25 adorable baby shower invitation ideas to fawn over

A pregnant woman in a red dress opens baby shower gifts with friends.
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From safari animals to mermaids, an adorable theme is the finishing touch every baby shower needs—and it all starts with the invitation. Find hundreds of baby shower invitations that will match the theme of the shower you’re hosting and evoke the very first “aw” (of many) from your guests. To help you out, we’ve rounded up our top ideas for baby shower invitations, whether you’re planning a celebration for a boy or girl (or both), a gender-neutral party, or a smaller baby sprinkle.

A square baby shower invitation with illustrated flowers in two corners; a baby shower invitation with a pink castle and dressed horses with a turquoise envelope
Peach Posies” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post; “Does the Palace Have Valet” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.

Baby shower invite ideas for girls

Some parents-to-be love the idea of a pink and pretty baby shower for girls—but that’s not the only baby shower theme in town. These elegant baby shower invitations for girls match classic and unique themes, from Alice in Wonderland to a springtime garden.

Baby shower invitations

Welcome a new little one with adorable, customizable designs to fit every theme.

1. Pretty in peach

Floral baby showers are a lovely way to reflect a season of growth and rebirth—whether the new baby is due in spring or not.

Invite guests with the “Peach Posies” invitation by Rifle Paper Co. for:

  • An updated take on a floral pink baby shower
  • A summertime shower
  • A baby shower at a park

2. Baby butterfly

Butterflies are a symbol of change—and that’s what the parents-to-be are certainly in store for! Use “Flutter By” from Paperless Post to welcome guests to:

  • A butterfly-themed baby shower
  • A springtime shower
  • An event at a botanical garden or butterfly garden

3. Simple and sweet

A light pink invitation has a pink foil heart and the words ‘baby girl;’ a wicker baby carriage full of flowers next to a baby shower welcome sign.
Pink Foil Heart” by Sugar Paper for Paperless Post; image via Kara’s Party Ideas.


Invite guests to a simple celebration for a sweet little girl about to make her entrance with the understated “Pink Foil Heart” invitation by Sugar Paper. With only a precious heart in the middle of the page, there’s plenty of space to add important details.

Use this invitation for:

  • A baby arriving in February
  • A heart-themed baby shower
  • Baby showers with pink and red décor

4. Alice’s tea party

Curiouser and curiouser! Invite guests to a “Mad Tea Party” (invitation by Rifle Paper Co.) for a twist on the classic tea party baby shower theme.

This invitation also works for:

  • Alice in Wonderland-themed showers
  • Book showers
  • A shower in a tea room

5. Little princess

All hail the tiny princess! Announce the pending royal appearance with the “Does the Palace Have Valet” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, complete with a pink castle and well-dressed unicorns.

Choose this invitation if you’re hosting:

  • A princess-themed shower
  • A baby shower with unicorns and fantasy creatures
  • A winter shower
A baby shower invitation with a blue 6-pack container filled with baby bottles; an invitation with a green baby onesie hung like a flag on a pole atop a mountain peak reads ‘adventure awaits.’
Bottles Up” and “Adventure Awaits Mountain” by Paperless Post.

Baby shower invitation ideas for boys

There’s a lot more to having a boy than blue balloons and streamers. Send out one of these cute ideas for baby shower invitations when planning a baby shower for a little boy.

6. Oh boy

Swirling script puts the words on everyone’s mind to paper. Send the “Oh Boy” invitation by Bernard Maisner for an elegant baby shower to celebrate a new boy.

This invitation works well for:

  • A more formal baby shower
  • A baby shower with a blue theme
  • A shower hosted in someone’s home

7. Adventure awaits outside

The greatest adventure awaits! The “Adventure Awaits Mountain” invitation by Paperless Post sets the scene for a shower focused on the great outdoors.

Use this invitation for:

  • Parents-to-be who love camping or hiking
  • Showers hosted outdoors
  • Summer camp-themed baby showers

8. Baby prince

Your little prince is almost ready to meet his subjects. Choose “Our Little Prince” by Paperless Post for a fairytale baby shower with the best happily ever after.

Send this invitation if you’re also hosting:

  • A royalty-themed shower
  • A shower with medieval themes (knights, dragons, etc.)
  • A couple’s baby shower

9. Ocean friends

An invitation reads ‘oh baby’ with blue sea creatures and sailboats; sea creature-themed frosted sugar cookies for a baby shower.
Bay Buddies” by Little Cube for Paperless Post; image via The Flour Shoppe Cookie Co.


