Baby shower games for every party

We have nothing against a baby shower that consists of sipping, socializing, and gathering around the mom-to-be while she unwraps gifts. But the parties themselves are going rogue in a good way, so why not turn the whole thing into an all-out bash? You are celebrating a birthday, after all. Spark some friendly competition with baby shower games, challenges, and activities that invite everyone to roll up their sleeves and get in on the fun. Let the games begin.


Get everyone involved with a coed shower

Mix things up by inviting the guys, then try out one of these gender-neutral contests.

He said she said: Put the spotlight on the parents-to-be by typing up a list of the funniest, most surprising things you’ve heard mom and dad say (paraphrasing permitted) and asking everyone to guess who uttered the words. 

Guess the baby: Every party-goer will have skin in this game. Ask each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves and see who can match them all to the right grown-up. Pin the photos onto a board or a wall. You’ll certainly uncover some chubby cheeks and unexpected transformations. 

Pacifier pick-up: Channel an Easter egg hunt with this tot-friendly take. Plant a handful of pacifiers throughout the shower—nestled in flowers, perched behind picture frames or balanced on blinds. Tally up everyone’s loot at the end of the party to decide the winner.


Print and play

We’re not talking bingo: Think out of the box with printable ideas that’ll stump fortune-tellers and fact-checkers.

Animal house: Bring baby creatures into the mix, and you’ll have no shortage of cuteness. First, print pictures of all kinds of baby animals—the rarer, the better—and have family and friends guess on the right name. Chicks and cubs may come easy, but you can stump them with trickier ones like porcupettes, pups, and joeys (a.k.a: baby porcupines, sharks and kangaroos).

It’s a date:  The little one decides the winner of this contest: Print out calendars for the months near mama’s due date and ask everyone to pencil in when they think the big day will be. Then, whoever hits closest to the actual birthday wins (after the party, of course!). 


Shower games, but make it modern

Keep everyone guessing with these clever, contemporary challenges.

Name that year: Jog everyone’s memory (and imagination) by asking them to guess what names were the most popular in recent years and decades past (Mildred, Ruth and Florence were among the chart-toppers in 1910. You can search for others online at

Classics with a twist: Your favorite party games are shower-friendly when you swap in baby themes. Try charades and Pictionary, but use phrases like “smooth as a baby’s bottom,” “dirty diapers,” or “swaddling.”


Turn on the timer 

These speed round games crank up the competition—the fastest one wins. Play every man for himself or break into teams and do them all tournament-style.  

The diaper challenge: See who can fasten a diaper onto a stuffed animal fastest. Seasoned vets have a leg up, so you can make it more interesting by blindfolding the contestants.

Boogey man: Special equipment is required for this game—you’ll need an old-school nasal aspirator and a bag of miniature marshmallows. Scatter the sweets onto a table and set a timer for one minute, then see who can pick up the most marshmallows and put them into an empty bottle or jar.

Bottles up: Competitors will be sipping their way to victory for this game, so you get to set the stakes. Line up enough bottles for every guest, and fill them with your drink of choice (water, beer, or whatever you like). First to finish wins.


Slightly Absurd

All bets are off when you go with something silly.

Ice ice baby: Prep for this game by freezing tiny plastic babies (like you’d use for a King Cake) in an ice cube tray. Then, come party time, you’ll put one in everyone’s drink and see whose melts fastest. Have them say “my water broke!” to win. 

Don’t say baby: This contest goes on all party long. Choose the most common words you’d hear at a baby shower—like “congrats” or even “baby”—and forbid everyone from saying them. Hand out diaper pins to keep track. Every time someone says one of the words, they have to give a pin to the person that catches them. Whoever ends up with the most pins wins. 

Storytime: No advanced planning is necessary for this one; gather the group and have them share an embarrassing memory from childhood—or a more recent parenting confession.  


Round it out

Adding in something sentimental doesn’t have to feel boring. Balance out all the ruckus with these cute, kind ideas. 

Words of wisdom: Mothers (and fathers) know best, so ask the parents in attendance to give their best advice. Make cards with topics like packing for the hospital, changing diapers, and taking turns on the night shift. Have them draw a card and sum up their top tips.

Gifts to go: Play Project Runway with a DIY onesie decorating station. Buy plain ones in a range of sizes (so the baby can sport them all for months to come) and invite everyone to add a personal spin. Tie-dye is foolproof—even the not-so-crafty types can get cool results with a quick tutorial and some elastic bands.

Above all, if you’re organizing a casual, convivial shower or something more elaborate, an added activity will bring an element of game-night fun. 


Flyer baby shower invitation by Paperless Post

Paperless Post Flyer


Bunny, Bear, and Baby” by Rifle Paper Co.  “A Bar Cart for Baby Juniper” by Mr. Boddington. “Baby Blastoff” by Cheree Berry.


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