based on a pregnancy—send near the end of the second trimester and host five weeks later at the beginning of the third trimester.

When to have a baby shower

Baby showers are most often held early in the third trimester, about two months before the baby’s due date. This gives parents enough time to figure out what baby supplies they may want to register for, and allows them time to make any final purchases after the shower.

If the shower is also celebrating the baby’s birth mother—as many are—early in the third trimester or late in her second is typically a time when she can be comfortable at her party before all her energy is focused on the arrival of her baby. Our helpful guide on planning a baby shower helps you organize the details and find ideas for putting together an extra special event. 


Left: A felted baby object wearing blue pajamas sleeps on a white cloud on a craft paper-wrapped present surrounded by ribbons and polka dots. Right: A baby sprinkle invitation with colorful rainbow dots forming a wide border around the center and a red-orange envelope with god lining.Image via Craftspring; “Feliz Invitation” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post.

When to send out baby shower invites

Whenever you choose to host the shower (which should be approved by the parent or parents-to-be), it’s a good idea to start planning the event at least five weeks before that date. This gives most guests enough time to schedule your event into their calendars, and hopefully RSVP “yes”. Most parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester to announce the pregnancy, so a couple of weeks after this is an ideal time to begin planning. 

How early you send out baby shower invites also depends on the type of invitation you choose. Digital invitations make inviting guests easy, and they arrive instantly or at a scheduled time of your choosing. Guests can also receive your invitations on the go—so there won’t be any delays in their seeing it. However, if you’re sending physical invitations in the mail, you’ll want to mail them a little earlier to allow for transit and delivery time. 

Paperless Post lets you send and share baby shower invitations your way, via email, text message, or a shareable link. Our online invitations cover every baby shower theme and party aesthetic you can think of, from shimmering stars to sweet little umbrellas and sweet sea creatures


A gif depicts how to add a Baby Shower Registry Block to a baby shower invitation page with Paperless Post.

What to include in your baby shower invitation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect invites, it’s time to customize them with your event details. Our guide on baby shower invitation wording takes the guesswork out of what to write to your guests and how to lay out your party information. Include all of the essentials on your invitation, including date, time, and the location. Use Blocks if you need to add additional details like maps, parking instructions, and accommodation suggestions, or include links to a baby shower registry

When you create an invitation with Paperless Post, you can ask guests about dietary restrictions and keep track of RSVPs all in one convenient place. Use a Photo Gallery Block to share pictures, enable a comment wall, and update guests via email or text right from your invitation page. You can message all guests at once, or individually, using the private message function.


Left: A sip and see invitation shows a black and white photo of a sleeping infant below a mint green stripe with a duckling diaper safety pin. Right: White baby sneakers next to a wooden baby teething ring and wooden camera toy.“Duck Pin Photo” by Paper Source for Paperless Post; Image by Taisiia Shestopal.

If you’re planning a sip and see

Some couples opt to have a gathering after the baby is born. A sip and see is a way to introduce their tiny new human to family and friends, often while enjoying refreshments and giving gifts to the new parents. Usually held from a few weeks to a few months after birth, depending on how the new family feels, sip and see invitations should be sent at least four weeks in advance. Feature your precious new arrival with an adorable baby photo or give a nod to the event’s theme with invitations inspired by tea parties or celebratory Champagne bubbles.


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