Music kids' birthday invitations

Get ready to rock 'n' roll with our fun musical birthday invitations. Customize, track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

If you’re throwing a music-themed birthday party for your little one this year, then get the event off to a fantastic start with our range of groovy music birthday invitations. Choose from classic, simple designs such as the one by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, or opt for something bolder and brighter like the designs by Hello!Lucky. Throw a party that’s off the scale with some themed party decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop.

What to write in your music-themed birthday party invitations

In your music-themed party invitations, make sure to include the date and time of the event, the address of the venue, and whether there’s a dress code. Some examples of great music-inspired dress codes could include ‘Rock n’ Roll’, ‘Famous Popstars’, or ‘Musical Mayhem’. Make sure you also include the deadline for RSVPs in your invite, so guests know when you’ll be expecting a response.

When to send your musical party invitations

We recommend that you send out your musical birthday invitations five to six weeks ahead of the big day, in order to give your guests plenty of time to check their schedules and RSVP. Manage your replies, opens, and responses at the click of a button, message guests directly, and send out reminders ahead of the big day.

Decorations for your rockin’ party

Create a cohesive music theme for your ma-jazz-tic kids’ birthday party with some delightful decorations from Paperless Post Party Shop that’ll get your guests in the mood for dancing. Choose colorful balloons, garlands and banners, and tableware to match your theme and brighten up your venue, whether you’re holding it at a concert hall, gig venue, or in your own backyard.

Games and activities for a music-themed kids’ birthday party

Get your guests rocking and rolling with some musical kids’ party games.

  • Freeze dance: a game where guests dance their socks off until the music suddenly stops and they have to freeze still.
  • Musical chairs: guests will party like there’s no tomorrow until the music stops and they have to find a chair to sit down on as fast as they can. One chair is removed after each round, so there is always one more player than there are seats.
  • Karaoke: link up a microphone or two to a speaker, and play some karaoke hits on your TV for your guests to sing along to. This game is a hit with children (and adults!) of all ages.
  • Pass the parcels: guests bob along to the tunes while passing a wrapped present around the circle. When the music stops, the person with the parcel gets to unwrap a layer. Add challenges, dares, presents, or sweets at every layer, depending on the age of the kids playing!
  • Piggy in the fiddle: a musical twist on the classical ball game ‘Piggy in the middle’, where guests have to throw the ball to each other, and one or two people in the middle need to intercept the passes. Play this game to music, with the added challenge of guests having to throw the ball to the beat!

Puns and sayings for your music birthday invitations

Liven up your music-themed invitations with some fun puns and sayings that’ll rock the socks off of your guests:

  • Hip hop, skip, and jump your way to 123 Smith Street!
  • Pop it like it’s hot
  • You can’t beat a birthday party!
  • All you can beat buffet
  • Music to my ears
  • No expense snared