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It’s hard to put into words the joy that comes with bringing a new life into the world. But when you’re planning a baby shower, you do need to find the right way to let all your loved ones know it’s time to celebrate the growing family. One of the first steps to throwing a successful shower for a mom-to-be is sending out the invites (ideally a month or so before the celebration). The ideal baby shower invitation wording will depend on a few different factors

First, you’ll want to consider the tone of the shower—whether you want it to be more formal or casual if you have a specific theme in mind, and if you want to reference the baby’s gender or not. Your baby shower invitations, after all, give your guests a good sense of what they can expect from the celebration. Then, it’s time to consider what to actually write.

How to address baby shower invitations?

The way you address your invitations sets the tone for the party to come, so decide whether you’re going for a more formal or casual feel before writing out any names. For casual invitations, first or first and last names are perfectly fine, but formal names require a little more specificity.

Think of the email you send as the outer envelope and the Paperless Post envelope as the inner envelope. The inner envelope clarifies who in the household is invited and may save you from answering questions from guests later on.

Traditionally a woman’s name preceded a man’s when listed, but these days any order is fine. However, when one member’s title (Dr. or The Honorable) outranks the other, they would go first. A few examples that you may come across are:

  • Married couple with the same last name: Mr. and Mrs. Villefort
  • Married couple with different last names: Mr. Allan Woodcourt and Mrs. Ester Summerson
  • Umarried couple, living together:  Ms. Nicole Warren and Ms. Lola Brangwen
  • A family:
    • Mr. and Mrs. Crane
    • Astrid Crane
    • Jasper Crane
  • Just the adults in a family: Mr. and Mrs. Crane
  • Close family: Aunt Catherine and Uncle William

What do you say in a baby shower invitation?

baby shower invitation wordingBalloon Baby” baby shower invitation by kate spade new york for Paperless Post.


The invitation should clearly state the name of the guest of honor—the mom-to-be, or both parents, depending on if one or both will be in attendance. The host (whoever is planning the shower and will be collecting RSVPs) should also be listed, along with the best contact information for them to get reservations. And don’t forget a respond-by date—ideally, you’ll want to get your guest list finalized at least two weeks before the party, if not sooner, especially if your venue is an event space or restaurant where you’ll need a specific headcount.

Clearly list the venue, along with the time and date, and note who is invited. Traditionally, showers have been mainly for the mom-to-be and her female friends and family members. The modern baby shower has no strict rules: You can invite whoever the expectant family wants to be included. Just be sure to clearly state whether or not you’re accommodating +1’s.

Any additional details that guests would find helpful are also great to include: If there’s a specific dress code, a theme, planned baby shower games, what food will be served (a full meal versus light refreshments). If there’s anything guests should bring (aside from expected gifts), this should also be clear.

Baby shower invitation wording by type of shower

Aside from the more straightforward baby shower invitation wording (the who, what, where of it all), you can and should also have fun with cute sayings and phrases that will make your invites all the more festive. Here are some ideas to get you started, depending on what kind of shower you’re hosting.

1. Traditional baby shower invitation wording

Colorblocked Stripes” baby shower invitation by kate spade new york


For a traditional baby shower, all you need is a simple, sweet phrase announcing the impending arrival of the little one. These ideas are classic without being overdone.

— Twinke Twinkle little star. Do you know how loved you are?

— Tiny little miracle.

— Bundle of love

— Join us for a celebration full of love and little booties.

— Baby [last name] is on the way!

2. Come and go baby shower invitation wording

Come and go baby showers, are a more casual way to show the parents-to-be your love and support. The host can assign time slots when guests can drop-in to visit the expectant mother and drop off their gift and share their congratulations without feeling pressured to stay all afternoon.


— Bump on over between 2-4 PM to toast the parents to be!

— We invite you to come and go as you please

— Stop by anytime to grab a bite and toast the mama to be!


3. Twin baby shower invitation wording

baby shower invitation wording for twinsTwice as Nice” twin baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.


If the parents-to-be are expecting twins, you can tailor invitations to the occasion. These fun phrases are perfectly playful and to-the-point.

— Double trouble

— Twice as nice

Two peas in a pod

— Two’s company

— A perfect pair

4. Adoption shower invitation wording

adoption baby shower invitationPiece of Our Heart” adoption baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.


