20 baby shower theme ideas to celebrate a new arrival

A pastel balloon installation with a pool umbrella, rattan chair, and decorative BABY blocks.
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A baby shower is a great opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy with the parents-to-be. When you plan a baby shower around a theme, it’s easier to choose decorations, select baby shower invitations, and plan food and activities to pull off a fête they’ll never forget.

Whether you’re considering a pink or blue shower, a party that features adorable woodland creatures, or an event that’s all about the eats, we’ve rounded up baby shower theme ideas you can use to get started. Add our recommendations for baby shower food ideas, décor from Paperless Post Party Shop, and activities provided for each theme below to make the big day feel just right to celebrate their soon-to-arrive little one.

1. Jungle and safari baby shower

Left: A safari-themed baby shower card; Right: Safari theme supplies like a monkey plate, animal candles, and an elephant cup.
Jungle Love” by Little Cube for Paperless Post; Jungle Animal Candles, Monkey Plates, Tiger Napkins, Animal Parade Character Cups, and Safari Animal Print Party Bags by Meri Meri, available at Paperless Post Party Shop.


Jungle and safari animals are a classic baby shower theme idea and a tried-and-true way to celebrate a baby’s arrival. 

2. Outdoor adventure baby shower

Celebrate the soon-to-be parents’ most exciting endeavor yet with an outdoor adventure-themed baby shower. 

  • Invitations: Parents expecting a little camper will love that you’ve set the scene with the “Forest Questor “Lumber Party” invitations.
  • Food: Consider serving campfire favorites as a snack—s’more marshmallow pops, anyone?
  • Décor: Ask guests to contribute by bringing tents, lanterns, wool blankets, and plaid tablecloths, which can double as adult-loved gifts—in addition to the more traditional baby-centric registry items that guests will likely bring in tow.
  • Activities: Set up an arts-and-craft station where guests decorate bibs, onesies, or decorations for the baby’s room using items from nature.

Baby shower invitations

Welcome a new little one with adorable, customizable designs to fit every theme.

3. Outer space baby shower

Baby blastoff! A space-themed party feels just magical with twinkle, twinkle, little star-inspired celestial decorations. 

4. Mama-to-bee baby shower

What’s all the buzz about? The new baby, of course! A bee baby shower is a sweet gender-neutral theme. 

  • Invitations: Choose from plenty of bee baby shower invitation options, including “Bumble Bees” or “Buzzing With Joy.”
  • Food: Serve honey-centric desserts like honey pudding pots by Tastemade.
  • Décor: Consider decorating with yellow flowers, like daffodils or sunflowers, and putting up more floral decorations in the party space.
  • Activities: Play the classic “Don’t Say Baby” game! Hand out clothespins to guests, and if they say the word “baby” in conversation, another guest gets to take their clothespins. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

5. Mama bear baby shower

Left: Teddy bear-themed cookies and treats; Right: an invitation with a teddy bear waving from a blue hot air balloon.
Image via Kara’s Party Ideas; “Hot Air Balloon Bear” by Paperless Post.


Who can resist celebrating the strength of a mama bear? 

  • Invitations: Use the “Mama and Cub” or “Balloon Bear” invitations to invite guests to a “beary” cute baby shower.
  • Food: No one’s going to refuse delicious meatball sub bites from Delish.
  • Décor: Decorate with teddy bears and baby shower balloons in the party space.
  • Activities: Host a diapering contest—with a teddy bear playing the baby! Invite guests and the guest of honor to a diaper-changing tournament in which each winner goes on to challenge another guest.

6. Under the sea baby shower

Welcome your new little fish with an under-the-sea-themed baby shower! 

  • Invitations: Use an “Ocean Parade” or “Sea of Love” invitation to invite guests to a celebration full of fishy decorations and food.
  • Food: Serve goldfish crackers or mermaid bark by Bread Booze Bacon.
  • Décor: String up a garland or banner in your party space for that extra-festive feel.
  • Activities: Put a collection of baby items and under-the-sea objects—such as plastic sea animals—on a tray. Give guests a few minutes to memorize the items, then take the tray away and have guests write down as many objects as they can remember.