What better blue theme can you find than the deep blue sea? Invite guests to your ocean-themed shower with the cute baby ocean animals on “Bay Buddies” by Little Cube.

This invitation also works well with:

10. Little cowboy

Yeehaw! Get ready for a newborn showdown with the “Go West” invitation by Rifle Paper Co. It pairs perfectly with a Western theme, no matter where you live.

This invitation also pairs well with:

  • A baby shower hosted in a park
  • A Baby-Q (baby shower barbecue)
  • A baby shower with a country or farm theme

Gender-neutral baby shower invitation ideas

An invitation with forest animals watering a flower reads ‘something’s in bloom;’ an invitation with rocketships and animal astronauts next to a yellow envelope.
Growing Family” by Paperless Post; “Stargazers” by Little Cube for Paperless Post.


When the parents-to-be are waiting to find out the sex of their baby, or if they prefer a gender-neutral baby shower in general, send one of these baby shower invitation ideas that work for all types of families. Plus, they’re appropriate for a friends-and-family shower or as a cute baby shower company invite as well.

11. Animals on safari

Safari animals are a guaranteed baby shower hit. Send guests the beautifully illustrated “Safari Party” invitation by Paperless Post.

Send this invitation for:

12. Let’s read together

Every kid loves to read, no matter their gender! Stock a baby’s library at a bring-a-baby-book shower. Add instructions for bringing a book to the party with the “Book Shower” invitation by Paper Source.

You can also use this invitation to invite guests to:

  • A baby shower hosted at a bookstore or library
  • A shower for parents-to-be who are teachers (or who just love to read)
  • A Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower

13. Peter Rabbit

A blue gingham table decorated with Peter Rabbit party supplies; a baby shower invitation with Peter Rabbit and garden greens with a matching envelope.
Image via Meri Meri (featuring items available at Party Shop); “McGregor’s Garden” by Peter Rabbit for Paperless Post.


Peter Rabbit is a classic baby shower staple, making it the ideal gender-neutral theme. Start it off right by setting the garden scene with “McGregor’s Garden” by Peter Rabbit.

Consider using this invitation for:

  • A woodland baby shower
  • A shower hosted in the spring
  • A baby shower set in an outdoor garden or park

14. Fruits of love

If you’re inviting a bunch of other parents to your baby shower, they probably know when the baby is the size of an avocado or a watermelon. For anyone who doesn’t, provide a helpful guide with the “Fruits of Labor” invitation by Cheree Berry Paper & Design.

Add this invitation to your party plans if you’re hosting:

  • A shower with a fruit spread centerpiece on the refreshment table
  • A food-themed baby shower (like “Little Cutie”)
  • A summertime baby shower

15. Little astronaut

For a baby shower that’s truly out of this world, consider sending “Stargazers” by Little Cube. It’s one of our favorites for astronauts and space explorers of any gender.

Send this invitation for:

Twin baby shower invitation ideas

invitation that reads ‘double trouble’ in bubble letters; an invitation reads ‘awesome people make awesome babies’ with bottles, lightning bolts, and socks with a pink envelope
Double Duty” by Paperless Post; “All Awesome” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Two for the price of one! Twin baby shower invitations make a point to celebrate Baby A and Baby B in equal measure. Get ready for two birthdays with a few of our favorite unique baby shower invitations for twins.

16. Two peas in a pod

Two guests of honor are worth twice the celebration. Play up a “sweet pea” theme with an invitation like the cute but simple “Twin Peas” by Little Cube.

This invitation can also work for:

  • A shower for boy-girl twins
  • A baby shower with a food theme
  • An autumn or harvest-themed shower

17. Double trouble

Sure, twins mean twice the work—but they also bring twice the love. Reflect both of these sentiments in the “Double Duty” invitation by Paperless Post, a fitting homage to those first few diaper-filled weeks.

This invitation works well with:

  • A shower where guests bring diapers as gifts
  • A baby shower with a humorous theme
  • A shower hosted at home
An invitation reads ‘two little cuties are on the way’ with smiling oranges; orange and twin-themed frosted baby shower sugar cookies.
Little Cutie” by Paperless Post; image via The Batch Sweets.

18. A rainbow for two

Twin parents-to-be don’t need to find the end of the rainbow—they already have two pots of gold. Invite guests to your baby shower with “Cloud Nine” by Hello!Lucky.