When the expectant family is adopting a baby under the age of two, it’s still perfectly appropriate to have a shower. There’s more flexibility on timing for adoption showers—you can host the celebration just before the little one comes home (giving parents some time to get all the essentials they’ll need to make their new family member perfectly comfortable) or shortly after adoption, so friends and family can meet them.

— Countdown to the baby begins!

— We found our missing piece.

— A new chapter begins.

— And a baby makes three (or four, or five)

5. Diaper and wipes baby shower invitation wording


Traditionally meant for fathers-to-be, diaper and wipes baby showers are a more casual kind of celebration, where guests bring—you guessed it—diapers and wipes as gifts instead of the big-ticket items that might appear on a registry.

— Bottoms up! 

— A baby is brewing. Come join us for a diaper party celebration.

— Raise your beer + toast the baby.

A party full of love and little booties.

6. Office baby shower invitation wording

If someone at work is expecting a little one, an office baby shower is a sweet gesture before they go on maternity leave. Send invitations to employees with all the details, and if there’s anything they should bring. If people want, they can chip in for a gift, but make sure no one feels too pressured to do so. Some communal desserts and maybe a bouquet of flowers are a nice touch—and don’t forget to discreetly pass around a card for everyone to sign ahead of time.

— Hello baby!

— Join us for a baby shower honoring _____.

— Have tea with the mama to be.

7. Sip and see invitation wording

baby shower invitation wording featuring a sip and seeScript Sip” sip and see baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.


Held after the baby’s birth, a sip and see allows your guests to meet your baby over tea (and maybe some champagne). You’ll want to host this kind of party when the baby is at least two months old, and you might want to consider a more intimate guest list so things don’t get too rowdy.

— Cue the curtain. 

— Come see the greatest act of our lives at a sip and see.

— Bubbles & babies, what’s not to love?


8. Sprinkle baby shower invitation wording

sprinkle baby shower invitation wording featuring a cloud and rainForecast Sprinkles” sprinkle baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.


Most traditional baby showers are held for firstborns—but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate the arrival of your second, third, or more. Sprinkle baby showers are more pared-back celebrations, typically with more intimate guest lists and reduced registries. Guests can bring small presents or infant essentials like diapers, which parents-to-be are sure to appreciate.

— Forecast: sprinkles

— Twinkle Twinkle, it’s a sprinkle!

— Come sprinkle our baby with love.

— A sprinkle of joy

— We’re welcoming our little cupcake.


9. Couple’s shower invitation wording

couples baby shower invitation wordingThe Symbol of Life” couples shower invitation by Paperless Post.


In decades past, baby showers have most often been reserved for the mom-to-be. Today couples’ baby showers can absolutely be a celebration for both parents. These invitation wording options make the shower a family affair.

— It was a joint effort.

— From 2 to 3

— Letting our love grow.

— ______ & ______ Are having a baby. Toast them at the pub.

10. Baby-Q invitation wording

A rising trend, a baby-q is a barbecue-themed baby shower to celebrate the upcoming new arrival.


There’s a bun in the oven and burgers on the grill. 

Come join us for a Baby-Q. All are invited and welcome to come.

______ and  ______ would like to invite you in welcoming their child into the world.


11. Baby boy baby shower invitation wording

If you choose to reveal the gender of your child before their birth, you can incorporate it into your celebration. These phrases are perfect for welcoming a baby boy into the world.

Oh Boy!

— Our little prince

— Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

— We’re all jumping with joy. It’s going to be a boy!

— Did you hear the forecast? The baby shower is here, and we think it is going to shower and predict a boy!

— Come help us celebrate baby boy  ______.

— Oh Boy! Come help us shower  ______.

— We are excited to welcome our little man into the family. Help us celebrate.

— It’s a boy! Come welcome and celebrate our little boy.


12. Baby girl baby shower invitation wording

And for a girls’ baby shower, these phrases are perfectly sweet. If you’d like, you can use your invitations as your first gender reveal to friends and family as well.

— Who runs the world?

— We’re tickled pink to announce there is a girl on the way.

— Our little princess is arriving soon!

— A precious baby girl is almost here!

— Come help us shower  ______ with love.

— A little lady is on the way!

— It’s a girl! Come celebrate our little girl.

— A baby girl is on the way, so we are showering her mother with gifts for the big day.

— Please join us for a shower to honor  ______ and her daughter  ______.