7. Book baby shower

A build-a-library baby shower is a great way to build up a baby’s book collection. It also works well as a sprinkle idea for a second or third child.

  • Invitations: Using a book baby shower invitation like “Book Shower” or “Chapter One,” ask each guest to bring a book they loved as a kid or a book their kids love now. 
  • Food: Brie, asparagus, and prosciutto bundles by Delish offer up a sophisticated touch.
  • Décor: Add a stylish centerpiece to your tables that resemble a bookstore or library, or use actual books as decorations. 
  • Activities: Select a few nursery rhymes and famous kids’ books, Read passages out loud without mentioning the titles, and then have guests guess the title of each book.

8. Woodland animals baby shower theme

Cute animals are always a good idea for a woodland baby shower. 

  • Invitations: Any of these woodland baby shower invitations let you pick the critters of your choosing.
  • Food: Put these adorable cheesy owl crackers by OVENTales out on your appetizer table.
  • Décor: Party Shop’s collection of woodland baby shower decorations offers everything you need for this cute theme. Add plenty of plants and flowers to create your own meadow.
  • Activities: Give guests a list of animal names (such as lizard, fox, or deer), then a list of baby animal names for them to match (such as hatchling, kit, or fawn).

9. Rainy days baby sprinkle shower

For parents welcoming their second—or third, fourth, and so on—baby, they may not need the full shower experience. But the new little one still needs a celebration! 

  • Invitations: Invite guests to a smaller sprinkle experience with Baby sprinkle invitations, and use an umbrella/rainy days theme to decorate.
  • Food: Serve something shareable like whipped mozzarella dip with burst cherry tomatoes by Delish.
  • Décor: Decorate with lots of umbrellas and raindrops for a sweet rainy-day scene.
  • Activities: Host a raffle where anyone who brings a pack of diapers or wipes to the shower can enter for a big prize. Remember to mention the raffle on the invitation so people come prepared.

10. Bottles up baby shower

The baby’s not the only one with a bottle when you throw a bottles-up baby shower! 

  • Invitations: From Champagne to IPAs, let guests know that drinks will be served with the “Something’s Brewin’” or “Be There” invitations.
  • Food: Have glasses of Champagne punch by Pizzazzerie ready for guests once they arrive. Charcuterie boards are the perfect complement. 
  • Décor: These cocktail and wine glasses are truly baby shower-ready.
  • Activities: Buy a baby bottle and have guests write their names on it, along with well wishes, for the parents to display in the baby’s room.

11. Bunny baby shower

A blue invitation with Peter Rabbit in an oval and butterflies around him; a framed picture of Peter Rabbit beside flowers in children’s rain boots and knit carrots.
Portrait of Peter” by Peter Rabbit for Paperless Post; image via Michaela Noelle Designs.


When you have a little spring bunny on the way, there’s one baby shower theme that fits perfectly. 

  • Invitations: Use bunny-themed baby shower invitations to invite guests to the cutest little shower they’ve ever seen.
  • Food: Whip up something bunny-themed and cute, like bunny spinach dip by Creme de la Crumb.
  • Décor: Take a look at these adorable Peter Rabbit decorations for a nostalgic touch at the bunny shower.
  • Activities: Have guests guess what names were the most popular in the mom-to-be’s birth year. You can make it a group game or a raffle—but whoever guesses the most names in the top 10 wins!

12. Garden baby shower

Springtime babies are the most welcome little sprouts in the garden! 

  • Invitations: Use our floral baby shower invitations to emphasize the spring theme of the shower.
  • Food: Bring the garden to the table with heirloom tomato bruschetta by Martha Stewart.
  • Décor: Find flower garlands, centerpieces, and tableware in Party Shop’s collection of garden decorations. Add lots of real flowers to your party space, as well.
  • Activities: Host a flower arrangement station where guests can create their own silk flower bouquets or flower crowns to take home as a shower favor.

13. Little pumpkin baby shower

An invitation with a smiling illustrated pumpkin; an invitation with a border of autumnal flora and a matching green envelope.
Fall Pumpkin” by Little Cube for Paperless Post and “Fete de Jardin” by Nathalie Lété for Paperless Post.


