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When it comes to baby showers, it seems like moms get to have all the fun. That being said, some couples prefer to celebrate both parents on this special occasion, and why not? Hosting a coed baby shower allows friends and family of all genders to celebrate the exciting news with the expectant parents. 

If you’re looking to show love for the expecting parents by planning an inclusive coed baby shower, we’ve got your back. Read on for some creative coed baby shower ideas for couples to celebrate with their loved ones!


An out-of-frame person puts a diaper on a baby. Bottles Up” by Paperless Post.


1.  Open house for diapers and drinks

What better way to host a casual, coed baby shower than an open house? This option is all about diapers, drinks, and doling out snacks. While traditional “diaper parties” are typically thrown by the friends of the Father-to-be, combining this boys-only event with elements of a traditional baby shower will lend the perfect balance of fun and festiveness. 

Invite friends and family members to drop by during a set number of hours, such as 4pm to 7pm, for example. Then, play a fun baby shower game, whip up a few cocktails (and mocktails for the Mom-to-be), and just relax with your loved ones by your side. Hosting an open house is an easy way to include everyone in your special day, without taking the baby shower theme too far.

For a drinks and diaper party, the expected baby shower gift is in the name—guests should come bearing diapers, wipes, and a few tasty beverages. That being said, you may still want to specify whether or not guests should bring gifts, or if it’s more just a time to get together and celebrate. 

Don’t forget the diapers and drinks invitation! Your invitations should read something like this:


Join us for a baby shower complete with diapers and drinks

Sunday, July 18th

From 1 PM to 4 PM

202 Hooper Street,

Brooklyn, NY

Gifts welcome, but not required


Party planning tip

Add a healthy dose of competition to your diapers and drinks party by splitting the guys and girls into separate teams. Let the genders battle it out with an unconventional baby shower game, such as diaper pong—for a coed celebration that’s anything but boring. Don’t forget the red cups to stay on theme!


Vegetable skewers on a grill. BabeBQ” by Paperless Post.


2. Baby-Q

Another common shower theme for soon-to-be dads is hosting a baby-themed BBQ (baby q)—but who says moms can’t enjoy some burgers and brats, too? 

A baby-Q is a fun way to bring all your loved ones together, eat some delicious food, and celebrate your new addition from the comfort of your own backyard. Of course, this option is only possible if weather permits. So, parents with late spring and summer babies: this is your time to shine!

With a baby-q shower, you’ve got a little wiggle room when it comes to timing. While you could plan for a midday event around lunchtime, you can also opt for an early evening time frame and serve some more upscale dinner foods. 

Whether you’re feeling a casual kickback or a slightly more glamorous affair, fulfilling a few baby-Q traditions is a must for the occasion. Opt for a red and white color scheme to match the picnic theme, rather than the traditional baby pinks and blues you see at most baby showers. You can even incorporate the baby theme into your menu, with creative options like sliders, mini sausages, and these adorable baby food jar s’mores. Don’t skimp on the adorable gingham napkins for this one.

For a seamless baby-Q, you’ll want to make sure your baby shower invitations reflect the event’s theme. Get inspiration for your invitation from this scrumptious baby-Q invitation from Paperless Post: 



Fire up the grill!

We’re celebrating Katie & Johnny

As they start their new family.

Sunday, July 18th at 1 PM

The Clark’s backyard


Party planning tip

An outdoor baby shower will give you even more space to play some fun games, so if you want, you can opt for messy or physical games to utilize your outdoor area. Looking for more outdoor baby shower ideas? One example is “tinkle in the potty,” a game where guests attempt to walk with a balloon under their shirt and a ping pong ball between their knees. Of course, couples can also take this time to play their favorite non-baby-related games, as well, like cornhole or giant Jenga. 


A roll of raffle tickets.A Fine Vintage” by Paperless Post.


3. Diaper raffle

Diapers are one of the biggest expenses for new parents. For a baby shower idea that your bank account will love, try throwing a diaper raffle.

Here’s how the diaper raffle works: 

  • Guests will bring at least one box of diapers on the day of the shower.
  • For each box of diapers they bring, guests will receive a raffle ticket.
  • Using these tickets, the soon-to-be parents will raffle off a coveted prize.

While the prize may cost hosts a small amount of money, they’ll certainly make it back in the number of diapers they receive in return. For the guests, the raffle will make a fun little incentive to give more diapers and make loved ones feel more included in the day’s events. 

A diaper raffle is also simple, easy to plan, and a quick way to get friends and family in one place. We recommend welcoming each guest with their ticket, then spending an hour or so mingling, and finally wrapping up the shower by selecting the grand prize winner. 

As far as invitations go, the wording for your diaper raffle baby shower may look something like this:


Are you feeling lucky? Join us for a diaper raffle! 