13. Gender-neutral baby shower invitation wording

If you’d prefer a gender-neutral shower, there are plenty of fun ways to make your announcement. These options are great whether you’re planning on doing a gender reveal later down the line or not.

— Hey baby!

— Welcome baby.

— Our little one is on the way.

— We’re happy to say there’s a baby on the way!

— There is a new tot joining our lot. 

— Heard the news? There’s a new kid on the block!

— Countdown to baby begins!

— Welcome little one!

— Make way for baby.

— Baby on board


14. Celebrate the guest of honor

baby shower invitation wording featuring purple flowersNursery Perennials” flower baby shower invitation by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post.


You can also choose to make the mom-to-be the star of the shower—these wording choices prioritize the guest of honor.

— Llamma Lamma new mama

— _____’s having a baby!

— Join us for a baby shower honoring _____.

— _____ invites you to a baby shower honoring the glowing Mama-to-be, her friend, _____.

— _____ is expecting!

— Shower her with love.


Baby shower invitation wording inspired by the theme

If you’re planning to have a specific theme for the baby shower, you can set the tone with your invitations while also providing your guests with a good set of expectations for the celebration. Here are a few ideas that are sure to make for a shower to remember.

Book baby shower invitation wording

book baby shower invitationBaby’s First Library” book baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.


One easy way to provide the expectant family with lots of good bedtime stories is to have a book baby shower. Ask guests to bring a children’s book instead of a gift. Have them write a short message on the inside cover—they can share a favorite memory about reading the book when they were young, or just a wish for the little one. Then, the family will think of each guest as they share each book with their child.

— Build baby’s library.

— If you would be so kind, instead of a gift, please bring a book that you have signed.

— You are invited to celebrate our newest addition! Please bring your favorite edition.

— We have one request that will not be too hard. Please bring a book instead of a card.


Funny baby shower invitation wording

funny baby shower invitation wording featuring different fruitsFruits of Labor” funny baby shower invitation by Cheree Berry for Paperless Post.


Baby showers don’t have to be serious, either—they are a kind of party, after all. If the mom-to-be is known for her sense of humor, a sillier invitation will feel just right for her celebration. 

— Taco bout a cutie.

— Ready to pop!

— Bun in the oven.

— Baby shower doo doo doo doo doo doo

— Do babies like brunch?

— Sh*t is about to get real.

— No one puts baby in the corner.

— Oops, we did it again.

— Time to hit the bottle.


Baby shower invitation wording inspired by the season

Having a hard time deciding on a theme? Consider a seasonal approach to nod to the mom-to-be’s upcoming due date (and as an excuse to include plenty of seasonal treats at the fête itself).

Fall baby shower invitation wording

Little pumpkin

Multi-hued trees and decorative gourds set the scene for a festive autumn baby shower. Consider these messages for your invitations, and think about serving up some apple cider and doughnuts at the celebration.

Winter baby shower invitation wording

A winter baby shower is positively heart-warming—but you can allude to chilly temperatures with one of these notes. Plus, you can get even more use out of your holiday decorations by using them as a sweet Christmas baby shower backdrop.

— Baby, it’s cold outside.

— Welcome our little snowflake. 

Spring baby shower invitation wording

Flowers and bees are the perfect imagery to incorporate into a springtime baby shower. These messages set a playful note for a floral-filled celebration.

— Baby in bloom

— Buckle up buttercup

— Mama to bee

— April showers…

— Have you heard the buzz?

— Buzzing with joy

— Our little sprout

Summer baby shower invitation wording

If the little one is expected to arrive in the summertime, a beachy theme fits the bill, even if you’re not hosting the party anywhere near the shoreline. You can bring the beach vibes to your backyard.

— Anchors aweigh for the new baby

— Ribs & bibs

— Ahoy! It’s a baby.

— The world is your oyster.


How to send online baby shower invitations

First, select your preferred baby shower template, and then customize it by editing the font style, color, and word spacing. Choose an envelope liner, stamp, and backdrop to help your card really stand out.

Next, add details about the party: the event name, the host’s name, location, date, and time. You can choose to make the guest list visible (or not) and add a comment wall for guests to share messages. Use a Registry Block to conveniently add a link to your baby registry.

When you’re ready, send your invitations to guests via email, text, or shareable link. Track opens and RSVPs and use our guest messaging tool to gently nudge anyone who hasn’t responded and remind guests of the celebration a few days before the party.


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