Consider this invitation for:

  • A rainbow-themed baby shower
  • A shower with twins of the same gender
  • A gender-neutral twin shower

19. Classic and elegant twin mom

For chic moms with the trendiest baby gear around, it’s going to take a sophisticated baby shower invitation to get their attention. Send “Pram” by Paperless Post for a subtle but elegant take on double strollers.

Try this invitation for:

  • A baby shower at a city restaurant or park
  • A shower for twins of the same gender
  • A fall or winter shower

20. Twin unicorns

Learning that you’re expecting multiples can feel a bit magical—so bring that same energy to the baby shower you’re hosting! The “Unicorn Garden” invitation by Hello!Lucky is a sweet way to incorporate fantasy themes into a shower that celebrates a brand new human (or two!).

This invitation works well for:

  • A shower for twin girls
  • A unicorn-themed shower
  • A baby shower hosted in the spring

Baby sprinkle invitation ideas

A light blue invitation with a cloud, sun, and water droplets reads ‘forecast: sprinkles;’ an invitation with a duckling reads ‘make way for baby’ with an orange envelope.
Forecast Sprinkles” and “Baby Duck” by Paperless Post.


A light blue invitation with a cloud, sun, and water droplets reads ‘forecast: sprinkles;’ an invitation with a duckling reads ‘make way for baby’ with an orange envelope.

When a couple is expecting baby #2 (or #3 and so on), they may not need another whole baby shower—especially if the new baby is the same sex as their first child. However, it’s always fun to celebrate a new entrance into the world with Paperless Post’s collection of baby sprinkle invitations.

21. A sprinkle of joy

If the parents-to-be fancy sprinkles on their cupcakes, you may have found your baby shower theme. Invite guests to a baby sprinkle with the colorful “Feliz Invitation” by Rifle Paper Co.

Add this invitation to the party plans for:

  • A cupcake-themed sprinkle
  • A baby sprinkle with a colorful theme
  • A sprinkle where guests create a craft

22. Elephant bath

baby shower invitation with elephants playing in water with an orange-brown envelope
Sweet Herd” by Paperless Post.


There’s an elephant in the room—well, several! Join the elephants in showering each other with love by sending the “Sweet Herd” invitation by Paperless Post, which adds a safari feel to a smaller baby shower.

This invitation works especially well with:

  • A sprinkle with an animal theme
  • A baby sprinkle in which guests don’t bring gifts
  • A sprinkle hosted outdoors

23. Little clouds

Weather-themed baby sprinkles are cute ways to subvert the sprinkle/shower motif of most baby gatherings. Send “Whatever the Weather” by Little Cube for a glimpse at smiling clouds, golden moons, and sparkling stars.

This invitation is great for:

  • Rainy day-themed baby sprinkles
  • A sprinkle hosted during a rainy season
  • A baby sprinkle with a sun-and-moon theme

24. Baby forecast

The future forecast is… adorable! The multi-colored “Forecast Sprinkles” invitation by Paperless Post features a sweet umbrella to set the sprinkle vibe.

Send this invitation for:

  • Parents-to-be who already have a child
  • A sprinkle at a restaurant or pub
  • A workplace sprinkle for a colleague

25. Rainbow skies

After the clouds comes the rainbow! Use the “Rainbow Collective” invitation by Little Cube to inspire a colorful good time with smiling rainclouds, hopeful sunbursts, and sparkling stars and moons.

Use this design to invite guests to:

  • A rainbow-themed sprinkle
  • A baby sprinkle hosted outdoors
  • A sprinkle hosted in April or May
An online invite for a baby shower brunch with rabbits in a garden munching on carrots
Baby Brunch” Flyer by Paperless Post.

Welcome a new little one with Paperless Post

When you use Paperless Post in your baby shower planning process, you’ve got support every step of the way. Learn when to have a baby shower so you can send your invitations on time (hint: send the invitations out 4–6 weeks beforehand). Paperless Post invitations include RSVP tracking so you can follow up with guests to make sure the parents-to-be are surrounded by as much love as possible.

When it’s time to add the details to your baby shower invitations, check out our guide on baby shower invitation wording to mark every detail off your list. If your guest/s of honor need some help with what to put on a baby shower registry, you can show them our guide—and then conveniently include a link to the gifts they’re hoping to receive in a Registry Block so guests know exactly what to get.

With Paperless Post, planning and hosting a baby shower can be as joyful and beautiful an experience as meeting that sweet little one for the very first time. Now bring on that due date!


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