August 3rd, 2021. 

202 Hooper Street,

Brooklyn, NY

To participate, please bring a box of any size Pampers Pure diapers. 

Your box is your entry to receive a raffle ticket. We will then raffle off a prize to the winner.

No other gifts are required.


Party planning tip

For a coed baby shower, try to choose a prize that’s gender-neutral. Ideas include a nice bottle of wine, a growler of craft beer, or a gift card for a local restaurant. 


Lime is squeezed on a row of tacos.

Taco the Town” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post


4. Taco bar

An amazing baby shower needs delicious food for the guests (and, more importantly, the Mom-to-be) to snack on. Since the menu is such an important part of throwing a baby shower, why not make it the star of the show? (Well, the second star of the show, next to the baby). 

Couples can even get guests involved in the party food with a DIY taco bar full of creative fix-ins. Fill your tortillas with aptly labeled proteins like “cutesy carnitas,” “baby birria,” and “cherub chorizo.” Nestle those tacos into colorful napkins, and you’ve got yourself a walking taco party!

Couples can decorate their taco bar to fit the theme, as well. Some fun ideas include:


  • Balloons that say “Taco ‘Bout a Baby” 
  • Pink and blue bowls for taco fillings
  • Pitchers of regular and non-alcoholic margaritas labeled “baby-rita” and “mama-rita”
  • Cactus cupcakes for dessert


For an invitation that perfectly fits this flavorful fiesta, try using wording similar to this adorable taco-themed invite:


Taco ‘bout a cutie!

Sissy Rommely invites you to celebrate her sister Katie 

As she gets ready to welcome her baby.

Sunday, July 18th at 1PM

202 Hooper Street,

Brooklyn, NY

Show up hungry.


Party planning tip

We get it, there are a lot of moving parts when putting together a DIY taco bar. That’s why we have a backup plan for couples who struggle with the culinary side of party planning. For a more hands-off approach, opt for an on-site food truck to serve up delicious tacos and ice-cold Modelos. Just don’t forget some non-alcoholic agua fresca for the expecting mama to sip on!


A peach-colored, single-tier cake with flowers and blueberries.“Llama Llama” by Gray Malin for Paperless Post.


5. Coed gender reveal

If you want your loved ones to take part in the excitement of discovering the sex of your baby, a gender reveal party can be a fun option. A coed baby celebration can be even better.

It’s also worth noting that there are more gender-neutral options to hosting a gender reveal, including name reveals, group rainbow tie-dying, and requesting that baby gifts given by guests be gender-neutral.  

If you do host a gender reveal,  the decor is entirely up to you, but couples often choose to decorate their space with pink and blue cutlery and question mark balloons. For a fun dose of participation, set up a small chalkboard at the entrance and have guests write their predictions for the baby’s sex before they head inside. 

Now let’s move on to the main attraction: the actual reveal. There are tons of creative ways to make your gender reveal announcement. If you’re in need of some inspiration, try using one of these tried and true methods:

  • Cut the cake: Have your doctor write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. You can then take this envelope to a bakery and ask for a gender reveal cake: frosted on the outside, and pink or blue on the inside. When you cut into the cake, all eyes will be glued to the inside to see what the answer is! Just make sure your doctor has very clear handwriting beforehand. 
  • Balloons: There are tons of options when it comes to balloon gender reveals. Couples can release pink or blue balloons from a box (do this indoors for an eco-friendlier option!), pop a neutral-colored balloon to see what color glitter is inside, or use letter balloons to spell out the gender and hide it in a room in the house.
  • Piñata – You’re all dying to see the answer, so why not take your anticipation out on a good old-fashioned piñata? Guests can take turns whacking the piñata until a pile of pink or blue candy falls out.
  • Smoke – Confetti and silly string can often leave a mess that’s difficult to clean up. For a cleaner method that’s equally as exciting, opt for some gender reveal smoke in pink or blue. These canisters come in neutral packaging that won’t reveal the contents at first glance, so couples can have a third party select their canister in order to maintain the surprise. 


The wording of your invitations will need to reflect the specifics of a gender reveal party—particularly what time the reveal will be happening. For inspiration, check out the wording from this gender reveal party invitation


Find out if Baby Miniver is a boy or girl when 

Kay and Clem cut the cake at their baby shower

Saturday, June 4th at 2 PM

1 Starlings Place, Belham

Cake will be cut at 3 PM


Party planning tip

If you really want guests to feel involved in the celebration, suggest that loved ones “wear their guesses” on the day of this event. This means team boy will wear blue, while team girl will be sporting pink. This fun addition makes it easy to see how many people guessed correctly when the answer is finally revealed.


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