If the baby’s due date is in autumn, invite guests to come celebrate your little pumpkin. 

  • Invitations: Send a fall-themed baby shower invitation to set the scene—and to get guests hungry for those yummy fall foods.
  • Food: Go all out with your favorite fall drinks and desserts—including pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and mini pumpkin pies by The Kitchn.
  • Décor: Take a look at Party Shop’s Halloween decorations to add to the autumnal theme.
  • Activities: What better way to celebrate a fall baby than a pumpkin carving contest?

14. Christmas baby shower

What greater gift is there than a new member of the family? If a little one is making their debut during the holiday season, plan a Christmas or winter-themed shower to celebrate.

  • Invitations: These Christmas baby shower invitations are the festive touch you need.
  • Food: Channel the holiday party spirit with mini cheese balls by Taste of Home and some eggnog.
  • Décor: Decorate your party space with a combination of baby shower and Christmas decorations.
  • Activities: For a twist on the “Baby” song game, play a few seconds of famous Christmas carols and have guests write down the titles. The person with the most correct titles wins!

15. Beach baby shower

If the expectant parents love the beach, sailing, and all things seaside, then a beach-themed baby shower will be right up their alley. 

  • Invitations: These nautical baby shower invitations are a simple and fun idea for an ocean-inspired celebration that’s perfect for any baby, whether the due date is in summer or another season.
  • Food: Craft the beautiful—and healthy—fruit pizza beach ball by Hungry Happenings.
  • Décor: Decorate with palm trees, beach towels, and flip-flops to channel a beachy vibe.
  • Activities: Have a basket of medium-sized shells available for guests to write their names and short messages, then put the shells in a jar to display in the baby’s room.

16. Fiesta baby shower

Play up this theme at a baby shower with the help of your favorite Mexican food, festive decorations, and margaritas.

  • Invitations: This baby is about to be the “taco the town”! 
  • Food: Two words—taco bar!
  • Décor: Hang up a baby shower piñata as decoration, and fill it with treats and favors for an activity.
  • Activities: Play the classic baby food-tasting game! Take the labels off various flavors of baby food and have guests guess which one is which.

Baby shower décor and more

Discover sweet decorations and party supplies the parents-to-be will love.

17. Pink or blue baby shower

Revisit traditions with a pink and/or blue theme for a classic baby shower idea for boys or girls. Focus on one color or decorate with both if you’re hosting a gender-neutral shower, planning a gender reveal, or if you’re celebrating boy-and-girl twins! 

18. Tea party baby shower

It’s high tea time at this baby shower! Let guests know that hat-wearing is strongly encouraged, as is their Sunday best.

19. Unicorn baby shower

A unicorn baby shower is a particularly magical way to celebrate the arrival of a little one. 

  • Invitations: Kick off this baby shower idea for girls or boys with the “Magical” or “Unicorn Landing” invitation.
  • Food: A baby shower cake idea that never fails: petit fours, or mini-cakes with buttercream and raspberry jam. Try this recipe by Delish. Then add festive unicorn horns on top to tie in the theme. 
  • Décor: End the party with flair using these beautiful baby shower celebration crackers.
  • Activities: Create a worksheet or slideshow of celebrity baby pictures, and have guests match the photos to their adult versions. For extra fun, ask guests to bring their own baby pictures instead!

20. Food-themed baby shower

Dumpling-shaped sugar cookies on mini bamboo steamers; an invitation has a smiling dumpling on a soup spoon with a floral print background.
Image via Sky Meadow Place; “Little Dumpling” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Some themes also lend themselves to a coordinated menu! 

  • Invitations: Celebrate a “Little Cutie” with a citrus-themed party, or welcome a “Little Dumpling” with a delicious Chinese banquet. You can even add a nod to veggies and the “Happy Pea” who’s on the way!
  • Food: Incorporate the food of your theme into the spread. Add traditional appetizers, such as mushroom-stuffed phyllo cups by Southern Living, as well.
  • Décor: Decorate with images of the food you’re focusing on as the theme, such as bowls of cuties or pictures of dumplings.
  • Activities: Have guests decorate cupcakes with an adorable cupcake decorating set.

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